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“Much more engaging were the brief solos by chorus members who dashed out, sang passionately for a few moments, then ducked back to rejoin their sections; chorus tenor Thomas Gregg was particularly spirited in ‘O voto tremendo!’ from Idomeneo."
—Christina Linklater, Boston Globe, February 21, 2006

"Gregg became a tenor's tenor as the program progressed from genre to genre. The controlled simplicity of his vocal production …always maintained a pleasing quality appropriate for the chamber music selections, and his diction was exemplary."
—Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom, Classical Voice of North Carolina, March 2003

"…brought a confident sense of style."
—Ellen Pfeifer, Boston Globe, March 21, 2001

"…displayed a noble tone without rant…contributed a nobly enunciated solo."
—John Lehman, Massachusetts Patriot Ledger, December 17, 2000

"…clear, heady tenor."
—Whitney Smith, Memphis Commercial Appeal, November 25, 1996

"Never overpowering, Gregg's tenor was nonetheless fully lyric with perfect intonation and a glowing tonal consistency from bottom to top."
—J. Alfred Thigpen, Grand Rapids Gazette, July 22, 1993

"Thomas Gregg took care of the night's vocal business with a full-bodied tenor that was especially pleasing in the higher registers."
—G. P. Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 17, 1993

"Tenor Thomas A. Gregg, who has a voice to go out of your way to hear, sang The Evangelist [in Bach's Christmas Oratorio]. He maneuvered the impossibly florid 'Haste, ye shepherds' like the pro he is."
—Barbara Zuck, Columbus Dispatch, December 14, 1987

"Gregg has a powerful, buoyant tenor with considerable agility throughout his range."
—Barbara Zuck, Columbus Dispatch, December 15, 1986

"It's hard to fault these intelligent, well-balanced aural tapestries woven by the skill of the ensemble and soloists, especially tenor Thomas Gregg as Jesus [in the Schütz Story of the Resurrection]."
—J. Kenneth Townsend, Washington Post, July 24, 1985

"Thomas Gregg's warm and disciplined tenor enhanced a stylistically complete and musically sure ensemble."
—Kate Rivers, Washington Post, February 6, 1984
Thomas Gregg