Welcome to the N3KZS Repeater System Website



The N3KZS repeater is a wide area coverage repeater located in Manchester, Maryland.  Ralph Stoffel, N3KZS, and Ron McMurdy, WA0OJS, operate the system, covering Northern Maryland, South Central Pennsylvania and Western Virginia. The system utilizes 9 receivers and 3 VHF transmitters with a unique steering program to achieve the wide area coveage. The repeater is open and all are welcome. Its primary VHF frequency is 146.895 Mhz (2 Meter) and is also linked full time to two other amateur bands.  A secondary transmitter at the main site is on 224.120 Mhz (1.25 Meter) and transmits exactly the same information as the 2 meter transmitter.  Additionally, the system has two 50 MHz (6 Meter) repeaters that are selectively linked to the repeater system.  They are normally left connected full time but can be split off if needed.  Additionally, a selectable link to the N3KZS repeater in Ocean City, Maryland is in place via the internet.