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Logan County, Kentucky Marriages, 1790-1865
  Logan County Genealogical Society
    c/o Logan County Public Library; 201 W. Sixth St.; Russellville, KY 42276
    [Mount Prospect IL PL]

      LOGAN COUNTY, KENTUCKY MARRIAGES, 1790-1865 [introduction]

This book has been compiled by volunteers for the Logan County Gen-
ealogical Society.  Though carefully checked, errors may be found due
to the difficulty in deciphering handwriting or other reasons.  If you
find any errors, please notify the society c/o Logan County Library,
201 W. 6th St., Russellville, Kentucky 42276.

All Logan County marriages from 1790 through 1865 are listed alpha-
berically by the groom's name with a full name index of brides.  Most
Negro marriages in Logan Co., Ky. are listed after 1865 so any in this
book are specifically marked "Black."

Most marriages are listed as:
    Ackerman, Daniel to Sophia F. Perry, May 18, 1828, 1-72
The date is that of the application for the license unless the minister
listed the date of marriage in his return.  The dates in marriage book
3 in the county clerk's office are dates the marriage took place.  The
two numbers that follow the date indicate the marriage book and page
number on which the record may be found in the courthouse, c/o Logan
County Court Clerk, Russellville, Ky. 42276.

Marriages recorded from 1790 thru 1818 are listed in various ways.
These three sources all go back to a list made by Richerd Nourse and
John Orendorff when old records were getting dim with age and about to
be destroyed.  Some of the marriages appear on one, two, or all three
present day sources though all came from the same Nourse/Orendorff
list.  If two sources gave different dates for the same marriage,
both dates are listed.

Marriages listed as:
    Hill, Charles to Sarah Hutcheson, Jan. 16, 1790
indicate that the marriage is listed in the fron of the marriage
index book.  In 1951, the late Mrs. J. Wells Vick, noted genealogist
of Logan Co., copied these from a list in the possession of Eugene
M. Nourse, the son of Richard Nourse.

Marriages listed as:
    Jones, John to Elvira Perkins, Nov. 10, 1814*
were also found on a list sent to the Kentucky Historical Society,
Box H, Frankfort, Ky. 40601.  Through accident, some of these may
not be found in the Logan Co. marriage index book.

Marriages listed as:
    Barker, Cornelius to Savory Steels, Apr. 30, 1816**
were found on a list in the Kentucky Museum and Library, Western Ky.
University, Bowling Green, KY. 42101.  Again some may have been
omited from either of the proceeding lists but all list the
Nourse/Orendorff source.

Logan County was formed from Lincoln Co., Ky. in 1792.  The 1790
marriages within this book are recorded as such in the index of the
county court clerk's office so the title of the book is covering the
time span of the marriages even though it preceded county formation.

  [Note: All marriages are listed alpha by Groom; indexed for Brides]

  Grooms - pg. 48:

    Ingram, Griffin to Milley Browning, October 6, 1818, 1-6
    Ingram, James to Betsey May, March 20, 1809 *
    Ingram or Ingran, Jarrot to Nancy Hudson, June 30, 1807 *
    Ingram, J. B. to J. A. McWhirter, September 29, 1856, 2-150
    Ingram, Samuel to Polly May, April ?, 1802 *

  Brides Index - pg. 124

    Ingram, Aime      101
    Ingram, Lurany     28
    Ingram, Mary       13
    Ingram, Patsey    101
    Ingram, Polly      55
    Ingram, Rebecca    44
    Ingram, Rhoda       9
    Ingram, Sally       6
    Ingram, Winnifred  68

  Brides - Marriages

    101 Ingram, Aime        September 14, 1812*     Wood, Mason
     28 Ingram, Lurany      September  2, 1806*     Eaves, John
     13 Ingram, Mary        December 4, 1815        Brown, William
    101 Ingram, Patsey      December 9, 1809*       Wood, Michael
     55 Ingram, Polly       December 17, 1810*      Lovel, Michael
     44 Ingram, Rebecca     December 24, 1821 1-31  Hill, John P.
      9 Ingram, Rhoda       March 29, 1802          Bogan, Levi
      6 Ingram, Sally       April 8, 1807**         Barker, Cornelius
     68 Ingram, Winnefred   October 28, 1825 1-52   Noe, Aouilla


Logan County Kentucky Records Volume I
    "Limited Edition" 1969
    McCulley, Mrs. Lalla; P.O. Box 267; Lewisburg, Kentucky 4225x; 1969;
    [Mount Prospect IL PL]

    Introduction (part)

        The present area of Kentucky was embraced in Kentucky County
        formed from Fincastle County, Virginia Dec. 6, 1776.
        November 1, 1780 Kentucky County was divided into three Counties,
        Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln.  Kentucky did not become a State
        until 1790.

        Logan County was formed from Lincoln County in 1792.  This territ-
        ory then covered the following Counties.

            Butler      1810    Logan               Morgantown
            Christian   1792    Logan               Hopkinsville
            Henderson   1798    Christian           Henderson
            Hopkins     1807    Henderson           Madisonville
            Livingston  1798    Christian           Smithland
            Muhlenberg  1798    Logan & Christian   Greenville
            Simpson     1819    Allen-Logan-Warren  Franklin
            Todd        1819    Logan-Christian     Elkton
            Trigg       1820    Christian           Cadiz
            Union       1811    Henderson           Morganfield
            Warren      1796    Logan               Bowling Green
            Webester    1860    Hopkins-Union-Henderson - Dixon

    Logan County Marriage Records 1792-1818
        Alpha list for Grooms, Index for Brides

        Grooms - Not Indexed; Alpha by Groom
            Ingram, Samuel      May, Polly       4/?/1802
            Ingram, Jarrett     Hudson, Nancy    6/30/1807
            Ingram, James       May, Betsy       3/20/1807

        Index: Ingram
            p. 22   MAR 1822 - First Minutes of Stony Point Baptist Church:
                        Milly Ingram
               52   MARR: Bogan, Levi/Ingram, Rhoda 3/29/1802
               53   MARR: Baker, Cornelius/Ingram, Sally 4/8/1807
               54   MARR: Brown, William/Ingram, Mary 12/4/1815
               58   MARR: Eaves, John/Ingram, Luraney 9/2/1806
               74   MARR: Woods, Michael/Ingram, Patsy 12/7/1809


Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories
    King, J. Estelle Stewart; Genealogical Publishing Co; 1969
    [Scope: All KY Counties; Includes Shelby Co. Book A 1795-1804]
    [Mount Prospect IL PL]

    From Index:

            104 Henderson Co. Book A 1799-1821

             3 Barren Co.     - Book A
            29 Caldwell Co.   - Book A 1809-1834
           143 Knox Co.       - Book A 1801-1842
           151 Livingston Co. - Book A 1799-1818
           157 Logan Co.      - Book A 1792-1812 (should be pg. 159)
           203 Scott Co.      - Book A 1797-1809
           246 Woidford Co.   - Book A 1788-1811

    Notes from indexed items, pertaining to Ingram:

          3 Barren Co.     - Book A
            John Ingram, wit. Feb. 16, 1816 to will of Gentry, Samuel

         29 Caldwell Co.   - Book A 1809-1834
            No Ingram on this page.

        143 Knox Co.       - Book A 1801-1842
            Will of John, Daniel Jan 12, 1803; Aug 1, 1803
            names dau. Hannah Ingram, other children

        151 Livingston Co. - Book A 1799-1818
            Ingram, James Oct 4, 1806 April 1807
            Wife Caty.  Children mentioned but not named.
            Ex.: Benjamin Ingram (son)

        157 Logan Co.      - Book A 1792-1812
            Do not see Ingram on this page.
            Index must be typo, means pg. 159

        159 Not in Index.  Logan Co. Book A
            Index of Guardian Settlements, Inventories, Dower, etc.
            Ingram, William

        203 Scott Co.      - Book A 1797-1809
            Ingram, Jacob Jan 25, 1802
            Sons: Samuel, Joseph, Josiah, ---, Seth.
            William Wilson appointed guardian of above-named children.

        246 Woidford Co.   - Book A 1788-1811
            Arthur Ingram, wit. Aug 24, 1792 to will of Johnson, Thomas

        104 Henderson Co. Book A 1799-1821
            Ingraham, William Nov. Court 1805.  Inventory.


Second Census of Kentucky;
    [Mount Prospect IL PL]

Ingram(Inram), Abraham      Knox         9/ 4/1800
Ingram, Arthur              Shelby       8/25/1800
Ingram, Isaac               Garrard      8/ 6/1800
Ingram, James               Cumberland        1799
Ingram, James               Jefferson         1800
Ingram, Jonathan            Logan             1800
Ingram, Richard             Warren         1800/01
Ingram, Thomas              Jefferson         1800
Ingram, William             Fayette     11/ 7/1800
Ingrum, Thomas              Montgomery   8/22/1800
Ingrum, Thomas, Jr.         Montgomery   8/22/1800
Ingrum, Uriah               Montgomery   8/22/1800

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