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The truly mobile munch in Richmond Va.

The Main Dish!



Curly Dread and Jane of the Jungle,

at work every mon.-fri., 11:30 am till 3:30pm,

(weather & schedule permitting)

Located in the heart of VCU, in Richmond Va., Mobile Munchies has, since 1995, been a curbside cafe specializing in rollups, and big 'ol Island sips, and international chunez/videos pon the video/soundsystem! A perfect spot for crowd-gazing, and THE place to grab on to a blanket: sit down for a nice lunch outside, our food and the experience in general has a 4-star rating, and continues to improve each day.We genuinely adore each visit from a regular customer, yet cherish as well the return of a face we could have served FOURTEEN years ago... YES, that's right, this stand has been in action serving the Richmond and VCU area for 16 yrs. now heading into year 17!

Rated four stars by the Richmond Times Dispatch when we started, we have only gotten better over our 17 years of rockin' it!... something HAS to have kept us here for so long, as many businesses are not in business for long... it has been YOU, Richmond, and we send out our hearttfelt thanks for the support!

 JandK, owners and operators

of the coolest spot for lunch in town!

... the epitomy of oral satisfaction. We are a curbside cafe in Richmond Va., setting up shop winter-thru-summer during school sessions, about 46 weeks per year, excepting times of incliment weather, or times when there is no school in session: established in 1995,& known world-wide for it's personal customer service, exceptional Island Sipps(c), and gourmet wraps with dishes inside to accomodate vegetarian tastes, or those venturing to the chicken side. C'mon out and grab a blanket one day, watch and/or listen to the reggae, and chill: maybe bring your significant other, be it human or canine, And if you're single, what a fantastic and opportune way to meet someone new: Richmond's best place to people peek: the perfect way to spend your mid-day! Look us up when you're coming our way!



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