Ingram Cemetery
Thomas Hudson Cemetery
Indian Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

From: Cemetery Inscriptions Pike County, Missouri; Volume III - Hartford Township; Pike County Chapter DAR; Louisiana, Missouri; 1985.

These three cemeteries have burials of the related families of Ingram, Hudson, Mabry/Mabrey and others. The following listing is as originally presented by the source.

The Ingram Cemetery is located right on the border of Pike and Lincoln Counties, and just down the road is Montgomery County. As of July, 2000 the surrounding farm was owned by the Thompson's and the cemetery was being restored by a descendant.

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Ingram Cemetery

Ingram Cemetery is located in Pike County, Mo., one mile north of
the intersection of roads O & PP (New Liberty Church), behind the barn
in back of the old house on the Brandenburg Dairy Farm.  There is a
story that has been handed down through the owners of the dairy farm of
a young girl that died of rabies who is buried in the cemetery.  It was
copied in November, 1975 by Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Stamps and Mr. & Mrs. Don
Lotton.  After cutting the brambles, etc. in the cemetery, most of the
stones had to be dug up.  The cemetery is in Hartford Township, East
part, T51N-R3W, in Section 56 [sic]. [The Pike Co. Map shows NO Section
56; sections only go up to 36.  Pike Co. GenWeb page says Section 36.]

Mary I., dau. of J.K. & M. I. Wood, born Mar. 19, 1896-died        WOOD
     July 31, 1896.

Infant Daughter, b. Jan. 15, 1837.

Jarrett Ingram, b. Oct. 15, 1787-d. Sept. 26, 1851                 INGRAM

Nancy (Hudson) wife of Jarrett Ingram, b. May 28, 1790-d.
     Oct. 20, 1871.

Jonathan Ingram, d. March 13, 1894, age 78 Yrs., 9 mo., 17 da.

Martha B. Ingram, d. Jan. 19, 1893, age 16 yrs., 8 mo.

William, son of I. & E. A. Uptegrove, b. Apr. 9, l842-d.        UPTEGROVE
     Mar. 13, 1846.

Lucinda, dau. of J. & E. Ingram, b. Feb. 9, 1853-d. Apr. 9,        INGRAM

Infant Dau. of Wm. & S. S. Ingram, B. & D. Aug. 18, 1888.

Elizabeth Ingram, d. Aug. 10, 1899, Age 81 years.

Sally, dau. of I. T. & Mary Ingram, d. May 10, 1877, age
     1 mo., 10 days.

Sadhie, dau. of I. J. & Mary Ingram, d. Aug. 2, 1875, Age
     10 yrs., 13 days.

Pleasant Mabry, b. May 3, 1800-d. June 8, 1883.                     MABRY

Barsheba, wife of Pleasant Mabry, b. Feb. 4, 1798-d. Nov. 8,

Mary E., dau of J. B. & M. A. Gililland, 1858-1860               GILlLLAD

Infant dau. of P. & B. Mabry, b. & d. Jan. 18, 1833.                MABRY

Lucinda, dau. of Jarrett & Nancy (Hudson) Ingram, b. July 27,      INGRAM
     1830-d. Jan. 11, 1834.

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Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Uptegrove, b. July 26, 1817-d.            UPTEGROVE
     Oct. 11, 1859, Age 42 yrs., 2 mos., 15 days.

John William Harris, b. Oct. 22, 1848-d. June 22, 1900.            HARRIS
     Age 51 yrs., 9 mos.

Martha, wife of J. W. Harris, b. Apr. 7, 1851-d. Apr. 12,

Nancy, wife of George Anson, b. June 21, 1820-d. June 22,          ANSON
     1902, age 82, 1 da.

Sarah E., dau of Geo. & Nancy Anson, b. _____17-d. 1855.
     (Note:  age may read 5 yrs., 7 mos. & 12 days.)

Sally Porter, wife of H. F. Reeds, b. Aug. 26, 1845-d. Nov.        REEDS
     25, 1875.

Infant dau of Wm. & S. M. Ingram, b. Aug. 7, 1881-d. Oct.          INGRAM
     22, 1881.

Nancy E. Uptegrove, wife of S. T. Ingram, b. Aug. 20, 1825-
     d. ____  24, 1894.  (Note:  entire date not readable.)

S. T. Ingram, b. July 4, 1822-d. May 27, 1890.

William, son of Jarrett & Nancy Hudson Ingram, b. Aug. 21,
     1826-d. July 16, 1838.

S. T. Ingram, son of J. & E. Ingram, b. Aug. 17, 1856-d. Aug.
     22, 1856.

Martha R. Ingram, d. Jan. 19, l892, age 16 yrs., 8 mos., 2 days.

Mary L. Ingram, dau of Samuel & Nancy E. Ingram.

Francis M., son of Samuel & Nancy E. Ingram, b. Jan. 11,
     1865-d. Nov. 27, 1865.

Ingram, b. Nov. 15, 1855-d. Jan. 8, 1856.

George Anson, b. June 16, 1819-d. Nov. 1, 1852, age 33 yrs.,       ANSON
     4 mos., 15 days.

Sarah, dau of Samuel & Nancy Ingram, b. Apr. 15, 1844-d. Mar.      INGRAM
     6, 1846.  (Note:  It is evident there are other graves.)

-------       -------      ----------  ----  ------      --------
Ingram, John  Anson, Geo.       5 Dec. 1851  5 Nov. 1852 Bk. N, p. 125
   "      "     "     "         5 Dec. 1851  4 Dec. 1855 Bk. P, p. 489

Book N. p. 135: Know all men by these presents that John Ingram and
Hulda Ingram his wife, Jonathan Ingram & Elizabeth Ingram his wife,
Samuel T. Ingram & Nancy E. Ingram, his wife, Isaiah [Josiah?] W. PARK and Bar-
bara Park his wife, Grace Uptegrove Jr. and Elizabeth Uptegrove his

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wife, and Sarah Ingram for and in consideration of the sum of Seven
Hundred dollars to us in hand paid by George Anson at and before the
signing and sealing of these presents the receipt for which is hereby
acknowledged have given granted bargained and sold and by these pre-
sents do hereby give bargain sell and convey unto him, the said George
Anson, all our right title and interest being in and to the following
real estate and lying in the county of Pike and State of Missouri to
Wit:  the Northeast Quarter of Section 36, Township 51, Range 3 West
of the fiftieth principal Meridian containing one hundred and sixty
acres, more or less, it being the same land which Jarrott (or Jarret)
Ingram late of Pike and State of Missouri died seized and possessed
and the same upon which he resided at the time of his death.  Together
with all and singular the privileges and appurtenances there unto be-
longing unto him  the said George Anson his heirs and assigns forever.
It being especially understood by the contracting parties to this deed
that Mrs. Nancy Ingram, widow of said Jarrot Ingram deceased, is to
hold and enjoy during her natural life her dower right in the above
described real estate.  And it is further understood that the Burial
Ground upon the above described premises together with room sufficient
for the interment of our respective families is reserved from the op-
eration of this deed and we do hereby retain the privilege of using the
same for the purpose above-mentioned whenever it may be required by us
or the members of our respective families and in consideration of the
above premises, we will and our families shall forever warrant and de-
fend the aforesaid title of the above described quarter section of land
against the lawful claim or claims of all persons whomsoever.  In tes-
timony where upon we have here unto set our hands and affixed our seals
this fifth day of December eighteen hundred and fifty-one.

From the Courthouse in Pike Co., Bowling Green, Mo.

Thomas Hudson Cemetery

    This cemetery is located about a mile west of New Liberty Church
on Hy. O, the dividing line between Lincoln and Pike Counties in Mo.
It is located in Section 35, Hartford Township, T.51N.-R.3W., in a val-
ley about a mile from the road on the presently-owned O'Neil Parsons
farm.  These inscriptions are a combination of those inscribed by Mr.
& Mrs. Floyd Stamps and Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lotton in 1975 and those
inscribed by Opal Ware.

Hudson, Chas. W., died March 19, 1912, Age about 70 yrs.          HUDSON

        Emiley F., wife of C. W. Hudson, b. 16 Oct. 1846-d.
     10 Jan. 1886.  (Note:  discrepancy of Emiley E. below.)

Gracie I. Hudson, dau of C. W. & E. E. Hudson, b. May 11, 1883-
     d. Dec. 9, 1886.  (Note:  Opal Ware gives birth date as
     May 16 and year of death as 1880.  She also gives Chas.
     W. Hudson's death date as March 13.)

John Q. Hudson, b. Oct. 4, 1869-d. May 18, 1925.  (Note: Opal
     Ware gives middle initial as D.)

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Wilson, Quinton M. (Note: Ware says Quintin), b. Dec. 8, 1818     WILSON
     -d. July 19, 1897.

        Louisa J. Hudson Wilson, b. July 7, 1829-d. Aug. 25,
        1873, age 44 yrs., 28 days.  (Note:  Opal Ware gives b.
        date as July 27.)

Temperance J., dau of Q. M. & L. J. Wilson, b. July 1, 1872-
     d. Oct. 2, 1875, 3 yrs., 3 mo., 1 day.  (Note:  discrep-
     ancy again in date of death, Ware gives 1877.)

John M., son of Q. M. & L. J. Wilson, b. Nov. 2, 1860-d. Mar.
     2, 1880, age 19 yrs., 4 mos.

Thomas H., son of Q. M.  & L. J. Wilson, b. June 16, 1854-d.
     Jan. 14, 1880, age 25 yrs., 6 mo., 28 days.  (Note:
     again disagreement on death date.)

Bathsheba M. Wilson, nee Ingram, b. Jan 19, 1854-d. Feb.
     24, 1917.
     [NOT Ingram, see discussion at end.]

Maria Louisa Wilson, wife of Demetrius B. Wright, d. Jan. 14,     WRIGHT
     1902, age 36 years.  (Note:  the other recorder gives
     death year as 1903.)

Willie, son of I. T. & M. H. Hudson, died Sept. 3, 1872, age      HUDSON
     5 yrs., 10mos. & 10 days.  (Note:  this is Ware's dates;
     other recorder gives yr. as 1873.

Josiah W., son of John W. & Calledonia Hammonds, b. June 27,   HAMMONDS
    1861-died Aug. 8, 1863.  (Note:  other recorder gives date
    of death as Aug. 6, 1869.)

Lucinda A., dau of Thomas & Polly A. Hudson, d. June 25,
     1856, age 11 years.  (Note: other recorder gives date
     of death as 1850.)

Polly Ann Hammond, wife of Thomas Hudson, died Feb. 8, 1850
    age 38 yrs., 2 mos., 23 days.

Thomas Hudson, d. Jan 21, 1872, Age 73 yrs., 1 da.

Marian W., son of C. E. & E. F. Hudson, b. Oct. 13, 1874-
    d. Nov 20, 1886.  [Charles Wesley Hudson, Emily Frances Hagood]

Walter W., son of S. H. & A. Hudson, d. Aug. 3, 1868, age
    2 mos. & 8 days.

Mary E., dau of A. M. & S. Hudson, b. Jan. 20, 1864-d. Nov.
    30, 1879, age 15 yrs., 11 mo., 10 days.  (Note:  Ware
    gives birth year as 1867 & eath year as 1870.)
    [Adaline Mabry and Slade Shepherd Hudson.]

Job, son of A. M. & S. Hudson, b. & d. Dec. 17, 1880.
    Footstone: J.H.
    [Adaline Mabry and Slade Shepherd Hudson.]

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Martha Ellen, dau of Thomas S. & Bettie S. McGinnis, b. Feb.      MCGINNIS
     24, 1852-d. June 27, 1860, age 10 years.  (Note:  Ware
     gives birth year as 1857 and death date as June 2, 1860.
     Neither date figures out to 10 years of age.)

Ora Smith, dau of Thomas S. & Bettie S. McGinnis, b. Feb. 11,
     1860-d. April 27, 1860.

Mary Emma, dau of Thomas S. & Bettie S. McGinnis, b. Oct. 1,
     1854-died June 19, 1858, age 3 years, 8 mos., 19 days.
     (Note:  Ware gives death date as June 6, 1858.)

This is a copy of a postcard found in Slade Hudson's Bible:

June 6, 1873        Mr. W. Green, Sir:

You can buy tombstone for Thos. Hudson & Mary Ann Hudson and pay for
them out of the estate & if you cannot get an order from probate court
to pay for them, we will each of us pay our part for them.  Also, get
a stone for Lucinda, Hiram Weatherford, W.B. Hudson, Chas. W. Hudson,
Slade Hudson, Isaac Y. Hudson, Mr. W. Green, if you get an order from
court to buy those stones, it will be satisfactory with me.

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Basheba M. Wilson (1854-1917) was unmarried daughter of Quinton and Louisa Wilson. She was NOT the daughter of an Ingram. She died in Illinois. This is confirmed by obituaries published in Pike County newspapers March 1, 8 and 15 1917 and indexed in "Pike County, Missouri Deaths, 1878-1917" posted at

Indian Creek Baptist Church Cemetery


     Located in Hartford Township, East Part, T.51N.-R.3W, Section 14,
approximately 3 miles east of intersection 161 and route PP outside
of New Hartford, this cemetery recording was checked by Wm. J. and
Mollie Price on Feb. 17, 1984.  Since the original copier of the in-
scriptions was unknown, Mr. and Mrs. Price made corrections and re-
corded additions to the original set of inscriptions.  Their copy
is reproduced.

W. P. Young, 1862-1936                                            YOUNG

Rosa L., wife of W. P. Young, 1865-1944

James F., born Oct. 5, 1836-died Dec. 20, 1907.

Mary E., wife of James F. Young, born Dec. 10, 1842-died June
    11, 1909.

D. E. Parrish, born March 30, 1834-died May 8, 1912              PARRISH

Dora Kimler, wife of D. E. Parrish, born Oct. 27, 1850-died
    Aug. 31, 1901.

Mary, dau. of H. C. & M. W. Kimler, died April 30, 1890, age      KIMLER
    7 months, 23 days.

Hudson, Malcolm B., 1891-1970                                     HUDSON

        Slade F., 1898-1967.  (Note:  these two share stone.)

Dora S., wife of George Hudson, born April 25, 1862-died Jan.
    30, 1938.

George W. Hudson, born April 6, 1866-died Feb. 11, 1919.

Ruby Hudson, 1890-1967.

Infant son of George W. & Dora S. Hudson, born and died March 22,

Lillie M., wife of Ralph G. Hudson, Nov. 22, 1902-died Sept. 4,

Ralph G. Hudson, born Sept. 27, 1901-died _________.

Leona Lovell, 1892-1975.                                          LOVELL

Infant son of C. L. and M. L. Lovell, born Oct. 6, 1919-died
    Oct. 7, 1919.

Isaac U. Lovell, born Feb. 14, 1827-died May 30, 1905, age of
    78 years, 1 month and 16 days.

Melinda E., wife of Isaac U. Lovell, born May 13, 1839-died
    March 10, 1916.

[This is only a partial list.  I was only interested in Hudson.]

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