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County Records Transcriptions

These are sold through the Greenbrier Historical Society in Lewisburg WV, Iberian Publishing Co. , Closson Press or others.

Description - Shuck, Shock, Shook, Schuck, Schock, Schook, Schug, Schuh, Shough

This unique resource contains 435 pages of detailed information about families and individual records with the surname of S(c)huck, S(c)hook and variant spellings and is a must for any serious researcher into the Shuck/Shook surname. Family groups, charts and descendants for 30 immigrant ancestors. Census extractions for various states and years 1850-1880. Early census and tax lists 1790-1850 (2500 entries). IGI transcriptions including USA (44 pages, 3100 entries), Germany (85 pages), Holland and Switzerland. Over 8,500 individual entries in Europe. Other information includes miscellaneous Shuck/Shock/Shook mostly PA, selected will abstracts concentrating in PA, immigrant lists and personal property tax records in early Virginia. The book is fully indexed including surname for non-Shuck/Shook.

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Description -

Family of Mose Shuck (1784-1857) of Greenbrier Co. WVa. He born 1784 Virginia, died 1857 Greenbrier Co. VA. Married Mary Ann Fleshman. She born 1781 VA, died 1849 Greenbrier Co. VA. She dau. of Samuel, gd/o Robert, ggd/o Peter, gggd/o Zacharius b Germ arr 1717.

Description - Iberian Publ. Books

     Greenbrier County [W] Va.

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 1: Early Survey Records, 1780-1799;
     Early Court Minutes, 1780-1801 [1811]; Magistrate's Memoranda,
     1817-1819; Court Record Books, 1828-1835; District Court Records,
     1792-1797; Deeds, Sweet Springs Courthouse, 1789-1808 transcribed by
     Larry Shuck. 1988, viii, 457 pages, 3 maps. When Greenbrier County was
     established in 1778, it contained within its initial borders land that
     eventually would form another eleven counties in what later became the
     state of West Virginia. Sooner or later, any serious search in the
     southern West Virginia area leads back to Greenbrier County records. A
     most thorough index is provided in the current work, and it includes
     more than eight thousand unique entries for a total of about
     twenty-five thousand total references. [Grn1] $22.00

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 2: Personal property tax lists:
     1782/83, 1786/88, 1792, 1796, 1799, 1805, 1815 transcribed by Larry
     Shuck 1989, ix, 302 p. The author continues with the compiling of
     Greenbrier's early records by the transcribing of selected personal
     property tax lists for this county until the time when surviving
     censuses are available to continue the search for ancestors. In the
     years when a date of visitation is included (1792, 1796, & 1799) two
     lists are available: one is presented in its entirety in alphabetic
     order, the second in abbreviated fashion by date of visitation. In
     this way the researcher can provide helpful clues as to who an
     ancestor's neighbors were. [Grn2] $22.00

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 3: U.S. Federal Population
     Schedules: 1820; 1830; 1840; & 1850 transcribed by Larry Shuck. 1990,
     xii, 421 pages. A household-by-household transcription of four early
     censuses is provided with a 71-page, triple-columned integrated index
     for the complete volume. Statistical analyses of the data is provided
     in the introduction. [Grn3] $22.00

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 4: Marriages of Greenbrier County,
     [W.] Virginia, 1782-1900 transcribed by Larry Shuck. 3 volumes, 1991,
     xii, 997 pages. This volume is a thorough and comprehensive listing
     and abstracting of data from the marriage records of this most
     important early West Virginia county. Up to 1863, the marriages are
     part of Virginia's records, and after that date they fall within the
     purview of West Virginia public record. A full and complete index of
     all names is provided in volume 3 of the set; volume one includes a
     surname frequency and the complete abstracts sorted alphabetical by
     husband's name; volume 2 uses the bride's maiden name as the sort key.
     In this way, many family relationships can easily be seen which would
     not be visible while scattered throughout the data. This is a most
     important work for this early county's records. [Grn4] {3v.set} $49.95

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 5: Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia,
     Deeds & Wills; Early miscellaneous deeds, 1750-52, 1754, 1769,
     1783-84; Deed Books 1-5, 1780-1814; Will Book 1, 1777-1833 transcribed
     by Larry Shuck. 1992, iv, 362 pages. This book is a thorough and
     comprehensive listing and abstracting of data from the earliest extant
     deed and will records of this important central West Virginia county.
     A full and complete name index is provided. [Grn5] $22.00

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 6: Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia,
     Death Records, 1853-1900 transcribed by Larry Shuck. 1993, iv, 399
     pages. This sixth volume in the series by Shuck furnishes a thorough
     and comprehensive listing and abstracting of all the data from the
     death registers of this most important central West Virginia county. A
     full and complete name index is provided. [Grn6] $22.00

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 7: Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia,
     Land Entry Book, 1780-1786 transcribed by Helen S. Stinson. 1994,
     xxii, 297 pages. Originally published in 1984, this new edition has
     been retypeset, and a full name index provided to aid researchers. The
     first land record book for Greenbrier covers not only the current
     county area, but "Greater Greenbrier as it was originally created, a
     county encompassing nearly all of central West Virginia and extending
     to the Ohio River. In this first book are found hundreds of preemption
     grants given to settlers who occupied lands in the region prior to the
     county's creation, and a wealth of information can be gleaned about
     the very earliest settlers of the county and region from this volume.
     [Grn7] $24.95

     GREENBRIER COUNTY RECORDS, Volume 8: Birth Records of Greenbrier
     County, [W.] Virginia, 1853-1898 transcribed by Larry Shuck. 2
     volumes, 1995, iv, 614 pages. The birth records are extracted from two
     nineteenth century registers; The second register includes not only
     name, sex, race, date of death, and parents of the deceased (as does
     the other register, but also notes the age of each parent and the
     number of children born to them. A valuable addition to the growing
     collection of Greenbrier records. Includes more than 17,000 entries
     from circa 2,200 families. [Grn8] {2v.set} $29.95

     For more records pertaining to GREENBRIER COUNTY, [W.] VIRGINIA see
        o Revolutionary "Publick" Claims series
        o Fayette County (W.Va.)

     Fayette County [West] Virginia

     transcribed by Larry G. Shuck. 1991, iv, 127 pages, index. Fayette
     County was created in 1831 from portions of Logan, Greenbrier,
     Nicholas and Kanawha counties. In 1833 Fayette gave a small parcel of
     territory back to Greenbrier County, and in 1839 another small parcel
     was returned to Kanawha County. Raleigh County was formed in 1850 from
     the southern part of Fayette, and also in that year a slight
     adjustment was made in the boundary line between Fayette and Kanawha
     counties, with territory accruing to Fayette. The current booklet is
     an accurate and thorough transcription of the first census for Fayette
     County, West Virginia, in which all members of each household were
     listed individually by name. This volume contains over one thousand
     unique surname entries. A valuable source for genealogists. A complete
     index is provided. [Fy50] $12.95

     transcribed by Larry G. Shuck. 1991, iv, 224 pages, index. The author
     has done a great service in rendering an accurate transcription of
     this census work which is extremely difficult to use in its original
     state due to a poor hand and pencilled entries. A complete index is
     provided. [Fy70] $17.95

     FAYETTE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA DEATH RECORDS, 1866-1899 transcribed by
     Larry G. Shuck. 1994, iv, ca 220 pages, index. The author has done a
     great service in rendering an accurate transcription of this work. A
     complete index is provided. [Fydr] $17.95

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