Reid/Alexander/Shannon/Finley/Wallace Families
Lincoln Co., Missouri

These families intermarried beginning in the 1700's in Virginia and continued through migration to Shelby County, Kentucky and then to Lincoln County, Missouri, resulting in a very complex network of relationships. They also used these surnames extensively amongst themselves as given and middle names which makes figuring them out even more interesting.

The genealogies of these families have generally been researched and documented. Various versions are online such as at WorldConnect "Our Family Tree" - Alexander Reid It appears that the family group and individual information presented on these sites do not include various data such as census and marriage indices which is available on the internet.

It looks like a lot of the research and data for these families has been done by Russell M. Reid of Louisville, Kentucky the these online files repeat that information. He directly submitted the transcription of the Reid Cemetery at Lincoln County, Missouri with extensive annotations. and the Family Bible of Alexander Reid and Jane Shannon

My interest is in migration from Shelby County, Kentucky to Lincoln County, Missouri. The following is a brief recap of what is a very complex web of families.

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