nadine shanti-reviews & comments




Ellis L. Marsalis, Jr., Recording Artist:

"I find your documentation to be truly unique. ...It is a definitely fresh approach to today’s pop music."


"...The sound is adult-contemporary: lots of electric piano, strong, eloquent bass, and uncomplicated sax fills.  Lush harmonies characterize the choruses to most songs...It's grown-up yet playful, polished with just a touch of funk. ..If her first time out shows this much self-awareness, we can assume future records will reveal even more mastery of the terrain that she's covered."

Jazz Chronicles Review 

"Nadine Shanti is a seasoned vocalist who infuses her own brand of New Orleans singing with formidable skills as a songwriter. She utilizes rich harmonic and rhythmic textures spread out over a series of pop, R&B and light jazz tunes. ...This is easy listening that swings coupled with really great lyrics and delivered with a truly ‘down home’ approach. Recommended."


CD Debut Review:

" 'Down Home' by Nadine Shanti is an invitation to sit down, get the head phones and imagine yourself in an old pirogue on a lazy bayou.  Enjoy the sun, a few cooling breezes and the soothing voice of a storyteller..."

Comments on Live Performances:

Dr. Robert Weiss, Director : Southern Illinois University, School of Music:

"Nadine...you were GREAT!!! I have gotten many positive comments about your performance here and I was very impressed with your program.  I would love to have you back...after your next CD is out and you can spend some time with our students.  Let's keep in touch."

"Shanti specializes in Jazz-Pop, with a swinging voice that threatens to break into scat at any second."

James Archer, MP3 Fan:

Dr. Margaret Simmonds, Professor: Southern Illinois University, School of Music:

"...you were a smash around here.  Everybody was buzzing about your program, your rapport, stage savvy, personality...your voice.  Please come back soon.  Once every 20 years or so is a little long."
Mark McEwen, CBS: 
Dick Lapo, President: Wenatchee Valley Symphony Board: 
"Dear Nadine: Our deepest appreciation to you for your amazing musical and vocal abilities that contributed to the Wenatchee Valley Symphony Benefit. ...It was an astounding success both in entertainment value and profit. I was amazed at your musicianship, so evident in every detail, and your vibrant interpretations vocally. Loved your drama, voice colorations, control and style. Your scatting was marvelous! On behalf of the Board, I wish to convey admiration and gratitude for your stature, musical knowledge and leadership, important to this exciting and marvelous evening with the Duke!"
Stephen Ellis, Director:  Ennis, MT Jazz Festival:
"The goals of the festival are to educate students, expose rural Montana to great music and to enjoy a performance.  Your documentary and singing reached beyond our expectations in helping the students, teaching about Duke Ellington and providing a superb act.  The community is delighted with the results and looks forward to a return engagement."
"Nadine Shanti - ‘Down Home’...a cool and impressive debut blows in from the Northwest."
ShantiBrook Productions Snohomish, WA 98296
"My name is James Archer.  I am nine years old.  I like you."
Patty Tackberry, Reviewer: Everett Herald:
"Nadine Shanti combines the vocal talent and training of the finest jazz chanteuse with the charisma and charm of a comedienne. Her cabaret acts set up an intimate connection between performer and audience as she jokes and banters before launching into soaring melodies and sizzling scat singing."


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