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I work at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle where my group develops community databases/websites for researchers working on specific diseases.  We are working on two such websites:

·        type 1 diabetes (funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

·        Huntington’s Disease (funded by the Hereditary Disease Foundation)


I write the IT Guy column in Genome Technology magazine.


I am co-founder of Huntington’s Disease Drug Works (HDDW), a non-profit organization that conducts individual therapeutic trials for people with Huntington’s Disease.

Pages of links I have assembled

·        Huntington’s Disease

·        Biological graph layout software

·        Pharmaceutical research and development

·        Pathways and protein interaction (includes categorized list of papers on analysis of protein interaction data)

·        Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (recently updated!)

·        Gene x tissue expression

·        Microarrays (still rough)

·        High performance sequence analysis

·        A sampling of comparative genomics software

·        MEDLINE search sites

Recent Articles and Presentations

·        Systems Biology: A Path to the Future, February 2005 (ppt 12MB!)

Presented at the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops Series: Bioinformatics West, Vancouver BC

·        Biological data becomes computer literate: new advances in bioinformatics. Curr Opin Biotechnol 2002 Feb;13(1):68-71. Goodman N. (pdf, PubMed)

Bioinformatics survey.

·        Community Databases to Support Disease-Focused Research: Examples from Type 1 Diabetes and Huntington’s Disease, January 2003 (ppt, sxi)

Describes a project to develop research-community websites to support research on particular diseases.  Most of the scientific content is from Huntington’s Disease.

·        Biological Graphs, Supplementary material for October 2003 Genome Technology article

Perl software and datasets (tar.gz 3.7 MB)

Biological graph layout software

My CV in various forms: complete, NIH biosketch, technical biography, very short

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