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Finally things are warming up in the neighborhood, but last Friday March 5th at the Jug Handle it was burning hot!  We want to let everyone know that we were blown away at what an awesome bunch of people we had out there for our naked madness.  Just when you think you have been there and done that and seen it all, then we get a night like that, you guys rock!  We were also honored to have "Pop" in the house, this guy is 86 years old, slamming down his Budweiser bottles, puffing on his favorite brand of tobacco and dancing ALL NIGHT LONG! Pop was tiring out all the hot woman that were dancing with him, we would love to have Pop at every gig, Pop rules! 
We also had some of our most treasured and dearest friends out to show their support, and to get their mouths on some of those hot as hell wings too, thanks Ceil & Randall!  We apologize to so many who had to park so far away to get to us but we are glad you came!  It was Robin from Chicago's birthday, and Lisa and also Allison celebrated their birthdays with us.  We had a Filthy Mick in the house, Mr. Beaver, much obliged, we also had one of NJ's best sound engineers in in the room, thanks Corey, we will be in touch!  Donna and the baby sister graced us once again but they left Bob at home asleep, and they also left Billy way down south, we were looking for you Billy boy, maybe next time.  Dawn & Marlene made it out with Nicole, it was so great to see you, a shout out to Steve who stopped in to say hello after having dinner at Tarantellas at the suggest of our former guitarist Dave, great connections at The Jug Handle.  Also a thank you to the future Mrs. Potruzski, we appreciate your support Pam!  Special thanks to P.O. Walter Brenman, thanks for hanging with us and for hooking up our singer, good looking out!  Thanks to Eddie for helping us out on guitar for a bit and to Curtis for helping Paul who was suffering with a severe upper respiratory infection, great job on War Pigs!  We can't wait for out next show on the 19th, until then.
The Naked Ones! 



Hey yo, people what's up!  So you want to know what's good these days?... well it's ALL good!  No matter if you are just kicking back taking in the winter, or out and about getting rowdy with your friends!  We were at the Rocking Stone in Paulsboro last Friday doing just that, hanging out and getting rowdy with our friends.  There is something about the all of people there, they always seem to take things to a higher level every time!  We had people singing, dancing, and carrying on like crazy people just having a killer time, it was a lot of fun, thanks all you crazy mother f...kers!  We will be getting back at you in a few, stay safe, happy and free, see you soon!

Naked Social 


If these past couple weeks are any sign of what 2010 has in store for us, it's going to be one hell of a year!  Thanks to everyone that made it out to RACKS on the 2nd, what a blast we had!  It was cold outside but things were heating up inside for sure!  Kendra and company had things humming behind the bar - thanks girls, you rock!  A shout out to Frank from Anderson, keep the good things coming at RACKS, great job on a quality rotation!  Alisha & Jason, you guys absolutely rule, we love you guys!!!!! 
We were finally back at Jersey's American Pub in Lindenwold on the 8th, man I did not realize how awesome that place is since they remodeled - great f'ing job guys!  They are tucked back off the main drag but make no mistake about it, this place is hopping!  The food that was coming out of that kitchen was so tantalizing it was all we could do to keep Fran from from bum rushing Mary and Jillian as they were running plates by us working their tails off to be sure everyone was eating, drinking and being merry!  Kevin keeps things moving smooth there the whole time, you need something, he's got you covered, thanks dude, you are the man!  We do appreciate the chance to bring our madness and friends out there so we want to give a very personal thank you to Johanna for having us, we can not wait to be back there again! 
Most of all we want to thank all the patrons especially our friends including the birthday girls, Joyce, Eleanor & Karen, man you girls know how to party!  Bonnie and the twins were there, thanks ladies, Leah & Al made it out, I wish I had spent more time with you guys!  Meri, Patti & Corey, and special thank you to Roger and Patti Fitz for getting everything all set up for our special Birthday girl!  We also has a 16th wedding anniversary being celebrated there with guest of honor Howard and Karen (I'm pretty sure it was Karen?). Terri & Josie were in the room, so was Pam - thanks Pam!  We really thank you, we will take you to get gassed up any time, thanks Fran!  Shout outs to Kelly & Tom Dyer, Bob Simon, Steve Murrow and that smoking young lady by his side, Kurt, Jimmy and Renee.  We also want to give a big old  yeeeeeehaaaw shout out to Bob Strake, we will have to work on implementing some Willie Nelson material into the mix so we can put you to work next time!  All kidding aside, 'cause obviously we are kidding about Willie Nelson, we do appreciate each and everyone that makes it out to support us each and every time!  It really is all about everyone unwinding and enjoying the music and being able to wave a big middle finger at all the bullshit from the week while we party together!  
We will be at the Rocking Stone on the 15th, hope to see you there!  keep warm, oh, and, ah, well, on The Eagles, next season, next season.........
Happy New Year!

It's COLD outside but the party is always HOT at The Rocking Stone!  It was the night after Christmas and all through the house everyone was rocking out, and thatís what its all about!  We can't say enough about The Rocking Stone, the place is awesome!  The service there is right on time, fast and friendly each and every time and the place is spotless!  Not only is this a great place to party, but the food at The Rocking Stone is superb and reasonably priced featuring specials like their famous $7.95 pasta night, kids eat for just $4.95, you can't beat that! 

Overall, we had a great night at The Rocking Stone thanks to our friend Steve for the great job on sound for us, thanks Steve! The band would like to personally thank Mark for the initial invite and for taking extra special care of us and our guests, thanks Mark you rule!  We also would like to thank George and Bob, you guys are great to work for, you've got a good thing going there, keep it up!  Now the ladies, OMG, the ladies at The Rocking Stone are all that and a bag of donuts!  Tracy, Mariah, Karen, Heather and Jenna, these girls are awesome!  We want to shout out to Walt and Billy too and the man in the whites in the kitchen, that dude can burn!  Last but surely not lease, Pauli Rose knows how to put just the right spin on things from the DJ booth, keep on rocking in the free world Pauli! 
We want to thank all of our friends and family that made it out and hung out with for our thank God Christmas is over party, it was a blast!  We also had our friend Ed come up and jam with us for a few tunes, great job Eddie, you fit right in and pulled off the job like a real pro!  Next time maybe we can see what Zach has up his sleeve and we can see that father and son team pull off a tune with us, let's get it done Zachery!  On a similar note, Ryan Potzruski got put on the spot and finished off the lead vocals on Fall to Pieces for us and did a great job, he knew exactly what to do how to do it, great f'ing job Ryan!
We will be playing on Saturday, January 2nd at Racks in Atco, on Friday the 8th at Jersey's Pub in Lindenwold then back at The Rocking Stone again on Friday January 15th.  We are looking forward doing our thing again in 2010 and we want you to be a part of it so come on out and party with us.  Check on this site and BAR411.COM for future dates, we hope to see you soon.  P.S. where is our Tweety???    
Once again we want to thank all everyone for their support and wish you all a very happy and healthy new year! 
The Naked Ones


Well, we want to report that the word on the street is true about The Rocking Stone Irish Pub & Grill, that place ROCKS!  This place is really nice, the exterior graphics on the place are absolutely incredible, there is nothing else like it in the entire Delaware Valley!  While the outside is all that, the inside is where it all happens!  Fine food, great food & drink specials, laid back atmosphere, live bands and DJ, bartenders and wait staff who really know how important it is to pay attention to their customers.  Naked Social had the honor of breaking the cherry on The Rocking Stone's all new kick-ass in-house sound system.  It was a little tight going in but once we got things loosened up it felt real sweet and we had a blast doing what we love to do, rocking hard for an awesome bunch of people who really appreciate the raw energy of what we do!  
We want to thank George for allowing us to bring our full frontal rock & roll assault to his awesome place in Paulsboro, he has done a great job making The Rocking Stone a premier place to be!  Special Thanks to DJ Pauly Rose for keeping the beat fresh and raw throughout the night... thanks Paul!  The girls, man oh man, they were terrific, (and very hot!) Mariah, Karan, Jenna & Phyllis, thanks to them and the entire dedicated and attentive staff at The Rocking Stone for taking great care of us and all of our friends who hung out with us on the 23rd, it was a great time, we can't wait to be back there.  A special shout out to Bob M, we will be looking to get back in there real soon, hook a brother up, we will be in touch!  We also want to thank our special guest, Special Ed - Eddie F for doing a great job sitting in on bass with for a handful of tunes and for coordinating the evenings festivities... thanks Ed!  We also cannot forget each and every one who was in that room hanging out with us, you guys are the real party, thank you all for making our first night there a good one!  We also saw a good number of photos taken and unfortunately none were take by us, so if anyone has some pics that they would like to pass on to us we would love to post them.  Thanks again to everyone involved for a great time and a wonderful opportunity to help us continue to mark our territory in the greater New Jersey area, we hope to see you all again real soon. 
Thanks for checking us out, 
The Naked Ones       


Here we are, another summer has come and gone... the leaves are falling, and it's time to start partying hard!  We have managed to get a couple gigs behind us this season and there is more in store!  The band would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who hung out with us at Racks and the Jug Handle Inn over the past couple of weeks.  We saw some friendly and welcomed faces... thanks Donna & Bob, Dawn, Alison, LeAnn, Ceil & Randall, Dr. Lou... it is always our pleasure to see you guys!  We also had the honor of celebrating Jillian's 21st B-Day and Goldfish's big 4-0 at Racks... we were happy to be a part of these memorable events.  It would be great if someone would see to it that Paul is properly lubricated with one of his beloved Jaeger Bombs every once in a little while, too!
On the 23rd of October, we will be busting our cherry on new room, The Rocking Stone, AKA "The Stone", formerly called "The Rolling Stone... the venue is in Paulsboro, just off 295... anyone could find this spot, hell the whole band might even be able to get there on time!  As soon as you get off I-295 - exit:18 - the place is right there, you can't miss it... hope to see you there! 
In review of the local establishments that we have brought our nakedness to, Racks is definitely one of the areas newest, and coolest places to be... if you have never been there, do yourself a favor and check it out... we will be there very again soon, they have bands every Friday and Saturday nights.  The Jug Handle Inn is an area legend and it has a special charm all of its own.  From the packed parking lot, to the roosters and chickens running around outside, to their award winning wings - as featured The Food Network - to the really cool people the work there and the people who patronize the place, The Jug is a South Jersey original... you really should experience it for yourself.  The band will be back at the Jug again in March, but you may be able to catch the Jukebox Killers there or some other really great local bands... check it out sometime.  We will be adding future dates there as well, stay tuned for more details. The Rocking Stone hosts a wide assortment of bands on the weekends, and they do a Wednesday night open-mic too... word on the street is that this place is hot, so please show your support for Naked Social on the 23rd, and check out The Rocking Stone with us.  We will be back at Racks again on November 7th, with additional dates to follow and finally back in Mount Holly on November 28th at Dempster's.  We really miss the cool people from the Mt. Holly/Lumberton area, as we really love to play for the guys and gals of our armed forces that we normally see out and about in that area.  For a full listing of dates for Naked social as well as the venues and your other favorite bands, log onto www.411.com.  We hope to see you soon!
Thanks for your support!
The Naked Ones 


Greetings ladies, gentlemen, & everyone else!  Naked Social extends a warm summer welcome to all of our friends, families here and beyond!  It has been a very busy summer season for everyone, but we did manage to all get together on the last Friday of July in Cinnaminson at The Jug Handle Inn.  The band was so pleased to play for all of our great friends, old and new...  it was so nice to see DeeDee and Guy!  A very big thank you to all of our friends from Canon Financial, especially Donna W & her crew, including her nephew Billy - thanks for your service Billy, we salute you!  That place was smoking hot all night long, we can hardly wait to get back there.  We will keep you posted on any new developments on naked events, you can also find our schedule listed on www.bar411.com so check it out sometime!   The band has been working on adding new material as well as several side side projects, check out the guy's individual MySpace sites for more details!   
We have added some shows at the all new Racks in Atco, and we will be there on September 26th, and again on November 7th.  All of us can hardly wait to get in there in September, the place is beautiful and we will have a special guest appearing with us that night too - it's a surprise!  We are all revving up our engines to bring out best nakedness for this brand spanking new room!  Please come out and have a great night in this awesome establishment with us!  Racks gives all of the big corporate joints out there one hell of a run for their money while still maintaining a friendly level of service that will have you coming back over and over again!  You have to check this place out, you will be glad that you did! 
Thanks for surfing in, enjoy the rest of your summer!
The Naked Ones


Naked Social would like to thank everyone who came out to party with us at Jersey's American Pub on Easter Eve!  It was a great night and we really appreciate all of the support that we had, thank you all!  The band also wants to extend an extra special thank you to Patti Fitz for bringing her girls out for a fun night (Paul really loved the suffocation by breast and the dueling breasts activity). We also had the pleasure of having the beautiful and charming young Miss Ashley in the house, it was so nice to perform for you!  We would have liked to see the girls stick around for the third set, you all just missed Leah and Al, they make a really cute couple, it was nice to see Leah with a smile on her face!!!!!  No other band can say that they had the one and only original "Peaches" in the house, but Naked Social did, thanks for being there. 
We also can not thank Jersey's American Pub enough for allowing us a chance to bring our nakedness to their great establishment.  They have done a great job remodeling the place and are in the process of completing a great deck which should be ready just in time for the warm weather.  When you are there do not miss out on their own home made Jersey Jerky, that stuff is out of this world! 
The band is continuing it's efforts to add fresh new material to our set list as well as attempting to add some new venues.  It is not easy doing all the behind the scenes stuff that is required to make it all happen but we do it because we love it!  We are looking for suggestions on local places for a 1/2 decent band like ours to play.   We will play for absolutely no money at all, that's right, we will play for free, there is one catch, we must use our own gear and we must negotiate a fee for equipment logistics, set-up and load out, fees vary, please contact the band directly for details.  We are looking forward the grand opening of the new Rack's in Atco so keep checking back for further details.  We welcome any booking agents, professional or otherwise to contact us, please email us and lets get the ball rolling!
Until next time!......Thanks for popping in!

Naked Social would like to thank the family and friends of the late Jason Bradford for allowing us the honor of participating in the first in a series of special events in Jason's memory.  We'd like to offer a special acknowledge to Jason's beautiful mother for her courage and ability keep her head through this tragedy.  Although the band members did not personally know Jason, we know he was loved dearly and will be missed by many. 
Racks Bar & Grill hosted the event and they did a terrific job of it as well, hats off to Alicia & Jay and the entire staff for making the event a success.  When a special dedication was made to Jason by playing Third Eye Blind's "How's it Gonna Be", it was a very somber moment.  It was surely an emotional night for many, it was obvious that tears were being held back, but everyone still managed to have a good time.
To everyone that participated in the event, again we thank you and wish you all well.  If the Jason Bradford Foundation is able to make a difference in a single life then it is all worth it.  May Jason's memory live on forever in the hearts and minds of all who knew and loved him.  Keep strong and believe that good things will happen when people come together and offer their support.

We got one word, DEMPSTERS!  We are sure that Naked Social has found a new home in the Mt. Holly/Lumberton area. It's been a while since we were regulars down the street, and we do miss playing for dear old Dadz, but we could not ask for a better alternative, DEMPSTERS is the place.  The people that run the place are absolutely awesome, the service is excellent, the food, OMG, this place is not serving your just your typical bar food, the culinary selections here are top notch, and the people that fill the place up are outstanding!  Thanks to Steve, Chris and the entire staff at DEMPSTERS for taking care of us, you guys friggin ROCK!  We can not thank everyone that made it out there on Saturday the 24th enough, THANK YOU for making the night a huge success for us!  Who knows perhaps one day you may find us hanging out with Vinny and company once again, who says we can not work both sides of the street...keep checking our schedule for any developments!
We want to personally thank the two birthday boys, Don and Steve and their lovely better halves for seeking out Naked Social as their "first night out in over two months" entertainment at Dempsters... thanks Denise!  We were delighted to be a part of your celebration and look forward to seeing you all again sometime.  Special shout outs to Ceil & Randall, Alison and Leeann, Brian, Maureen S, "The Punisher" & his posse, the CFS crew, starring Cathy D and her one and only, the beautiful and always charming Leah (let us know when you are ready to sit in on the guitar!..keep smiling baby), Tina, Debbie, Tiffany, Donna & Bob ( and let's not forget "the beautiful baby sister"), Abby and Jeremiah (NOT the bullfrog!) and the rest of the crew, and the Hercules the Sublime fan.  We apologize for those we left out, I assure you it is the dead brain cells that are to blame! 
We also want to shout out to Dawn Marie, she was missed and we hope she up and running soon, and we want to let her know that Noel will live on forever in her heart, cheer up sassy!
We will leave you with this thought, "under our clothes we are all naked" ......
The Naked Ones



Wow, it's 2009 already everybody....tick-tock Clarisse...man!  We seriously and honestly wish all of our friends a very heartfelt safe, happy and free new year!  We hope everyone has had a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing you all soon.  Here is to everyone for keeping it all together when you really have to, things are gonna get better it just feels like it's coming!            
As cold as it is right about now we know y'all still wants to get naked.  Well frankly, so do we... with that in mind how about we all just do a little something about that in some way shape or form?  We are putting some new things in our line up that we think you might like.  Let's all get together soon and keep each other warm, hope to see you soon, Peace-!   

Happy Thanksgiving!
It's been a while since we have issued any updates on here so here goes it.....
Last week we showed up at Just Sports in Burlington and the place was alive!  Naked Social always loved playing for the Big Ed's crowd, but now that big Fred is running the show there we are pleased to say we were happy to be back there.  Special thanks to John and Billy behind the bar for keeping those Yeager Bombs coming!!    We really do want to thank everyone that made it out on that cold night, we had people all the way in from Vineland, from Delaware County, Romania, ok, well not Romania but the other places....There were lots of great local folks and we especially want to thank the very Hot Naked Ladies, so nice to see everyone, special shout out to Leeann, thanks for coming out, burying hatchets really feels good!!!! ! We will work on Big Fred to get another date there real soon.
Dempsters, man, that place is sweet!  Really, this is a classy joint, we were really pleased to have a chance to bring our naked mayhem back to the Lumberton/Mt. Holly area, we are fortunate to have such a great  place to play in that area.  We saw some really friendly old faces in there, we had Frank help us out on bass and lead vocals, very cool, thanks for the support!  Shawn from the Filthy Micks stopped in to say hello, always great to see our musical brethren in the house.  Our best and most respected naked people, Ceil and Randall, you two people are awesome!!!!!  We love you dearly.  Special thanked to Dawn H for being there and snapping some pics too..... oh, yeah and for bringing that cute blond chick with you........ Alison I think her name was....... We will be posting more date there as well, stay tuned for more details, we really enjoyed the Saturday night gig for a change.
Racks in Atco was so cool, everyone there is absolutely great!  We will be there again in a couple weeks, it should be a great night.  It is a very cool place but it is going to be a really awesome place once the open the brand new building in the spring.  We wish Alicia and Jay all the luck, they really know how to make a party atmosphere! 
Hot Shots is another sweet place to be, we hope to get in there again real soon.  Frank, where are you??? Frank???  God Damn it, where the hell is Frank????
We hope everyone has a great holiday season and please, whatever you do, come to a Naked Social gig soon!
Man oh man..... this is a hot one.....the powder turns right to paste...  we have been hanging out in the basement trying to keep cool.....Sorry for the recent radio silence...Just laying back in these summer months putting a new spin on some things, cleaning and polishing up the act a little here and there.....  Look for an expanded schedule soon! 
We want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to our friends Kathy and Leonard and the guest of honor, Danielle for having us at your awesome graduation party, we were honored to be a part of it!  The food was excellent, the refreshments were right on time, everyone there was great and the music was ok....Special thanks to Clementon's  emergency response system for helping to remedy a potentially messy situation.....  Extra Special thank you to our stage hand Joey Potzruski and stage manager Tyler....who was that kid???   A quick YO! to Ian from Goodman Fiske for checking us out....,www.myspace.com/goodmanfiskeband, Good luck Danielle, congratulations!
Now the Final Friday at Dadz in June... THANK YOU... THANK YOU..THANK YOU to everyone that made it out there to show support, THANK YOU!!!!  Happy Birthday to Mark who celebrated his 23rd with Naked Social...Our friend Dr. Lou for hanging, glad we could play something just for you..  We are looking forward to our return there in a couple of weeks! 
Happy Birthday Dawn Marie!    
The Naked Ones
We want to extend a buck naked thank you to all of the great people who hung out with us at Dadz this past weekend!  Shout outs to Leeann & Dr. Lou, and our Browns Mills connection, Michelle & Jerry and their awesome friend Carol...  Special thanks to the lovely ladies from CFS Debbie & Tiffany and cousin Anthony, Yo ant!... Thanks to Mark for the drinks, we will look for you on your B-Day at Dadz on June 27th!  Mo was in the house too, and finally we got to meet Sue, she is a lot of fun!...and we always love when Ginger pays us a visit.....   We want to say hello to Kim and her other 1/2 down at the end of the bar there for hanging with us, hope to see you again soon.  Special thanks to Lenny, Kristen & Melissa for keep everyone lubricated  through the night!.... We even say  Vinny poke his head out a time or two!  See you guys at the end of June!
We would also like to thank Anderson Entertainment and the folks at Hot Shots for a Hell of a night, you people in Westville know how to party!  We will set some new dates her soon hopefully!  Another shout out to Poppa Joe and company at the Broad Street Pub!  This place seems like it gets better every time we play there, always a great crowd of really cool people.  
Thanks for checking our temperature, we really like it......
The Naked Ones 
Well they say nothing last forever so here goes it..... Naked Social, now at he end of 4 years with no line-up changes, is making a change on guitar.  We want to thank David Livingston for his contributions to the band over the years and we wish him well in his future endeavors as he makes his exit from Naked Social.  Dave's dynamic stage presence, guitar and vocal ability and his signature command of the microphone will be missed, good luck Dave! 
Please stay tuned to welcome in a great new player that we plan to unmask soon.  We will be at The Broad Street Pub on May 9th and at Hot Shots in Westville on May 16th and at Dadz on the 30th.  We guarantee that we will deliver the same high energy full frontal rock and roll that was put together by the founding members of the band, Tony D and Paul Liberatori.  Paul, Fran, Tony and Mike will introduce our choice over the next few days so keep checking in! 
Please note that we are forced to cancel shows at Carollo's and The Flying W this month as a result of the changes, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to the venues.

Spring is finally here and not a moment too soon!  You can smell it in the air, mmmmmmmm!  Man you guys did it again, Poppa Joe and company at the Broad Street Pub really know who to invite to a party!  To EVERYONE at the BSP last week, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! What a awesome, good looking, kind, smart, witty, fun to be around  crowd, these  people know how to party!, just check out the pics.   We can hardly wait until May 9th to do it again! 

Once the last week of April gets here we we will be getting busy, lots of cool things on the horizon.  We missed our home stadium, Dadz last month but we will rock twice as hard on the 25th.  Don't worry, there will be plenty of juice left for O'Malley's on the 26TH.  We hope you can make it out to see us,  We can't say enough good things about Dadz, every day is a holiday at Dadz!   We will tale the stage at  O'Malley's at 10 sharp on the 26th, it is a great place!  nice stage and sound, a real top notch place, I think we can call this an "A" room for sure, hope to see you all there.  Check out the "Tour Dates" for additional show dates and times.
Please check in with us every now and again! 
Love Always,
The Naked Ones. 


What can we say other then WOW... what a night at THE BROAD STREET PUB!  It was an awesome night, we were worried about playing too loud there for Poppa Joe, but there he was bouncing his head to the beat!  We want to thank all of out friends for coming out, without whom it is all pointless. 
Special thanks to all the peeps from Eastern Lift Gate for hanging out with us, it was really nice to meet you all, oh and "yeeeeoooo Peggy, what's up baby"....  Thanks John and Shay as well as all his friends who hung out with us despite the fear of a really quiet night....  Donna and her beautiful baby sister (with Bob home asleep) were there and we are glad you came, it's always our pleasure to provide excellent service for you.  We can't forget Keith & company, you guys ROCK and we really appreciate you continued support, and great job ordering those fat bottom girls to "get on your bikes and ride"... when that mic was put in front of you there was no hesitation, you knew just what to do!  Thank you to Mike Daly who visited us all the way from Delaware County Pa and to Jeff & Kenny who topped Mike with a trip from up state NY, we were happy to have you guys in the house, thanks for being there, we know Dave was very happy to see you guys!  Then there were those Hennessy girls, these ladies know how to party!  Dawn our most sincere thanks to you for the great St. Patty's Day swag, photos and the shots!!!  The swag  was a big hit, everybody loved it, and Mrs. H, thanks for making Dawn!!!  There was Adam with his fist in the air jamming along with us with a little crowd around him, way to go!  And after 24 years of marriage Randall & Ceil still act like to kids in love, congratulations on your anniversary, thanks for allowing us to be part of your celebration!  Thanks to everyone at the Pub, staff and patrons, we will see you all again real soon.
On a bit of a down turn, we had to cancel our March Final Friday at Dadz due to unavoidable circumstance, we humbly apologize to Vinny and the entire Dadz family for any inconvenience, we will be back on target for the remainder of the year at Dadz.  Please check in with us from time to time for any new developments, new pic, and just plain old silly shit that we all need.
By the way, if you ever see this nasty, mean, ugly brown haired woman that looks remarkably like the Indian on the old nickel, tell her that Paul misses her and he is really sorry that the door hit her in that mug of hers,....LOL...... hell you can't make everyone happy...... everybody be safe.
Thanks for checking in with us!
The Naked Ones       


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Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Ground Hog Weekend at Dadz and O'Malley's!!!   

 A very special thank you to our friends Allyson and Leeann for Visiting us at Dadz on Friday night, we were very happy to see you girls again! Shout outs to Victoria and Todd, Stacey &  company,.. Dawn H for dragging her still healing body out to both shows....Thanks Dawn!  We also want to thank our Dadz/Naked Social T-Shirt Rock-Paper-Scissors contestants and congratulate the winners, wear 'em in good health!  Talk about a great start to a fun weekend,...Kristen is back at Dadz, YEAH!!!! welcome back Kristen!!  It was so cool to see her back there along with Lenny and the rest of the gang working at Dadz and Drew hanging out and partying at Dadz on a night off.... What a cool place employees never want to leave!!!!

We broke our cherry at O'Malley's on Saturday and we just gotta say, that place is the place!!  These folks have got something here!!  Super clean, great service, terrific food, really nice atmosphere, friendly people, awesome stage and lights,  we hope to be back here real soon!  A very special thank you to our man Nathan from www.ultimate-studios.com great work and a very good guy to work with...thanks Nate!  Thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday, a special shout out to the First Naked Ladies who were all in attendance, one of Gloucester's own, "Bones"  was in the house, thanks for putting your face in the place!  Thanks again to everyone for making it a great night at O'Malley's!  Stop back soon or stop by and see us sometime, we have plenty of dates and we will be adding some more QUALITY establishments to the list real soon.... Thanks for checking in!


With our babe Dawn MIA and laid up with staples in her abdomen (no - she didn't swallow them), our new friend Victoria graciously picked up the slack and provided most excellent pictures of our recent last-Friday-of-the-month gig at Dadz...  click here to view.  Thank you, Victoria!

Schedule's very busy over the next few weeks - we hope to see you!!


Well 2008 is starting off with a bang.  First the band would like to thank Mr. Jerry Potrzuski for inviting us to join him in celebrating his 50th birthday.  It was a great party and we want to thank "Photos by Phil.com" for providing a great environment for us, what a cool place!

We are excited to report that we have added some great new rooms for us to play in, hopefully our friends will find these new venues convenient places to get naked with us!  We are hitting O'Malley's on 130 in Gloucester on Saturday, 2-2-08, this an awesome room with really cool people, and great food and drink specials, and now Naked Social can be added to the list of local talent you can find there.  Then the following Friday, 2-8-08 we will be at Palmyra's coolest places, The Broad Street Pub on W.Broad street right in the center of town.  And last but not least, finally, our long awaited return to Carollo's in Hainesport on Saturday 2-23-08.  

We look forward to seeing you at one of our naked gigs, hope to see you soon!!!!

The naked ones.


As our wait for '08 gets shorter, sweeter and to the point, we wanted to thank all of our friends and families for making .'07 a fun filled fantastic Naked year.  We had lots of fun all through the year with our dedicated and loyal friends as well as the many new friends we have made, it was our pleasure to serve you all and will look forward to a great '08.  
We have been privileged to celebrate so many spectacular people's birthdays over the year, most recently, the last Friday of the year on '07 at Dadz.  Wishing a very warm (and wet) happy birthday to the lovely Lee Ann and our dear friend Marlene,.. Marlene was MIA we still celebrated for you baby...Naked Social loves Marlene! One of our beautiful First Naked Ladies, Dawn Marie along with the magic of Naked Social have managed to bring our friends Michelle & Ron together, and it looks permanent, he bought her a ring!!!  Congratulations, we wish you all the best in your naked lives together.
While 2007 was a wonderful and memorable year for many special reasons, there were some very sad moments as well, most notable was the sudden loss of one of our most seemingly carefree and happy friends, Tew we will always love you and your memory will live on forever in our minds and in our hearts.  Naked Social and Wooby and The Allstarz bands are honored to have been able to bring pleasure and happiness to Tew every time she attended one of our shows, which was often, I personally never knew she was ill and the fact is most people did not because Tew lived her life without burdening others with her problems, may God bless Tew and her family, I'm sure she is dancing in heaven right this very minute!.....Now she just may be the only spirit on the dance floor but WTF that never stopped her when she as here in earth...Rock on Tew!.  South Jersey and Naked Social lost one of the area's coolest places to party, Big Ed's, Burlington NJ.  We want to thank Tina & Joe for all their support and for many of great nights at Big Eds.  Sometimes out with the old in with the new is not always a good thing, we really miss you guys and we miss Big Ed's  And last but not least, we can never forget all the brave men and woman that we have lost in our armed forces and in our police and fire departments.  We have had many really cool military people hanging out with us over the years, we just hope that we will see them ALL again!
While "07 was not without sorry there was a hell of a lot of fun, so buckle up and enjoy the journey of "08 which is about to start soon.  Wishing all of our friends and family members a Safe, Happy & Healthy New Year!   A final note, Friday, 12/28/07, while the Steven's Randall & Ceil prepared to head out for a Friday night of music, food an drink, their beautiful daughter Sherry was kinda on the fence about going out with mom and dad (which is so fucking cool, IE: Allison & Lee Ann).  Sherry was not sure where mom and dad had planned to go but when she found out that the nights festivities we to be held at Dadz with Naked Social she was in!  Now that is cool, thanks Sherry!!!!!! 


This was a November to remember!  Thanks to everyone for your support at Ott's, Dadz and Jakes Escape over the past month!  Another year is near the end, so we are all busy working to add some fresh new material and looking at some great new places to play.  We want to thank the First Naked Ladies for making another special appearance, that would be Terry & Jo.. and an honorary mention to Dawn Marie, thanks for your support and for taking some great pictures over the past year for us...and for being a friend, a very special friend. 
We had a very special appearance from our great friend Bonnie and her main fireman Mike!....Thanks for showing up, it was very nice to see you two again.  We can not thank Mr. & Mrs. Stevens enough for your continued support, and we are glad that Vinny at Dadz saw to it that you were taken care of.  And out of nowhere there he was, Adam was in the house - thanks for putting your face in the place.. We also want to thank Tina and Joe former owner/operators of Big Ed;s in Burlington for showing up at Dadz... it was great to see them, we miss Big Ed's but it was awesome to see you guys!   A quick shout out to the blonde girls that followed us from Jake's over to Dadz, sorry we only had one shirt left, get us next time... Finally, a long overdue shout out to one of Stanley Clarke's personal friends and ours too, the man, Dr. Lou.  Thanks for being you and for doing what you do in the daytime, helping guide today's youth is a noble and respected task, keep it real!  
Wishing everyone a safe, happy and free holiday season this year and many happy new years to come.  Thanks for surfing in..... Hope to see you all soon.
The Naked Ones!  


You know you've arrived when they name a drink after you...

Next time you're at Dadz, be sure to ask for the "Naked Social" - a concoction with aphrodisiac properties consisting of Peach Schnapps, Razzmatazz, and Sprite...  volatile if not mixed with precision by a professional, known to cause loss of undergarments, as well as short term memory...  please exercise extreme caution!


WOW.... .. Gloucester county kicks ass!  What a blast at Ott's on Friday night...what a great bunch of  people!!!   Thanks to everyone for making it a really good  night!  Very special thanks to Corey and JP for the awesome production and the guys from DVS for hanging out with us, and Mutt for taking on a little work on the mic too... very cool....  Shouting out to The First Naked Ladies Josie and Terry, Cheryl and Brad, Shawn, Jen, Tara and Steve, Lisa and Gary, Robin, Jimmy G., Dot (Rage630), Joyce, Steve and Charise, Melissa and Chris, The Potrzuski Boys and company, The Tufts, Dawn, Kim, Michelle, Laura, Colleen, Ron,  Danielle aka: Delicious, Rochelle and her body guards, The girls from Gloucester City,...
name some people... Mike's brother in-law,..terry's brother?? bill??? name people, the blond chick,,.  And a  BIG thanks to Wooby for  the terrific shirts... thanks Dave!!   Happy Thanksgiving everybody!.....Hope to see you soon...The Naked Ones! 


Because of how much we love and highly regard our close friends Randall and Ceil, mere words don't describe the warmth and honor we felt as they celebrated their daughter Sherry's 21st birthday this past Friday night with us...  judging from the pictures, she looks like she had a good time!  Happy Birthday, Sherry!  Now you can drive your nutty parents home!
As always, love and XOXOX's to all our grrrlz - Alison, Lee Ann, Dawn, Michelle, Mar, Michelle, and Jamie...
Big shows on tap - Ott's in Washington Township on Nov. 9th, Dadz Nov 21st, and Jake's Escape on Nov 23rd.


Love to Josie and Dawn once again for the great camera work!

Dadz has booked us for a fill-in date for Friday, October 12th - we've also added a return engagement at Jake's Escape - Friday, November 23rd.


Dadz has booked us for the always-a-blowout "Thanksgiving Eve" show - Wednesday, November 21st...  and for good measure, they've booked us for every last Friday of the month all the way through 2008.


We're back at Dadz this and next Friday, August 24th and 31st!

Tony and family have returned from vacation in Croatia - you can see the pics HERE.


An extra date - August 24th - has been booked for Dadz.

In other news that's sure to grab the attention of The Man, Dave is now online!


Ehem...  that "Guestbook Full' error you've been seeing has been fixed - type away!!


Summer Nakedness Tour '07 continues, and what an incredible time we had performing at the Flying W in Medford - thanks to you all for coming out and enjoying it with us...  special thanks to Kim H for the refrigerator!!

Next up - Jake's Escape...  Ott's...  Big Ed's...  


Thanks to Kimmie and Dawn for the pics taken at Big Ed's Barbeque on 4/14 - We finally got them posted...  seems as though we've run out of web space and now we have to archive all the old shit - which is fine with me, 'cause I was looking like a concentration camp reject back in those days before I went under the knife at Cooper... damn!


New dates have been added - with new rooms - like the Flying W, and Jake's Escape...  check it out HERE.


Many thanks to all of you who made it to our St. Patrick's Day blowout at Big Ed's Barbeque, and made it such a huge night...  we hope you enjoy your shirts!! - pics are posted HERE.

With great sadness we mourn the loss of our dear friend Tew, who passed away March 7th, after a long battle against cancer.  With her long, silky dark hair, she was a frequent fixture at Naked Social shows, as well as for other bands...  she will be truly missed.


Pics from Dadz Saturday 3/02 are posted HERE...  special thanks to Dawn and Randall for the excellent photos!


Pics from Dadz Friday 2/23 are posted HERE...  check 'em out!

Some love and shouts to Randall and Ceil, Vinny Sissor, Leigh Ann, Alison, Brenda, Rita and her dude, and Kristin, Jess, and April, and the N.A.D.E grrrls...  thanks to all of you for hangin' out and rockin' with us!!!

...and to Gary Lee of "Designs By Gary" for the awesome artwork on the stickies and shirts.


Finally after years of waiting, Naked Social screen printed shirts and stickers - errr, I mean - "vinyl transfers" are finally a reality...  a few have been produced, and many more are on the way...  ask a band member about getting yours!  Click HERE to see the shirt, or click "Merchandise" in the Navigation Bar.


Pics from Big Ed's Barbeque have been posted...  it was great to see lots of old friends there!  Also, three additional dates for Big Ed's have been added to the schedule.


Hey all!  We're back at Big Ed's Barbeque in Burlington this Saturday night, and Dadz in Lumberton the following two Fridays in a row...  we've also added more dates to the schedule that are making things busier for us this summer - see you out there!


Hey Gloucester County!  Your chance to experience Full Frontal Rock 'n' Roll arrives Friday January 12th when we bring the madness to Ott's On The Green in Washington Township for our first performance there...  we hope to see you!

We're very pleased to announce that Dadz Bar & Grill has booked us for every last Friday of the month for the duration of 2007...  looks like we'll be smellin' crab balls for a while!

Check the Pics page for photos from our New Year's Eve Bash at Ott's in Edgewater - special shout out to Dean Herbert for the photos and outstanding lighting.


Seasons Greetings, Dear Friends!

As we wrap up our final stops on our ChrismaHannukKwanza 2006 Tour, we wanted to express our deep appreciation to all our family and friends who've supported us over the past two years - and wish you all many joys and much prosperity in the coming year...  We hope to see you during our final two dates of 2006 - Friday December 29th at Dadz, and our New Year's Eve blowout at Ott's in Edgewater...

On a somber note, I have to announce the passing of my dad, Dr. Aurelius Domanchich, who left us the day after Christmas...  He lived a long and colorful life, touching the lives of countless individuals and families as a physician, but most importantly - giving me the love and guidance I needed, and truly unique experiences I can brag about forever...  ask me about them next time you see me, if I can tell you without uncontrollably sobbing.

Thank you all,
Tony D


Happy Halloween kids!  Remember - candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker!

The band is getting very busy these days...  besides working on new material, we've added new rooms to our family of venues that are quickly filling our schedule - Ott's, Slates, and Big Ed's...  Check the schedule - we hope to see you very soon!


We're extremely pleased to announce two big news items...  

First, that Dadz has sorted out their insurance difficulties and is once again hosting live bands, so we're very happy they've once again selected us to provide rock 'n' roll entertainment every last Friday of the month...  you'll see us again there this coming Friday, September 29th.

Second, we've recorded demo cuts of some songs for your listening pleasure which can be found on our MEDIA page...  these recordings will be on our promo package...  crank up your speakers, and RRAAWWWKK OUT, BABY!!!

See you on the 29th!


Maybe an explanation is warranted?...  Dadz Bar & Grill will no longer be hosting live bands due to "liability issues" that are apparently a figment of imagination of some over-zealous lawyers and actuaries...  gotta love 'em.  Okay sure - the floor is indeed a little slippery after Paul croons for the girls, Tony's Gene Simmons serpent head boots do have a few sharp edges, and Dave's sword swallowing (not the ones in the parking lot) may in fact be a little dangerous - but we mean well, and have never harmed a soul or animal during our act...  Perhaps at some juncture, we'll be back at Dadz again - so, check back!

Meantime, the band is gonna take a little break for August - Tony's gonna take the family to California, Paul's going to continue swatting greenheads and working on his Brigantine tan, Fran's going to continue juggling his difficult and testicle taxing six-girlfriend schedule, Mike's going to work on honing his naked jacuzzi lounging skills, and Dave's going to read a book titled, "Concise Phone Etiquette For Dummies"...

We love you, have a great August, and we'll see you on the other side!


Big thanks and love to all our friends and lovers who made it out to Carollo Bar & Restaurant for a memorable night - our gRRRRls Bonnie and Pattie, the lovely Josie - sexy as ever...  sultry sweet Alex and her man Kevin, who's got us playing his July 4th Bash -  our baby Heather, the Murrow Boys and their redheaded sluts... Sue Wonderwoman and her eye-candy friends...  and emo-dancing girl...  thanks all!

We have a busy end of June coming up, and we hope to see you all at Mc Donnell's, Rmac's, or Dadz...  as noted above, we've been slotted to perform at Kevin K's Superhuge July 4th Celebration happening in Absecon, NJ on July 3rd...  details to come - stay tuned.

On a more somber note, we'd like to acknowledge the passing of, and luminous life of the dear and lovely Bernice J. Potrzuski, who left us this past Tuesday, May 30th...  Bernie was an extraordinary woman who gave absolutely everything to her beloved family, and who also gave us the most shredding, studmuffin-ish lead guitarist a band could ever hope for...  Bernice - you were dearly loved, and will be missed.


Thanks to all who braved a chilly rain and even chillier nic-fits to catch our show at the Cherrywood Lounge this past Saturday...  It was awesome to see the whole Suffering Wives Club as well...  also our homies from Mick Guinea and the Krauts... and thanks to Marty for overpaying us...

In other news, we were wondering if there were any lawyers out there who could hook us up with some sage legal advice, like if it's possible to sue yourself for stupidity?  Dave's hoppin' mad at the Coca-Cola people for not providing a warning label on their tiny 12 oz soda cans that would disclose the potential explosive properties of a can of Diet Dr. Pepper.  Dave's now on a crusade to save the world from this hazard...  stay tuned...  give him a call on his celly and he'll explain everything - LOL - just be prepared to be on the phone for a while...

A new room - R Macs Pub in Collingswood - has been added to the schedule for June.


Lots of love and thanks to Jo and Dawn for their photo contributions from the Cherrywood Lounge on Saturday the 4th.  Amazingly, they were able to take clear pics despite nearly being shaken to death by a runaway bass ghost in the room...  awesome job, girls.

Thanks to all our friends who checked us out at Carollo Bar & Restaurant in Hainesport on Saturday the 11th.  We had a great time and look forward to coming back to this new place soon.

Next up is Dadz on Friday, March 31st - we'll see you there!


Have you noticed we haven't posted any pics in a while?  Perhaps Dot will find her ID in the same place as her camera, and our Dave won't be forced to show extreme social dexterity by negotiating her admission into a bar while rapping lyrics to a Linkin Park tune?!!...  well, it makes for a good story...
We'd like to extend a little belated
VALENTINE'S LOVE to all of you dear friends who've supported us - and a little extra for our homegrrrl Pattie for some recent rough times - we love you all!
The band is busy working on new material we'll be phasing in over the next several gigs...
Be sure to check us out at The Cherrywood Lounge this Saturday night, March the 4th - and a new room, Carollo's in Mt. Holly next Saturday, March 11th.


How cool is it to relax between sets and listen to killer renditions of Priest, Iron Maiden and Queensryche?  Almost as cool as being asked to gig with an awesome act like DVS, who we thank for the opportunity to melt faces with them at an overly-packed Cherrywood Lounge this past Friday night...  make sure to check these guys out - they are AWESOME.  Pics from the show have been posted - special thanks to Jo, Dawn and Pattie for their contributions!


A surprise special dual show with DVS has been scheduled for the Cherrywood Lounge in Blackwood, NJ this Friday night, Jan 13th...  show starts @ 9:30...  



The band thanks all our beloved friends and family, and those crazy patrons at Dadz for coming out and celebrating New Year's with us - what a whacky night it was for us...  we thank Vinny at Dadz for giving us the opportunity as well...  As a result of this gig, we found out some cool things:

1.  Everyone loves boobs.
2.  Paul is apparently less than an A-cup.
3.  Our photographer can get people to do just about anything.
4.  Our sound system can withstand like, six people falling on it, and keep going.

Pictures for the event have been posted
here.  Please don't sue us if you go blind "staring" at them.

So now, we take a little break, sit back and reflect on what was an unbelievable year, with an excited anticipation looking forward into 2006...  we're back at Dadz on Friday, January 27th, and hope to see you there!


T'was the Night Before the... <ehem>...Night Before Christmas, and all 'round Mt. Holly
A Christmas glow could be seen at Dadz, and its patrons were joyous and jolly
Some of this was due of course, to the presence of the Holiday Season
But others believed Santa's elves Naked Social may just be the reason
They'd arrived once again, to bring joyous rounds of cheer
And to give full frontal rock & roll to every willing ear
To promote love and joy, and to bear intangible gifts
And to spawn deliciously groovy rhythms and bodacious guitar riffs
They rocked all through the night, and it eventually came to pass
All the rockin' and rollin' and the sets pretty much kicked ass
Santa was so pleased, he pulled the boys aside
And said unto them with a glowing, St. Nicky-like pride,
"Guys you RAAAWWWKKK!... and impressed even me!"...
"On Christmas morn you'll get something extra under the tree!"...



'Tis the season to give thanks - and there's plenty to go around...  Mike is thankful for his beautiful new son...  Paul really appreciates the fact that his PA fits in a Nissan Pulsar, and that his yacht didn't sink in a recent storm...  Fran is thankful for his Splawn guitar head, but if only it had an extra orifice, that would be really awesome - but he'll settle for porn...  Dave is thankful for Tylenol 3...  Tony's glad to be alive...
Mostly, we're thankful for YOU...  and we hope to see YOU during our busy December, which culminates with a

Coming this week, our last show at the world famous Alpine Lounge in Williamstown - which will be closing Jan 1st and changing ownership...  Hope to see you there!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shouts to all our beloved peeps - especially the ones we hadn't seen in a while - for catching our show at Keegan's this past Saturday, and for witnessing the unveiling of our new banner, as well as some new tunes...  Patty, we listen!  We just need to work on that last 1/3...
Congrats to that skilled patron who melted the last of the ice cubes in the urinals, but never copped to his or her feat to collect the door prize... I'm guessing it wasn't, but if it WAS a female, they were probably a fire fighter from Kentucky... 

Even more craziness is on the horizon - gigs at Dadz, the Alpine, and McDonnell's coming up soon...  we'll see you out there!


It's really a drag that our staff photographer missed our Dadz gig this past Friday, because my weak written prose trying to describe the atmosphere there can't possibly measure up...  with all the sweaty, writhing bodies packed sooo tightly together, whipped into a rock & roll frenzy, and all the pushing... pulling... pushing...  pulling...  holy crap!  I'd better stop!...
The gorgeous Bonnie, with her magic eyes, and even more magical hands; the lovely and alluring Alex, our new friend Lori - shakin' that drop dead fine booty all night...  our buds, the suave and debonair Damien, and Evan - who was a real hit with the ladies with that cowboy hat...  At the risk of sounding cheesy, I'll say it again....  You people RAWK!!!

The band goes back to work preparing new material for our return to Keegan's in November...  Please also mark your calendars for New Year's Eve at Dadz...  It's gonna ROCK!


Camden County ROCKS!  Cheers to all our peeps for giving us a memorable night at McDonnell's - Bonnie, Patty, Terri, JoAnn, Rita and Doug, Heather, Dawn, Leonard, Donovan McNott, and Hyjynx alum Tommy H....  Yo, Tom - WE GOT THIS.

See you this Friday night at Dadz in Lumberton!


Your wait is almost over...  the band makes its triumphant return from summer break by appearing at McDonnell's Bar & Grille in Lindenwold, NJ on Friday September 23rd.  Witness for yourself the miracle of modern medical science as Tony retakes the stage with his band buddies!

Also, pics of Mike & Terri's little bundle of joy are finally posted here for your viewing pleasure...  enjoy!


He's FINALLY here!...  The band welcomes our newest family member - Andrew Michael Costa, born to proud parents Mike and Terri Costa on Thursday morning, July 21st - coming in at 6 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches...  Mom and Dad are doing great...  huge hugs, kisses and love to them...  Pics of the kid forthcoming soon!

We'd also like to thank all those who packed Keegan's these past Friday and Saturday nights for the Woobie & The All-Stars shows...  and to Rick and Dean for the superior production - but what else would you expect?  Also to Kimmy and Dot for Dave's new little friend...  he REALLY appreciates it!


When a band says it has a "major announcement" to make, usually it means they now realize that there was an asshole among them, and it was time to part ways.  For us, that's not the case...  We have a couple of major announcements to make - but we think they are positive...

Around July 1st, Tony was diagnosed with pretty extensive cardiac disease - to the point where simple invasive procedures weren't sufficient to neutralize...  On July 5th, he spent 9 grueling hours on the operating table having FIVE bypasses done.  He is now recovering, and assures you that he'll be back, "better than ever".  As a result of this temporary setback, the upcoming Keegan's gig (7/22-23) will have to be cancelled...  However, it's a good bet that most of the band will be there those nights regardless, masquerading as "Woobie and The All-Stars"...

As far as the second "major announcement", we'd ask that you check back here shortly for some long-anticipated wonderful news!...


This past Keegan's gig we asked Bob if we could play in the bar corner, like the old days...  we were getting a little bored of the other room, and were longing to get back to that intimate feel...  Thanks to all at our monthly weekend at Keegan's; Dot and Kim, Alex and Val, Bonnie, Tew...  that crazy bachelorette party...  and our buddy Damien, who took the mic for "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" and rocked it...  thanks also for heckling us all night, dude...  HA!!!

Don't miss us at McDonnell's Bar & Grille in Lindenwold this Friday night!


Big thanks to all our GloCo friends who caught our show at the Alpine - Joan and John, all the Whitman Square Crew, and our brothers from DVS - who hauled ass over after their gig to catch a tune...  YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!
On another note, Mike C the drummer wins the Ironman of The Year Award...  Friday afternoon the day before our gig, he sustained an ugly laceration to his wrist that required several stitches to close (he swears it wasn't a suicide attempt)...  And yet, he was able to gut out a multi-set performance with nary a glitch...  special thanks to Paul Q for waiting in the wings in case something gruesome happened...

Catch us again this Friday and Saturday night at Keegan's Pub for a NAKED WEEKEND!




Another crazy night at Dadz!... special love to Dot, for handling the high-res photo duty, and to our friends Kim, Dawn, and Nicole...  and to our friend Alex...  You all make it SO difficult to concentrate on playing our instruments!  And yes Alex, we're trying like hell to get Dave online...  but we DO fear the consequences!
Dadz has given us three more dates later in the year...

Don't forget this Friday at Keegan's - May 20th!


McDonnell's Bar & Grille has been added to the schedule for Friday June 17th.  


Watching our own Paul Lib risk life and limb in the girlie mosh-pit this past Friday at McDonnell's is a visual the band will cherish forever...  Big warm fuzzies to all our friends - the radiant Terri C, JoAnn, Hez, Jenn... Matt, Jackie and Scott, the Potzruski gang, Lisa and Ed, Birthday Girl Pattie...  according to the gig pics, we think Billy Corgan was there too...  The band also appreciates and thanks everyone for signing our mailing list - although we get some rather strange ones like:
...Will it come back?  Ya think? 
Circle this date for our next:  Dadz - Friday, May 13th...


Huge thanks to all who attended the big Keegan's shows last week, and our inaugural Dadz gig...  to Mike Smith for getting onstage with us and belting "Highway To Hell" at Keegan's...  to Dot for taking pics at Dadz...  and to the wild and crazy dancers at Dadz...  things promise to get even crazier on Friday, the 13th of May, when we return.
We'll see you again at McDonnell's in Lindenwold this Friday, April 22nd...


Mc Donnell's Bar & Grille has been added to the schedule for Friday April 22nd, 2005.


The upcoming Alpine gig scheduled for April 23rd has again been deferred; it is now rescheduled for June 4th, 2005.


The band thanks all our friends from Jersey who made the trek to PA to catch us at Da Bar, and all the new found ones we made there.  Pics from the show have been posted...  In preparation for our return to Keegans April 8-9, the band is preparing new material.


Shouts to the guys in
J L Acoustic (John, Mike B, and Shawn) for putting Paul and Tony onstage for a few tunes at their RMac's gig this past Friday the 18th.  We had a blast and look forward to next time...


Da Bar in Levittown, PA has been added to the schedule for March 11, and an additional night for Keegan's Pub on May 20th... 
LIVE recordings of "Slither" and "She Hates Me" have been added to the "Media" page.


More dates added to the schedule for Keegan's Pub in Mt. Holly...  Pictures from the 2/4 and 2/5 gigs are up...  also, posting soon LIVE RECORDINGS from the shows on the "media" page...  check back!


NS thanks all who were at Keegan's this past Friday and Saturday night, and the great staff for some truly memorable nights.  Special mention to Steve Schoener for providing the kick ass sound system.  We'll be back very soon...  
~The Alpine Lounge~ originally scheduled for Saturday Mar 5th -  has been
rescheduled for Saturday April 23rd, 2005.


Don't miss the fun at Keegan's Pub in Mt. Holly this Friday and Saturday night, February 4th and 5th!  The band is PUMPED.
Dadz Bar and Grill has been added to the schedule in April.


The band wishes all a prosperous and healthy New Year...  and thanks all those who've signed up for our mailing list.
We've added even more rehearsal demos to the "Media" section; come take a listen!
KEEGAN'S PUB - Feb 4th & 5th - DON'T MISS IT!


Date added for The Alpine Lounge in Williamstown, NJ...  great place, great people...  and we can't wait!
A few practice/rehearsal demos have been added to the "Media" page; check it out!


Dates added for Keegan's Pub in February... band continues rehearsing and adding material to its show.


Big thank yous to Scott T and family for having us play at Scott's Birthday Bash.  These great people REALLY know how to throw a party; it was awesome...  kegs, hot AND cold buffet..  bonfire...  Thanks to all who braved the chill to watch us...  Pics are up from the event.


The Naked Social band is currently rehearsing for their upcoming World Tour.  

The band consists of former members from several legendary So. Jersey/ Philly local acts.

Check the Tour Dates link for upcoming shows!

See you out there!

Naked Social


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