Trough Garden at Edinburgh Botanic Garden
Trough Garden at Edinburgh Botanic Garden, Scotland

Why Troughs

Alan Grainger

Light weight troughs from foam

Fish-box Trough
(Styrofoam base)


bullet Lightweight from Co. St. U.
bullet Lightweight with details from Taunton Press.
bullet Lightweight with details from The Schundler Co. (from Martha Stewart)
bullet More Ideas from B. B. Mackey Books

Plants for Troughs


Ideas from England


Backyard Gardener


Also called tufa.  Where to find it.


Glacier Peak pumice.

Feather Rock:

Large blocks of pumice.  Where to buy it.

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Handbook on Troughs

Edited by Joyce Fingerut and Gwen Kelaidis. This is a 76-page book on garden troughs, their construction, recommended plants, including alpines, for growing in troughs. Articles on soil recommendations, the care of troughs, and first-hand experiences by gardeners who have a special love of troughs for growing plants. Reprinted from the Bulletin of the North American Rock Garden Society. There are 16 pages of color photographs. Soft-cover book.
The ISBN is 0-9670593-0-0.
Published 1996. Book size: 6" x 9".

Available at NARGS Bookstore

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