I decided to move more into rifles, so my newest entry is a Stag Arms AR-15 Model 2T. It's chambered in 5.56 mm NATO/.223. It has a 16 inch M4 barrel, a 6 inch Samson free-float rail, ARMS #40L BUIS and 6-position collapsible stock. I added a Tango Down vertical grip -  a holder for a SureFire light may come soon. Optics are next - either an Aimpoint or EOTech sight.

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Stag AR-15 2T
Stag AR with EOTech
        I picked up an EO Tech 512 Holographic Weapon Sight for the AR. It is cowitnessed with the iron sights, so if anything happens I have a back up. It's a snap to mount and it makes target acquisition fast!