LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI) - Batch Numbers

The following is a list of IGI batch numbers of marriage records extractions for selected counties in Missouri. I am not aware of any complete online listing of IGI batch numbers. This list was assembled through trial-and-error testing, so there may be errors and/or omissions. Testing was accomplished by using 1) batch numbers increments by 1 up and down from known batches OR 2) batch numbers that should exist given the county name and numerical sequences involved; using surname 'Smith'.

The list does NOT include all counties in Missouri, only those that I was motivated to look for at the time. There are probably other Missouri counties indexed. For description of how to access and search see: Using the IGI with Batch Searches

Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages for the years 1825-1881 are indexed in the International Genealogical Index (IGI), "Batch" numbers M515341, M515342 and M515343. Above link describes how to access and search.

Codes for Cols. 41-42:

0n - original data from Richard Cottrell  ca. October 2000; reformatted.
1n - new provided by Cottrell 01NOV2000
2n - new provided by me - first batch reported 01NOV2000
3n - new provided by me - second batch reported 02NOV2000
xn - new provided by others and misc. sources
-- - Extraction batch not found, misc patron-submitted batches/films
** - Comments; pointer to out-of-sequence county
NG - No gap found; batch number for county not determined.
NF - Not found; no data found where county should be listed in
     batch # sequence.
     The reason may be that the series of records just doesn't
     exist for the location, for example, the court house may have

   - Apparently, no batch numbers end in 0 (zero)
   - The first batch is usually identified by the trailing digit "1".
   - Batch numbers are GENERALLY assigned in numerical sequence
        on the 10's digit paralleling the alphabetic sequence
        of the name of county.  Some, however, are out of sequence.
        The one's digit position is used for ranges of years
        within a county.
   - (ooas) Out of Alpha Sequence:
        indicates batch number is out of numerical sequence with respect
        to its alphabetic position in the list of county names.
        See comment as Cross-reference.
   - Batch numbers for missing counties have been tested on "Smith"
       using logical imputed sequence progression where possible.
       Nothing found.
       I doubt that batches (i.e. marriage extractions) exist for
       them.  Probably civil marriage records don't exist
       (maybe courthouse fire, etc.)
   - Next sequence for each batch has been tested and came back null.
   - Marriage records and indexes do exist for some counties that, for
       whatever reason, apparently are not indexed in the IGI and
       consequently do not have IGI batches.  Atchison, Barton, Bates
       and Green were tested with a sample of names.  Those known by me
        Atchison  1845-1863 - Marriage Book "A" (Missouri Pioneers vol. 5)
        Barton    1862-1880 - Marriage Book "A" (Missouri Pioneers vol. 27)
        Bates     1860-1870 - Marriage Book "A" (Missouri Pioneers vol. 28)
        Greene    1833-1860 - Marriage Book "A" & "B" (Missouri Pioneers separate vol.)
        Ste. Gen. ????-???? - Marriage Book "A" (Missouri Pioneers separate vol.)
        Warren    ????-???? - Marriage Book "A" (Missouri Pioneers separate vol.)

Adair               1841-1878  M514581  3n
Adair               1871-1884  M514582  3n
Adair               1884-1885  M514583  3n
Andrew              1840-1875  M514591  0n
Andrew              ????-????  M514592  NF  Couldn't find any entries
Andrew              1881-1885  M514593  3n
Atchison                                NG  ?? no sequence gap here
Audrain             1837-1861  M514601  2n
Audrain             1861-1885  M514602  0n
Audrain                 -1885  M514603  2n
Barry               1837-1877  M514611  3n
Barry               1877-1885  M514612  0n
Barton                                  NF  s/b M514621
Bates                                   NF  s/b M514631
Benton                                  NF  s/b M514641
Bollinger           1865-1885  M514831  0n  out of numbered seq.
(ooas)                         M51465x  **  M514651 is Dallas Co.
Boone               1821-1872  M514661  0n
Boone               1872-1880  M514662  2n
Boone               1881-1885  M514663  2n
Boone               1865-1882  M514664  2n
Buchanan            1839-1874  M514671  0n
Buchanan            1874-1883  M514672  3n
Buchanan            1883-1885  M514673  3n
Butler              1878-1885  M514681  0n
Caldwell            1860-1885  M514691  0n
Callaway            1881-1885  M514702  0n
Camden                                  NF  s/b M514711
Cape Girardeau      1868-1885  M514722  0n
Carroll             1833-1881  M514731  3n
Carroll             1868-1882  M514732  0n
Carroll             1881-1885  M514733  3n
Carter              1861-1885  M514741  1n
Cass                1835-1882  M514751  0n
Cass                1881-1885  M514752  3n
Cedar               1845-1883  M515231  0n  out of numbered seq.
Cedar               1881-1885  M515232  0n  out of numbered seq.
Chariton            1821-1885  M515241  0n  out of numbered seq.
Chariton            1881-1885  M515242  0n  out of numbered seq.
Christian                               NF  s/b M514761
Clark               1872-1881  M514773  0n
Clark               1881-1885  M514774  3n
(unused seq.?)                 M51478x  **  M51478x etc. apparently unused
Clay                1822-1878  M514791  0n
Clay                1877-1885  M514792  3n
Clay                1865-1885  M514793  3n
Clinton             1847-1881  M514802  0n  Apparently no batch M514801
Clinton             1881-1885  M514803  3n
Cole                1821-1865  M514811  0n
Cooper              1819-1867  M514821  3n
Cooper              1867-1883  M514822  3n
Cooper              1881-1885  M514823  3n
(ooas)                         M51483x  **  M514831 Bolinger Co.
Crawford            1829-1871  M514841  0n
Crawford            1871-1885  M514842  3n
Dade                1863-1876  M514851  3n
Dade                1871-1885  M514852  0n
Dallas              1867-1885  M514651  0n  out of numbered seq.
Daviess             1838-1881  M514861  0n
Daviess             1878-1885  M514862  3n
DeKalb              1845-1881  M514871  0n
DeKalb              1881-1885  M514872  3n
Dent                1851-1878  M514881  0n
Dent                1878-1885  M514882  2n
Douglas                                 NF  s/b M514891
Dunklin             1872-1885  M514901  0n
Franklin            1819-1875  M515101  0n
Franklin            1864-1881  M515102  3n
Franklin            1881-1890  M515103  3n
Gasconade           1822-1881  M515112  0n  Apparently no batch M515111
Gasconade           1881-1885  M515113  3n
Gentry                                  NF  s/b M515121
Greene                                  NF  s/b M515131
Greene                                  --  7007618, 8503205
Grundy              1870-1882  M511501  0n
(unused seq.?)                 M51512x  **  M515121 etc. apparently unused
Grundy              1841-1885  M515132  3n
Harrison                                NG  ?? no sequence gap here
Harrison                                --  8405904
Henry               1835-1867  M515141  0n
Henry               1867-1881  M515142  3n
Henry               1881-1885  M515143  3n
Hickory             1872-1885  M515151  0n
(ooas)                         M51516x  **  M515161 St. Clair Co.
Holt                1846-1881  M515171  0n
Holt                1881-1885  M515172  3n
Howard              1816-1860  M515181  0n
Howard              1845-1861  M515181  dd
Howard              1865-1885  M515182  3n
Howard              1881-1885  M515183  3n
Howard              1816-1860  M515184  0n
Howell              1867-1881  M515191  3n
Howell              1881-1885  M515192  3n
Howell                  -1885  M515193  3n
Iron                1857-1885  M515201  0n
Jackson             1827-1860  M515211  0n
Jackson             1827-1872  M515212  3n
Jackson             1872-1881  M515213  3n
Jackson             1881-1885  M515214  3n
Jackson             1869-1885  M515221  3n  St. Patrick's Kansas City
(ooas)                         M51523x  **  M515231 Cedar
(ooas)                         M51524x  **  M515241 Chariton
(unused seq.?)                 M51525x  **  M515251 etc. apparently unused
Jasper              1841-1874  M515261  0n
Jasper              1873-1881  M515262  3n
Jasper              1881-1885  M515263  3n
Jefferson           1826-1878  M515271  3n
Jefferson           1849-1885  M515272  0n
Jefferson           1871-1885  M515273  3n
Johnson             1835-1873  M515281  0n
Johnson             1873-1885  M515282  3n
(ooas)                         M51529x  **  M515291 Laclede
Knox                1845-1881  M515301  0n
Knox                1881-1885  M515302  3n
Laclede             1849-1885  M515291  0n
(ooas)                         M51530x  **  M515301 Knox
Lafayette                               NF  s/b M515311
Lawrence            1845-1868  M515321  0n
Lawrence            1881-1885  M515322  0n
Lawrence            1869-1881  M515323  3n
Lewis               1833-1877  M515331  0n
Lewis               1877-1885  M515332  0n
Lincoln             1825-1879  M515341  0n
Lincoln             1879-1885  M515342  2n
Lincoln             1865-1881  M515343  3n
(ooas)                         M51536x  **  M515351 McDonald
(ooas)                         M51536x  **  M515361 Macon
(ooas)                         M51537x  **  M515371 Madison
Linn                1857-1885  M515381  0n
Linn                1881-1885  M515382  3n
Livingston          1837-1867  M515391  3n
Livingston          1867-1885  M515392  3n
Livingston              -1885  M515393  3n
Macon               1837-1883  M515361  0n
Macon               1867-1882  M515362  3n
Macon               1881-1883  M515363  3n
Macon               1883-1885  M515364  3n
Madison             1821-1835  M515371  3n
Madison             1835-1880  M515372  3n
Madison             1881-1885  M515373  3n
(ooas)                         M51538x  **  M515381 Linn
(ooas)                         M51539x  **  M515391 Livingston
Maries              1881-1885  M515401  3n
Marion              1827-1871  M515411  0n
Marion              1868-1881  M515412  2n
Marion              1881-1885  M515413  2n
McDonald            1865-1885  M515351  0n
Mercer              1844-1885  M515421  1n
Miller              1837-1882  M515431  0n
Miller              1881-1885  M515432  3n
Mississippi         1845-1864  M515441  0n
Mississippi         1881-1885  M515442  3n
Moniteau            1845-1885  M515451  3n
Moniteau            1861-1885  M515452  0n
(ooas)                         M51546x  **  M515461 St. Charles Co.
Monroe              1831-1879  M515871  0n
Monroe              1879-1885  M515872  3n
Monroe              1865-1881  M515873  3n
Montgomery          1863-1873  M515481  0n
Montgomery          1865-1881  M515482  3n
Morgan              1833-1881  M515491  0n
Morgan              1881-1885  M515492  3n
New Madrid          1847-1881  M515501  0n
New Madrid          1881-1885  M515502  3n
Newton              1861-1879  M515511  0n
Newton              1879-1884  M515512  3n
Newton              1884-1885  M515513  3n
Nodaway             1845-1882  M515521  0n
Nodaway             1881-1885  M515522  3n
(ooas)                         M51553x  **  M515531 Osage
Oregon              1845-1878  M515541  3n
Oregon              1877-1885  M515542  0n
Osage               1841-1875  M515531  0n
Osage               1875-1885  M515532  3n
Ozark               1858-1885  M515551  3n
Pemiscot            1882-1885  M515561  3n
Perry               1830-1867  M515571  0n
Perry               1867-1888  M515572  3n
Pettis              1865-1884  M515581  0n
Pettis              1884-1885  M515582  3n
Phelps              1857-1867  M515591  3n
Phelps              1867-1885  M515592  0n
Pike                1825-1865  M515602  0n
Pike                1865-1881  M515603  0n
Pike                1881-1885  M515604  xn
Platte              1839-1882  M515611  3n
Platte              1881-1885  M515612  0n
Polk                1836-1874  M515621  0n
Polk                1874-1885  M515622  3n
Pulaski                                 NG  ??  No gap
Putnam              1849-1853  M515631  3n
Putnam              1853-1881  M515632  0n
Putnam              1881-1885  M515633  3n
Ralls               1821-1895  M515641  0n
Randolph            1829-1881  M515651  0n
Randolph            1881-1885  M515652  3n
Ray                 1820-1880  M515661  0n
Ray                 1880-1885  M515662  3n
Reynolds            1867-1885  M515731  0n
Ripley              1833-1881  M515671  0n
Ripley              1881-1885  M515672  3n
St. Charles         1807-1854  M515461  0n
St. Charles         1854-1873  M515462  2n
St. Charles         1873-1881  M515463  2n
St. Charles         1881-1885  M515464  2n
St. Charles             -1885  M515465  2n
St. Charles         1805-1885  M515711  3n
St. Clair           1855-1885  M515161  0n
St. Clair               -1885  M515162  3n
St. Francois        1865-1885  M515681  3n
St. Francois        1836-1876  M515682  0n
St. Francois        1876-1885  M515683  3n
St. Louis           1808-1842  M515691  0n
St. Louis           ????-????  M515692  NF
St. Louis           ????-????  M515693  NF
St. Louis           1852-1856  M515694  0n
St. Louis           ????-????  M515695  NF
St. Louis           ????-????  M515696  NF
St. Louis           1865-1869  M515697  2n
St. Louis           1881-1885  M515702  3n
St. Louis           1881-1882  M515703  3n
St. Louis           1882-1883  M515704  3n
St. Louis           1883-1884  M515705  3n
St. Louis           1884-1885  M515706  3n
(ooas)                         M51571x  **  M515711 is St. Charles Co.
Ste. Genevieve                          ..  ?? no sequence gap here
Ste. Genevieve                          --  7304412
Saline              1820-1836  M515721  2n
Saline              1835-1874  M515722  0n
Saline              1875-1881  M515723  2n
Saline              1881-1885  M515724  2n
(ooas)                         M51573x  **  M515731 is Reynolds
(unused seq.?)                 M51574x  **  M515741 etc. apparently unused
(unused seq.?)                 M51575x  **  M515751 etc. apparently unused
(unused seq.?)                 M51576x  **  M515761 etc. apparently unused
(unused seq.?)                 M51577x  **  M515771 etc. apparently unused
Schuyler            1845-1881  M515781  0n
Schuyler            1881-1885  M515782  3n
Scotland            1841-1885  M515791  0n
Scotland            1881-1885  M515792  3n
Scott               1840-1876  M515801  0n
Scott               1871-1881  M515802  3n
Scott               1865-1885  M515803  3n
Shannon             1881-1885  M515811  1n
Shelby              1835-1895  M515821  0n
Stoddard                                NF  s/b M515831
Stone               1851-1870  M515841  3n
Stone               1866-1885  M515842  3n
Stone                                   --  7517515, 7516910
Sullivan            1845-1881  M515851  0n
Sullivan            1881-1885  M515852  3n
Taney                                   NG  ?? no sequence gap here
Taney                                   --  7733403, 8830009
Texas               1855-1882  M515862  0n
Texas               1881-1885  M515863  3n
(ooas)                         M51587x  **  M515871, 2, 3 is Monroe Co.
Vernon              1855-1885  M515881  0n
Vernon                  -1885  M515882  3n
Warren                                  NF  s/b M515891
Warren                                  --  7628775
(unused seq.?)      ????-????  M51589x  **  M515891 etc. apparently unused
Washington          1815-1881  M515901  0n
Washington          1881-1885  M515902  3n
Washington          1865-1875  M515903  3n
Wayne                                   NG  ?? no sequence gap here
Webster             1855-1885  M515911  0n
Worth               1861-1881  M515921  0n
Worth               1881-1885  M515922  3n
Wright                         M51593x  NF  s/b M515931

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