Excerpt from: Ingram Family History

Following excerpt from: Ingram Family History; Stultz, Mary Ruth; Privately Published; 1985; 236 pages with addendum of researcher names; ISBN: 0-9613378-0-X; LOC: 84-090168.

Page 174:

1. SAMEL INGRAM, b. 1740, in Virginia; died 1799 in Montgomery County,
   Va.; married Ann (?); one son named:
   (1) JAMES INGRAM, b. 26 Jan 1761, in Montgomery County; died 1 Aug.
   1851, in Wayne County, Ky.; married 22 Dec. 1785, to Rhoda Clark
   Menefee in Virginia; one son named:
   a.  JOHN S. INGRAM, b. 1786; died 31 July 1850, in Wayne County,
       Ky.; married Rebecca Hardin; one son named:
       1.   JAMES MENEFEE INGRAM, b. 23 Dec. 1815, in Bedford
            County, Tenn.; died 25 Sep. 1890, in Sebastian County,
            Ark.; married Elizabeth Spencer in 1835, Jackson, Tenn.;
            one son named:
            1.  PLEASANT CLARK INGRAM, b. 8 Jan. 1849, in McNairy
                County, Tenn.; died 15 July 1894, in Lavaca, Ark.;
                married Mary M. Judson Thomas; one daughter
                (1) LELA IDA INGRAM, b. 24 Aug 1882, in Lavaca, Ark.;
                    died 6 Jan. 1966, in Miller County, Ark; married
                    1. (?) Davis; 2. David Lynn Rice.

From slip of paper taped to page 174:

Add/correct p. 174:   1. SAMUEL INGRAM
Line two: Samuel had other children, viz
John S., Nimrod, Samuel, William & Rhoda,
Line six: Correct JOHN S. INGRAM's death to
read 1 Aug. 1855 McNairy Co., Tenn.
Line 18: Correct & add that LELA IDA INGRAM
m. 1st William Jackson Davis; & after his
death m. Robert Lee Brown 4 Dec 1907, Lavaca,
Ark.  Their dau. Fern Almeda m. Young George
Rice Jr., 2 Sep 1933.  They had two sons,
Roger and David Lynn.
Page 202:  Note David Rice's address is NOT
current, and he presently does not have
time to exchange research.

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