Lewis Family

Ancestors and Descendants of John Lewis (1678-1762), of County Donegal, Ulster Prov., Ireland; founder of Staunton, Augusta Co., Virginia who married 1715 to Margaret Lynn (1693-1773) of County Donegal, Ulster Prov., Ireland.

Fled to America from Ireland in 1729, on the lam after he "slew the Irish lord." Margaret and children came a year or two later.

This page contains random notes, problems, errors, updates, corrections and source citations for the Lewis family as I come across them. The items listed following bibliography provide an excellent general background of the Lewis family, so it will not be necessary to repeat all that information here.

The Children

I have not researched this myself, so I classify this as heresay. Various postings report from five to eight children of John Lewis (1678-1762) and Margaret Lynn (1693-1773). The ones that seem fairly certain are: Thomas (1718-1790), Andrew (1720-1781) (General), William Lynn (1724-1811), Margaret Lynn (1726-abt1797) (married Long then Crow), and Charles (1736-1774) (Colonel).

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