Kitson Family

William Kitson (ca1735-ca1801) of Fauquier Co. Virginia

William Kitson of Fauquier Co. Virginia and wife Joan. He probably born ca. 1735/1740, died aft 1800 at Fauquier County, Virginia. It is not known when/where William Kitson was born/died or who his parents were. (He probably died between 1800 and 1805.) He first appeared in the records at Fauquier Co. in 1763 when he was witness to a deed. He last appeared in the records at Fauquier Co. in 1800.

William Kitson and Joan had one known son, James Burch (Birch) Kitson, born about 1767 prob. Fauquier Co., Virginia, died 1835 Henry Co., Kentucky.

James Burch Kitson had the following wives and children:

    Mary Brown (abt1770-abt1794)
          (marr. 05DEC1787)
        William Kitson (1792VA-1875KY/HenryCo.)
        James Kitson (1793VA-)
    Jemima Mayes (-aft1842)
          (marr. 22JUN1795)
        John Kitson
        Nancy Kitson (Est1797-)
        Elizabeth Kitson (Est1801-)
        Jemima Kitson (Est1806-1826KY/HenryCo.)
        Sarah Kitson

Most of the research into the Kitson's was provided by Gregg Kitson.

Children and descendants of this Kitson line lived at Shelby/Henry Co., Kentucky (1810+); Lincoln County, Missouri (1850+) and Calhoun Co., Illinois (aft 1860).

Research Notes

Issues and Comments

Kitson families and surname origin

I have not looked into the surname origin or connections back to England. I am not aware of any reliable research that does. I have seen claims and comments concerning coats of arms. I likewise am not knowledgeable about the general subject or specific applicability to the Kitson surname, but ALL these claims should be treated with a high degree of skepticism. Too many claims of this type are invalid and wishful thinking. A couple bits of information from the web - use with caution and skepticism:

Other Kitson Lines

I have not done directed research into other Kitson lines, but have picked up some information about them as I went along. No known connection of any of these to William Kitson of Fauquier Co., Virginia.

I have noticed that the Gene Pool Individual Records database at names a lot of these "other" Kitson's in Indiana and Ohio. Also, some Accomack Co. VA from 1800's I have not gone through this source in depth, just a cursory review.


Postings of transcribed records data concerning the Kitson surname.


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