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June 2012, September 2012:
I have "reorganized" my original Ingram family information page which had grown over time and had become unwieldy and confusing. I created separate pages for: Descendants of Samuel Ingram (est1730-1799/1801VA) and Ann Stewart (est1742-) of Montgomery (now Pulaski Co., Virginia) (my line), Other Ingram names - Montgomery/Pulaski Co. Virginia Other Ingram lines - Missouri and Illinois and selected Other Ingram lines - mostly Virginia. The reorganization is incomplete, is still a little rough and there will be some duplication across these pages, but for now it will have to do.


This page will be a general information page about some Ingram resources. Be forewarned that there were a LOT of Ingram's in early Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, etc. who are not known to be related. These Ingram's have been very illusive to track down and sort out. Many researchers have been looking at them for decades and and continue to look into them. Unfortunately, many people have mixed them up severely and that erroneous information has been widely propogated on the internet.

Ingram Books

The only printed Ingram surname books and family histories I am aware of are the following. However, this list was prepared a long time ago, ca. 1997. It also does not include other historical books where Ingram's may have been mentioned. Further books and histories may have been written as well as all the information available on the internet, particularly family trees. Any of these sources may contain errors, so should be used with some skepticism.

Ingram Data

Selected data transcriptions. May not be complete for any given time frame or jurisdiction. Presented as-is.

Links - All Ingram Lines

Links - Samuel Ingram (est1730-1799/1801) Line

Links - Other Ingram Lines

Links - Various Other Ingram Lines

Revolutionary War Patriots

Multiple sources exist where an ancestor may be recorded or traced in service to the Revolutionary War. Be aware that "service" may include activities other than as a muskett-totin' member of a militia company such as providing supplies, for which a person was paid. These sources are extensive, varied and widespread so cannot be covered here. A few notes may be added as I come across them, but if it's not on this website I have no further information.


The DAR in the past printed volumes of the patriots that have been used to support membership applications. That information has been put on the web in a database searchable for free by the public. See DAR Note that neither the printed volumes nor the database list ALL patriots who served; only those proven for membership. Also, the DAR has become much more rigorous in proof requirements, so some individuals are no longer accepted and either their service was disproven (often identification confusion) or may need to be re-proven.

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files; White, Virgil D.; National Historical Publishing Company; June 1993: "Selected records from the Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant application files" NARA M805.

This source is particularly useful because Revolutionary War pension applications and their full files (beyond these brief abstracts) often contain substantial information about the applicant. A copy of the files may be ordered from NARA or, I believe, those files may have been posted online.

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files [Page] 1800

Solomon, Molly, W13527, CT & Cont Line, sol was b 1 Nov 1751 at Hebron CT & he lived there at enl & in 1780 he moved to Middlefield in Hampshire Co MA & he appl there 7 Aug 1832 & stated he had been a member of the Congregational Church of Middlef ield MA for 30 yrs, sol in Miss Molly Wright of Murrayfield MA in May 1781 & he was of Chester in Hampden Co MA, sol d 9 Nov 1837 at Hinsdale MA at the home of his son-in-law Abner Wing who then aged about 47, wid appl 2 Oct 1838 at Hinsdale in Berkshire Co MA aged 75 & in 1843 she was living at Ferrisburg in Addison Co VT, sol's bros Erastus & Samuel Ingham were mentioned but no data was provided on them

Thomas or Thomas Ingram, S4419, VA Line, see Thomas Ingram


Amos, 544971, CT Line, appl 19 Feb 1823 Chautauqua Co NY aged 63, sol enl in New London Co CT, in 1823 sol had a wife Sarah aged 67 & children away from home, Eliphalet Ingraham made aff dt 10 Feb 1823 in Chautauqua Co NY & had known sol from ch ildhood but did not state a relationship, in 1823 sol & wife lived with a son-in-law (not named)

Benjamin, S38862, MA Line, appl 28 Apr 1818 at Sharon in Norfolk Co MA, in 1820 sol was living at Scituate in Providence Co RI aged 78 with a wife aged 73

David, Lydia, W20158, MA Line, sol appl 27 Aug 1832 Ontario Co NY aged 86, sol lived at Wheatley in Hampshire Co MA at enl, sol was b 8 Mar 1746 at Lebanon CT, after the Rev sol lived at Blanford MA then moved to Cornwall VT then to Aurelius NY & in 1815 moved to Canandaigua NY, a daughter Lydia Chatfield appl 20 May 1846 at Canandaigua NY aged 61 & stated sol m Lydia Miller in 1784 in Granville MA, sol d 10 Jan 1835 aged 88 or 89 & wid d 18 Jan 1846 aged 92 & both d at the home of their daughter Lydia Ch atfield leaving children; Lydia Chatfield, Ora Cross, Seymour & Alfred Ingraham

Hezekiah, Mary, W26152, BLW #6266-160-55, CT Line, sol m Mary Ingraham 26 Oct 1783 at Stonington CT, sol appl 29 Apr 1819 New London Co CT aged 62 however on 29 Jun 1820 sol gave his age as 66, widow appl 8 Aug 1843 at Preston in New London Co CT aged 80 & sol d there 28 Mar 1843, wid appl for BLW 12 Mar 1855 at Preston CT aged 93, wid's maiden name was Mary Ingraham

Holladay or Holladay Ingham, S45409, CT Line, see Holladay Ingham

James, S17509, CT Line, sol appl 10 Sep 1832 Middlesex Co CT, sol was b 8 Oct 1764 at Saybrook CT & always lived there, sol d 20 Nov 1832, sol had m Deborah Ingraham 14 Oct 1798 at Saybrook CT, wid appl 5 Dec 1833 at Saybrook CT for bal due sol at his dea th, sol d without issue

Job, Lucy, W26665, MA Line, sol was b 15 Sep 1755 at Gloucester in Lincoln Co MA (ME) & he m Lucy Tolman 13 May 1778 at Warren MA (ME) & she was b 11 Jun 1760, sol appl 8 Aug 1832 Lincoln Co ME, sol was b at Cape Ann MA & he lived at Georgetown MA (ME) at enl, wid appl 19 Sep 1838 at Thomaston ME aged 78, sol d 27 Nov 1834 leaving a wid Lucy & children; Elizabeth Brown, Joseph, Job, Josiah, Isaac, John & Barnard Ingraham, Lucy Thomas & Archibald Coombs Ingraham, wid d 20 Aug 1846 & all children were livin g in 1846 except Archibald C., the son Barnard Ingraham signed p.o.a. 29 Jul 1852 at South Thomaston ME aged 59

John, 518465, MA Line, appl 26 Sep 1832 Berkshire Co MA, sol was b 30 Mar 1753 at Rehoboth MA & he lived there until 1797 then moved to Savoy in Berkshire Co MA, a Wm. Ingraham was witness in 1832 Jonathan, S30505 (see N.A. Acc #874 #050090 not I Pay), CT & MA Line, sol was b 4 Apr 1760 at Berkley in Bristol Co MA & he lived at Woodstock CT at enl & he appl 25 Sep 1832 at New Bedford in Berkshire Co MA, in 1832 a Timothy "Engram" was a res of Chesterfield in Hampshire Co MA & knew sol in Rev Samuel, S2232 5, CT Line, appl 4 Jul 1832 Addison Co VT aged 78 a res of Cornwall VT where he had lived for 40 yrs, sol was at Hebron CT, he enl at Pittsfield MA

Simeon, S21838, CT Line, appl 20 Aug 1832 Providence Co RI, sol was b 24 Apr 1749 at Bristol RI & he lived at Plainfield CT at enl

William, Polly Brown former wid, W14372, RI Line, wid appl 5 Jun 1837 Bristol Co RI aged 81, sol m Polly West 25 Feb 1776 at Bristol RI & she was b 5 Aug 1755 & sol was b 25 Sep 1754, in 1775 sol sry under a Capt Jeremiah Ingraham (relationship not stated ), the said William Ingraham sailed out of Bristol RI in Oct 1780 on a voyage to the West Indies but ship & crew were never heard from again & wid m 2nd to James Brown of Bristol RI & he d in Aug 1804, vet's bro Daniel Ingraham of Bristol RI was aged 70 in 1837 & referred to his uncle Joshua Ingraham & also stated his bro Wm. Ingraham b to one Polly West, sol had a bro Benjamin Ingraham who d on a Privateer in Dec 1778

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files [Page] 1801
INGRAHAM, Continued,

William, Esther, W26790, RI Line, sol appl 1 May 1818 Albany Co NY, in 1820 sol was a res of Schoharie Co NY aged 66 with a wife Esther aged 58 & children; Ruby 14, Clarinda 12, George 10 & Gilbert aged 8, wid appl 18 Dec 1838 St Lawrence Co NY aged 74, sol & wid had m 1 May 1784 at Groton CT & sol d 17 Dec 1836 at Boonville NY William, 521314, VA Line, sol was b in 1758 in Granville Co NC & was left an orphan at an early age, he lived in Montgomery Co VA at enl & moved from there to Hawkins Co TN for 15 yrs then to Wayne Co KY for 7 yrs then to Clay Co KY for 1 yr then to Madis on Co Ky for 1 yr then to Orange Co IN for 3 yrs then to Marion Co IL for 7 yrs then to Bledsoe Co TN & he appl there 11 Aug 1834


Andrew, 532338, VA Line, sol was b in 1758 in Granville Co NC & he lived in Montgomery Co VA at enl & after his sry sol moved to the Holston in Hawkins Co TN & in 1819 he moved to Floyd Co IN & he appl there 6 Jan 1834, sol d 25 Jul 1845 Edwin, S9741, NC Line, sol was b 17 Apr 1751 in Southampton Co VA & he lived in Anson Co NC at enl & after the Rev he moved to Salisbury NC then to Richmond Co NC & he appl there 27 Sep 1832, the NC Legislature passed a "vote of thanks" in 1786 & offered sol 500 pounds but sol declined the money as he was in "easy circumstances", sol's bro Samuel was of Richland Dist SC in 1832, sol d 11 May 1843

Jedediah, R5482, MA Line, appl 9 Oct 1832 Hampden Co MA, sol was b 15 Mar 1760 at South Hadley MA & he lived there at enl

Jeremiah, 515184, VA Line, he appl 9 Aug 1832 Adair Co KY aged 73

John, 510903, MA Line, appl 29 Apr 1833 Hampshire Co MA a res of Amherst MA & he was b there 25 Mar 1754 & lived there at enl, sol's son Zacheus C. Ingram made aff'dt in 1833 at Amherst MA John, Ruth, R5483, SC Line, sol lived in Union Dist SC prior to 17 78 & he m there to Ruth or Rutha or Ruthe White on 19 Jul after she was 21 yrs of age (being 1778) & sol lived there during the Rev War & they had 2 children during the Rev War, sol d 16 Sep 1828 in Hall Co GA, wid appl 5 Mar 1847 in Cherokee Co GA aged 8 9, wid died prior to Oct 1854 & in 1854 surviving children were; Little Ingram of Union Co GA, Tilmon Ingram & Elizabeth Riley (their place of res not given), in 1860 an Isaac Ingram of Canton GA was mentioned but his relationship to sol's family not stat ed

Philip, 513518, MA Line, sol was b in 1760 at Amherst MA & he lived there at enl, he appl 18 Jul 1832 at Cambridge in Franklin Co VT, sol d 5 Apr 1833 leaving 2 or 3 daughters (not named) Sally former wid, R5484, NC Line, see Nahor Norris

Samuel, R5485, NC Line, sol was a son of John Ingram & was b 1 Aug 1765 at Southampton Co VA & stated his oldest son William had his birth records & lived in his neighborhood, sol lived in Anson Co NC at enl & after the Rev he moved to GA then to Columbia SC for 40 yrs & in 1833 moved to Montgomery Co AL & he appl there 18 Jun 1835

Sarah former wid, R5486, VA Line, see Lemuel Thorowgood

Thomas or Thomas Ingham, 54419, VA Line, appl in Dec 1833 Wilson Co TN aged 71 on 6 Jun 1832, sol was born & raised in Southampton Co VA & he lived there at enl, sol sry part of the time as a sub for his father Miller Ingham, after the Rev sol lived in So uthampton Co VA for 3 yrs then moved to Northampton Co NC for 5 yrs then to Chatham Co NC for 2 yrs then returned to Northampton Co NC for 12 yrs then to Halifax Co NC for 15 yrs & in 1831 moved to Wilson Co TN

Ingram Inklings

"This is to announce the existence of the publication, Ingram Inklings, for all Ingram researchers. My intention is to serve as a clearinghouse for Ingram researchers. It is published twice per year. Yearly subscription is $15.00/single issue is $8.50. The current issue (as of October, 1997) is # 13." Subscriptions and back issues are available from:

     Deborah Ingram Adlof
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     email: adlof [at]

See following for more information and list of back issues.

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The "Ingram Digest" is a free e-mail newsletter containing information and queries for researchers of the Ingram surname. To sign up:

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