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Cemetery Laws

Cemeteries are governed by laws of the respective 50 states. That includes issues of ownership, preservation, destruction and vandalism. Fortunately, the states have begun to recognize the importance of preserving cemeteries and impose significant criminal penalties for disturbing remains or artifacts. The laws are written and organized entirely differently and topic coverage may be different, but the gist is mostly the same.

The following is only a collection of some notes and is obviously not the result of an exhaustive survey.


A very comprehensive index of cemetery laws and other pertinent information is indexed by state at: SavingGraves.org - States


Illinois Cemetery laws are located in Illinois Compiled Statutes 765 ILCS 835/1. The laws were revised effective 17 June 2005 by Public Act 94-044




Summary from Self

For full-frame version: Missouri Cemetery Laws


Summary from University of Louisville

For full-frame version: Summary of Kentucky Cemetery Laws


Burger's "Definitions in Cemetery Law in Texas"

For full-frame version: Burger's "Definitions in Cemetery Law in Texas" Includes statute citations.

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