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Kentucky-Missouri Families

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Miscellaneous Kentucky and Missouri families with focus on Henry and Shelby Counties in Kentucky and Lincoln County, Missouri.


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Sutton and Sitton were two separate, distinct surnames and family lines in Lincoln County with different origins, though spellings were occasionally switched in a few records. Sitton may have been derived from Sutton where the names diverged, but that would have been in the very early 1700's or before possibly in Virginia, Connecticut or England and I have not seen that connection with the Lincoln County families.

Jesse Sutton was born about 1808 in Henry County, Kentucky; died 7 August 1882 in Hurricane Township, Lincoln County, Missouri; married 11 May 1843 at Lincoln County to Mary A. F. Farmer. She born November 1823, died 30 July 1902, reported daughter of Thomas Farmer and Hester Owen of Bourbon County, Kentucky and sister to William Farmer. William Farmer had a son Alexander Sutton Farmer who was married by Jesse Sutton. (Lincoln County marriage records show an A. S. Farmer married 24 March 1881 to a Lizzie Collan.) Jesse Sutton was a preacher of the Methodist Missouri Conference and was preacher at the Smith's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South in Hurricane Township. I have not found a burial listing for him or his wife. This family is shown in the 1850 census of Lincoln County (page 135-136) where Jesse "Sitton" listed as age 40 (1809/1810) with wife Mary A. age 25 and daughters Martha A. and Amanda L. The Sutton family is shown in the 1860 census of Lincoln County (Hurricane Township, page 162) where Jesse Sutton is listed as age 50 (1809/1810) and in the 1880 census of Lincoln County (Hurricane Township, New Hope P.O., page 252, ED 90/Page No. 12) where Jesse Sutton is listed as age 72 (1807/1808). So far, not finding in 1870 census indexes.

Jesse was son of Rev. Elijah B. Sutton, b. 9 August 1772 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; d. 14 August 1857 in Henry Co., Kentucky; married 1793 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania to Martha Galbraith. She born 27 December 1770 in Ireland, daughter of John Galbraith and Agnes ________; died 10 March 1848 in Henry Co., Kentucky; Agnes reportedly married first est 1790 to ________ Parks. Ancestors and descendants of Elijah B. Sutton, including his son Jesse, are given at the following Rootsweb World Connect file (June 2009) which includes transcription of his Henry County will: Elijah B. Sutton That file states:

Many of Elijah Sutton's children moved north with other Henry County, Kentucky residents and settled in Clay County, Illinois, primarily in the area of Oskaloosa Township. Daughters Jane Rawlings, Margaret Griffith, Mary Dillman Sutton, Elizabeth Smith & Leanna Meek all came to Clay County, as did their oldest brother, John Sutton. Elijah Sutton and his sons John, Elijah and Jesse and his son-in-law John Griffith were all preachers for the Methodist Episcopal faith.
A biography of Rev. Elijah Sutton is described in The History of Methodism in Kentucky; Redford, A.H. Rev., Volume II; (From the Conference of 1808 to the Conference of 1820); Southern Methodist Publishing House; Nashville Tenn.; 1870; pages 79-84. and is online at Google Books The History of Methodism in Kentucky and the respective part duplicated at Kentucky-Missouri families: Sutton

Elijah Sutton (1772-1857) is one of twelve children of William Sutton b. abt 1730 in Virginia; d. 28 February 1830 in Moon Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania; bu. Hopewell Hebron Cemetery, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania and Margaret ________. Photos of their gravestones have been posted online and the dates are not a typo, William's stone clearly says he died "AGED about 100 years." See William Sutton (1730-1830) gravestone. and Margaret Sutton (1743-1833) gravestone. Also: William Sutton (1730-1830) will. More on a family website: Two Thompson Genealogies

Other notes:

Elijah Sutton (1772-1857) Bio.

From The History of Methodism in Kentucky; Redford, A.H. Rev., Volume II; (From the Conference of 1808 to the Conference of 1820); Southern Methodist Publishing House; Nashville Tenn.; 1870. via May 2010 presenting images and the following OCR text, pages 79-84. A few OCR errors corrected. Online at: Google Books The History of Methodism in Kentucky

" Elijah Sutton* was born in Lancaster county, Va., on the 9th of August, 1772. "When he was about eight years of age, his parents moved to Washington county, Pa. Here he remained till his twentyfirst year, when he married the widow Parks, (whose maiden n ame was Martha Galbraith,) and two or three months afterward moved to Kentucky. He came with his family down the Ohio to the mouth of the Kentucky lliver, and thence along a trace through the pea-vines, with or near the present Newcastle and Carrollton ro ad, from which he soon diverged and settled in what is now the northeastern part of Henry county.

"While living here, he sought and obtained religion, and with three or four others united in society as Methodists, at Meeks's Station, about two miles above Newcastle, on the Frankfort road. We may mention an adventure which is related as having occurred at this station. Some of the men of the station were plowing in a cornfield about a half mile from it. A young woman, Sally Mceks, rode to where they were plowing, to take their dinners to them. As she returned, she was attacked by Indians, who were lyi ng in ambush awaiting her return. One threw a tomahawk at her, which stuck in a tree just before her. As she passed, she seized it and carried it into the station.

[Footnote in original text] * He was the father of the Rev. Jesse Sutton, of Missouri Conference, of the Rev. Elijah Sutton, of Jefferson county, Ky., and of the Rev. John Sutton, a local preacher who died some years ago in Illinois.

" The society increased, and a house of worship was erected about a half mile south of Newcastle. Father Sutton was licensed to exhort some eighteen months after he became a member of the Church, and two or three years after this was licensed to preach. H e was ordained by Bishop McKendree, but at what time is not known. His place of worship was probably six to eight miles from his residence, yet he usually walked that distance to attend his meetings. After some years, however, he moved toward Newcastle, w ithin two and a half miles of it. "While living here, it is believed, the society was organized at William Galbraith's, near by, probably about the year 1803. In 1807, he removed to the place (about four miles north-east of Newcastle) which was his home t he remainder of his life—about fifty years.

" Shortly after the war of 1812, he rode the circuit a year, in Indiana, believed to be the Silver Creek Circuit. His place of crossing the Ohio was "Westport, his Presiding Elder the Rev. Charles Holliday.

" Galbraith's Meeting-house, afterward Mt. Gilead, was built, probably, about 1812; but remaining in an unfinished state for many years, (altogether, if not consecutively,) the meetings of the church were held at Father Sutton's house. During this time a revival of considerable power occurred, in 1817, under the ministry of the Rev. S. Bacon. A few years afterward, (viz., October, 1822,) the great revival of this church commenced at one of Father Sutton's meetings, at the house of Horatio Middleton, his next neighbor. The indications were such as to suggest the propriety of calling for mourners; the invitation was given, and four came forward, of whom the Rev. T. V. Bruce was one. This revival con tinued some three years—perhaps longer. Meetings were frequently held. Besides circuit-preaching followed by class-meetings, on other Sabbaths class-meetings were held, and prayer-meetings regularly twice a week, at different houses in the neighborhood. T he power of God was frequently signally manifested in deep convictions, happy conversions, and the spirit of grace and supplication poured abundantly upon the Lord's people.

" The circuit-preachers, particularly the Rev. B. T. Crouch, labored efficiently during this revival, when present. But the circuit (then Shelby) being large, and the preacher's time, week-days as well as Sundays, nearly all occupied, they could not devot e much time consecutively to one locality. The labor of conducting the meetings, therefore, devolved mainly upon Father Button, assisted by "W. D. Green, T. V. Bruce, and others.

"We have an account of a singular case that occurred during this revival. An old man about sixty, and very dissipated and profane, came in a state of intoxication to a meeting at Father Sutton's house. When mourners were called for, he came forward with o thers and bowed at the mourners' bench. Some of the members of the Church were in favor of having him removed; but Father Sutton would not have him disturbed, but talked kindly to him, though as in a state of intoxication—told him how he should do when he should become sober, etc. That night week he was at meeting again, perfectly sober, and a deeply convicted man. When mourners were called for, he was one of the number. In four or five weeks he was soundly converted, as his upright and pious course, to t he end of life, abundantly testified. Nearly his whole family, too, were converted and added to the Church.

"Another incident may be mentioned. "While Father Sutton and family were going to meeting, which was at the house of his neighbor already mentioned, his youngest son told him if he did not obtain the blessing that night, he thought he would never go again to the mourners' bench. 'My son,' said he, solemnly, ' beware how you make such promises.' Meeting was about closing, the mourners leaving the bench, when Mother Bruce, perceiving the youth still lingering, bowed at his side, saying that she would agoniz e with him until the break of day, if he did not receive the blessing before. She engaged in earnest prayer with him, and soon he passed into the liberty of the children of God. This youth is now the Rev. Elijah Sutton.

" In the latter years of his life, owing to a bronchial affection, Father Sutton was almost entirely disabled from ministerial labor; yet he was faithful in his attendance on the means of grace—his place was seldom vacant at the house of worship. He was e xemplary in his walk and conversation to the end of life. He was blessed with remarkable buoyancy of spirits; we do not remember to have seen him otherwise than cheerful, but his cheerfulness was without levity. No harrowing remembrances of the past, no g loomy forebodings of the future, seemed to disturb him.

" He was quite a reader of the Bible and good books—an exercise the more pleasant and profitable, as he had quite a taste for knowledge, and a retentive memory. He seemed to have a presentiment of his death for a twelvemonth before it occurred. He frequen tly spoke of his departure as approaching. Between two and three weeks before his death, he was struck with paralysis, which rendered him almost insensible till the time of his departure. He fell asleep in Christ on the 8th day of August, 1857, aged eight y-five years and three days. His wife preceded him about nine years to the land of rest; and the greater part of a numerous family, all of whom were members of the Church, are doubtless sharing with him the joys of immortality."*

Mrs. Martha Sutton, the wife of the Rev. Elijah Sutton, was equally zealous with her husband in promoting the cause of the Redeemer. Retiring and unassuming in her manners, her consistent and fervent piety shed a luster on her profession, and for fifty ye ars made her a bright example. On the 10th of March, 1848, in the seventy-eighth year of her age, she sweetly fell asleep in Jesus.

Henry County, Kentucky Burials

0053 08082 SUTTON        -----           08/22/1835  09/24/1836 D - OF W. & M. BARTHENA CRAIB SUTTON
0081 11726 SUTTON        CORDIA    S.    00/00/1871  00/00/1944 OSSW - LEANDER S. SUTTON
0053 08079 SUTTON        ELIJAH          00/00/1772  08/14/1857 SON OF WILLIAM SUTTON- AGE: 85 YEARS
0053 08080 SUTTON        ELLEN           00/00/1840  07/28/1859 D - OF WILLIAM & MAHALA SUTTON
0081 11725 SUTTON        GEORGE          06/08/1898  10/18/1969
0081 11727 SUTTON        LEANDER   S.    00/00/1862  00/00/1940 OSSW - CORDIA S. SUTTON
0053 08084 SUTTON        MAHALA          09/26/1811  00/00/0000 OSSW & WIFE OF WILLIAM SUTTON
[page break]
0053 08078 SUTTON        MARTHA          12/27/1770  03/10/1848 WIFE OF ELIJAH SUTTON
0081 11729 SUTTON        RAY       S.    08/27/1913  03/24/1928
0081 11728 SUTTON        RONALD    L.    00/00/0000  00/00/0000 ONE DATE - 1949
0053 08053 SUTTON        WILLIAM         02/20/1804  11/09/1884 OSSW - MAHALLA SUTTON
0053 08055 SUTTON        WILLIAM   ADAM  08/27/1842  04/15/1848 SON OF W. & M. SUTTON

0053: Mt. Gilead Church Cemetery - New Castle Quadrangle W 85*08'06" N 38*27'50"
      Highway 202, 2-6/10 miles east of U.S. 421

0081: Pleasureville - Low Dutch Cemetery - North Pleasureville Quadrangle
      W 85*06'30" N 38*20'40"
      Pleasureville on Henry - Shelby County Line

Henry County, Kentucky Cemeteries; Meek, C. Price; Henry County Historical Society;
Eminence, Kentucky; 2nd Printing; 1995; McDowell Publications, Utica Ky;

Elijah Sutton (1772-1857) Birthplace Issue

The above book The History of Methodism in Kentucky says that Elijah was born in "Lancaster county, Va." and when he was eight, the family moved to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. However, evidence seems to support birth in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Elijah B. Sutton (1772-1857): Issue of birth place.

 - All Rootsweb World Connect family trees report birth Lancaster County,
 - Birthplaces of some older and younger siblings from censuses
    report they were born in Pennsylvania
 - Son Jesse reports he born in Kentucky, father born in Pennsylvania,
     mother in Ireland which leaves the impression of precision and


US Census 1850 - Kentucky - Henry Co. - District No. 1 - Page 386, left (stamped) - Dwelling 334, Family 338 index / image 44/203 May 2010.
Elijah Sutton, age 78, born Virginia
26 334 338 Sutton  Wm         48 M Farmer    " [Ky]
27         Sutton  Mahala     39 F           "
28         Sutton  Magdalena  17 F           "
29         Sutton  Martha _   12 F           "
30         Sutton  Ann        11 F           "
31         Sutton  Elizabeth   6 F           "
32         Sutton  Mahala      4 F           "
33         Sutton  Robt        1 M           "
34         Sutton  Elijah     78 M           Va
35         Robertson Elijah   22 M  Laborer  Ky


US Census 1850 - Pennsylvania - Allegheny Co. - Moon Twp. - Page 670 Dwelling 618, Family 618 - index / image 16/34
03 618 618 Phillip     Rouser  74 M Farmer   " [Penna]
04         Adam        Rouser  29 "   "      "
05         Elizabeth A Rouser  29 F          "
06         E Mary  McCandless  84 "          "  [sister]
07         Margaret   Sutton   64 "          "  [sister]

US Census 1860 - Pennsylvania - Allegheny Co. - Moon Twp. - Page 449-450
Heritage Quest index / image
39 557 557 Adam      Rouser  44 M Farmer Do [Pennsylvania]
40         Elizabeth   "     37 F        Do
(next page: 450)
01         Margaret Sutton   77 F        Pennsylvania [sister]


US Census 1880 - Missouri - Lincoln Co. - Hurricane Twp. - Page 252 - Series T9/Roll 699 - ED 90/Page No. 12D
Heritage Quest index / image
Household of Jesse Sutton;
15  86  86 Sutton Jesse  W M 72  Preaching  KY  Penn  Ireland


US Census 1880 - Arkansas - Crawford Co. - Lees Creek - Page 470 - Series T9/Roll 41 - ED 45/Page No. 12
Heritage Quest index / image
Written and indexed as Lana Meaks, age 62 wd, both parents b. Ky.

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