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geldsigb.htm The following is an explanation of the prefixing of batch numbers in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) from the following list posting.

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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 00:28:51 -0500
From: "Patricia M. Bergener" 
Subject: [LDS-GENEALOGY-L] Batch numbers

Betsey - Sorry to take so long answering your question, but I wanted to get
the correct information, so went to the FHC and dug out an old copy of
"Finding an IGI Source", published in 1988. It's outdated but most of the
info. is still applicable.

> Would you please be so kind as to explain what the Batch #s mean? Do they
> according to families. these are found on the IGA records.

This will be a fairly long "tome" so please bear with me, and if you're not
interested, hit the delete key!

Batch numbers beginning with:
A***, M17***, M18***     = LDS temple records of sealings of husbands to
wives. The microfilms of these are restricted, and access to them at the
library at SLC is limited to the couple's direct descendants (and spouses)
who have current LDS temple recommends or a letter from their LDS bishop. If
the sealing date is between 1942 and 1970, there may be a family group
record in the Archive Section of the Family Group Records Collection, which
is not restricted. You can find the sealing dates by looking in Family
Search (CD edition - not on-line) under "LDS Options" then going to
"Ordinance Index" (this is the same as the IGI, but with the LDS ordinance
dates included).

Batch numbers beginning with:
C***, J***, K***, P***   =   Extracted christening or birth records.  Part
of the old "Extraction Program", original records may be on microfilm, or in
printed form. If on microfilm, you can order a copy to be read at a FHC
(sorry, but Salt Lake does not distribute printed records, but they can be
read at the main Library in SLC.) DO NOT order the microfilm of the computer
printouts - there is no more info. in them than on the IGI. The original
record may contain names of family members or witnesses, a birth date and a
christening date (if it was from a christening record), occupation of the
father; there may also be death records on the same film (which were never
included in the extraction program.)

Batch numbers beginning with:
M***   =   Extracted marriage records; as above, these were part of the old
"extraction program". The original record may contain a couple's ages, birth
dates, and places; names of parents or witnesses; places of residence;
occupation of groom or father.

Batch numbers beginning with:
F***   =   Submitted family group records - may contain birth, marriage, and
death information for a husband, his wife, and their children; source(s) of
information; submitter's name, address, and relationship.

Batch numbers beginning with:
H***   =   The membership record of a deceased LDS Church member, on
microfilm or microfiche. These are restricted records that cannot be
distributed to FHCs but can be researched at the Library in SLC.

There are several types of batch numbers beginning with the letter "T",
taken from a variety of sources. Many of these records are restricted
because of the possibility that info. regarding people still living may be
on the film. To find out about availability of microfilm, do a search of the
FHLC by "film number" and go to the end of the list to see if there are
T000001 - T000010  =  A family group record in the Archive Section of the
Family Group Records Collection for which there were no death dates listed
for some individuals.

T000011 - T000136  =  A card in the Temple Records Index Bureau (TIB), if
restricted, you may submitt a TIB request form to SLC for a copy of the
individual record.

T9** (but not T96* or T99*  =  A family group record that contained
information on both living and deceased persons and that was taken to the
temple by one of the people listed on the form. The same restrictions apply
to these as to those on A***, M17***, & M18***.
T96** =  A special project of the Genealogical Department
T990** = A record of royalty or other record speccially processed by the
Genealogical Department.
T998** - T9990* = A form submitted by an LDS Church member with informaton
on his ancestors. (Some temple ordinances had already been performed for at
least one person listed on the form.)
T9991*   = A record procesed by the LDS Church's Temple Department

All digit numbers (except those listed specifically below)
Submitted Individual Entry forms, Marriage Entry forms, and family group
     "Individual Entry forms" may contain death dates, father's occ.,
source(s) of info., submitter's name, address, and relationship. "Marriage
Entry forms" may contain a couple's ages, names of parents, indication of
whether the wife was a widow, source(s) of info., submitter's name, address,
and relationship. "Family group records", see "F***" above.
The first two numbers referr to the year the record was received in SLC, the
next three numbers are the day of the year (i.e. 035 would be the 4th of
Feb.), and the last two numbers are the mail batch that the entry was in on
that day.

694**** = An early membership record of the LDS Church or an index to early
membership records.

69409** = A family group record in the Archive Section of the Family Group
Records Collection that lacks dates of LDS temple ordinances.

725**** = A marriage index compiled by J.S.W. Gibson. No additional
information than what is in the IGI

744**** = Special extraction projects of the Genealogical Department.

745**** = Special extraction projects (general indexes to vital records of
Vermont & Connecticut). No additional information.

754**** = Special extraction projects (New Hampshire index to births)

766**** = "A marriage record" (no further information given.)

NOTE: starting in 1991, submissions began to be sent in via 5 1/4" & 3 1/2"
floppy disks, and there was no paper record to microfilm, so you will not be
able to find out who submitted them, nor anything about sources.

Sorry about the length of this, but I wanted to make it as complete and
accurate as possible.
Pat B

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