55th Reunion Plans


March 2, 2014 PM


Everything is set for the 55th Reunion. See detail below


Cost is $25 per person. No tickets will be sent to you, but the attending list will appear on this website soon.

Checks should be made out to:


NHS Class of 1959


Send your check to:


Anna Schwehr

9 Morgan Drive – Unit 206

Natick, MA 01760


February 22, 2014 PM


Today marks the official beginning of the 55th reunion plan activities.

Actually, yesterday was the first day. Russ Barber made arrangements with the Elks to secure the function hall for September 13th, 2014. Today I met with the club manager and gave them a deposit. We are off and running.

Shortly, Anna Thompson and I will figure out where to establish a reunion checking account and then you all can do your part by flooding Anna with checks.


The details are:


Elks Hall, Speen Street.

Time is 6PM to 11PM

Date is Saturday, September 13, 2014

Food by Casey’s

Cost is $25 per person

Drinks will be cash bar.

Chatting will be by you.


If you attended the Friday night at the VFW for the 50th Reunion you will remember how nice and easy the evening was.

We would like to capture that one more time. And then again for the 60th.


July 14, 2013 AM


I still have heard nothing about any plans for a 55th reunion. If something pops up in the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


June 9, 2013 PM


Here is the latest news concerning a 55th reunion for the Class of 1959.




We had a small group working on some preliminary details and then….the leader threw in the towel.

That would be me.

I just lost the passion. I started to see in my mind’s eye all the issues that had popped up during the planning for the 50th.

I got a cold chill. I was also sweating profusely. Then I made the decision to back away. The sky became bright. The chill went away.

All was right with the world once again.


So, here we are. No committee, no plans, no reunion.


Now the challenge.

If anyone out there wants to head up a team, raise your hand.

I can get you in touch with a few folks who should be willing to help.

The job will be easy. Trust me, have I ever lied to you before?


May 23, 2013 PM


We have an update.

As I promised at the 50th reunion, I will not be part of the planning for the 55th. I had started down the road, but I came to a fork so I took it.

Right now, three people are still on board, Charlene, Anna and Jane. Need their last names?

So I’m not sure what is happening. If any news finds its way to me, I will post it here.


March 18, 2013


Well, the time is fast approaching to make some decisions about a 55th reunion.

I recently sent out an email asking classmates if they would attend a very simple, casual, relaxed social event on Saturday night in September of 2014. Of the responses received after less than 24 hours since I sent the email, almost all have been in the affirmative with only a few folks declining for a variety of reasons.


March 29, 2010


I suspect that the 55th reunion will take place in September of 2014.


While I truly enjoyed working on the 50th with a great bunch of classmates, the 55th is not something that I will be involved in except as a guest. I will maintain the web site as long as Comcast provides the service and perhaps help in keeping the class list up to date, but planning any activities will be done by others.


Al Ross