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Sample Shopping List

Here's a sample list of where I would probably go to buy parts if I were converting another Saiga rifle. This is just an example and not a guarantee of the best prices available. You need to check the various sites often for sales and price changes.

JSE Surplus
TAPCO G2 FCG - $27
TAPCO SAW-style pistol grip - $17
Optional: AK Sight Tool - $6
Optional: Aluminum Picatinny Rail Segment - $9 (for mounting to stock Saiga handguard)
S/H - $7 (for FCG and SAW grip)
Total: $51

US-made fixed length buttstock - $46
Pistol grip nut - $4.50
S/H - $11
Total: $61

Dinzag (from Saiga Forum)
Bullet guide kit - $26 (includes drill/tap, S/H)

So a bare-bones conversion with a new FCG (3 US parts), fixed-length buttstock (1 US part), and a SAW-style pistol grip (1 US part) would run $138 -- and that would allow you to use standard AK magazines instead of the Saiga specific mags. That also gives you 5 US compliance parts, which is enough to get your foreign parts count down to 10 -- so you are legal. (If you thread the barrel and add a muzzle device, it will have to be US made to remain compliant)
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