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The following are some miscellaneous sites on the internet that I have found of interest. NO particular order. Many I have not (yet) checked out. I am not actively managing and updating this page, so other sites in the topic area likely exist and ones mentioned may be discontinued. Subject to subsequent reorganization and relocation.

Note: I have obfuscated individual email addresses. I have replaced the "at" sign @ with the character string ' [at] '. This is the result of the insidious situation with SPAM that has become a major problem in the internet today. Spammers use automated robots, similar to those used by reputable search engines, to scan websites and harvest email addresses. If you wish to contact an individual with an altered address, simply replace the ' [at] ' character string (removing spaces) with the usual @ symbol.

Sites Loosely Grouped by Subject

Research Sources and Data - Secondary Genealogy "Mega" Sites

Not the top-few sites (LDS, Rootsweb, Ancestry), but trying to play. All of the following subscription sites have limited content coverage, despite trying to appear otherwise. Paid subscribers' reports have shown significant disappointment. Check very carefully that any site asking for money has content specifically of interest to you.



DNA testing for genealogy.

No substitute for traditional genealogy research techniques. But is helpful for 1) Resolving issues, 2) Confirming or denying ancestry and 3) Population studies. There is much information on the internet, most of which I don't understand since I clueless about the life sciences.

A number of companies have entered the business. Individual DNA projects and testing for a fee. Cavaet emptor. Beware the Hype. See esp: ROOTS-L V03 #520.

A Few articles:

Researchers for hire

Specialty Sites


Others' Recommended Site Lists

LDS-GENEALOGY-D Digest Volume 05 : Issue 28

Misc. Topics

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Words of Wisdom

Other, Miscellaneous Sites

  • CIMO - Cimorelli Immigration Manifests Online

  • Park Genealogical Books - Research Notes for Minnesota

    Park Genealogical Books specializes in genealogical and local history books for Minnesota.

  • Online Translations

  • Legal Land Descriptions in the USA

    Includes description of the Federal Township and Range System

  • Illinois government, historical and genealogical links

  • Illinois western counties, some with township maps/township names

  • 1895 United States Atlas

    Images and index.

  • "Life in the 1500s"

    Debunk of internet story of life in the 1500's. Premature burials link.

  • "The Research Network"

    Useful links to significant genealogy sites. Also USA map with links to official state homepages.

  • Genealogy - Getting started for beginners

  • Genealogy - Getting started for beginners

  • Texas Land Patents

  • Defining illness / sickness names

  • Explanation of IGI Batch Numbers

  • Methodist Research

    (Methodist Episcopal and United Bretheran merged in 1968 to become the United Methodist Church.)

    Genealogy Organizations

  • Censuses on microfilm or CD
  • PAF Video films for training

  • "Online Searchable Death Indexes for the USA"

    Links to state-wide online death indices; also includes links to other state online VR's

  • Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Society

    NY counties of Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany and Steuben; PA counties of McKean and Potter.

  • Relationship Charts and Calculators: Cousins, ancestors, etc.

    Genealogy software programs usually include relationship calculators as well.

  • Ohio State Archives

    Supposedly an online Death Index

  • Genealogy Numbering Systems Including the "Henry" System.

  • Volucia FL Computer Genealogy Group - PAF 4.0 Tutorial

    Includes sermon and instructions on backing up PAF

  • PAF-4-USERS Mailing List - Instructions

  • All Music Guide

    Cross-links every known musical group and artist.

  • Shirley Hornbeck "This and That Genealogy Tips" <10 AUG 2000 unchecked>

  • Old diseases

  • anybirthday.com

    135 million birthdays /
    As of July, 2005 out of business

  • BirthDatabase.com

    120 million names and birthdates.

  • "Webpages by Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

    Hodge-Podge collection of links, majority regarding ships and passenger lists, Ellis Island and Jewish stuff.

  • Out of Print Books: Listings of Items in Stock, Search Services, Brokers, etc.

  • Lexington [Kentucky] Public Library Local History Index

    Selective index to newspaper articles "pertaining to significant peopole, places, events, chirches, businesses and organizations in Lexington and Fayette County." As of July, 2000, about 64% complete.

  • Ellis Island Home Page

    As of July, 2000, immigrant/passenger list database NOT online.

  • Indiana State archives move updates

    More info: arc [at] icpr.state.in.us or call 317/232-3660

  • Scottish Sites

  • Civil War Sites (misc.)

  • www.findagrave.com

  • PAF 2.x utilities

  • Chip Rowe "Things I Hate and Love About Genealogy and Family History"

  • Dali Lama Home Page

  • cswnet Search Engines

  • Northern Light Geosearch Specify a place in the U.S. or Canada and a radius from that place ...

  • (Genealogy search engine)

  • Online translations

  • Daguerre/daguerreotype, Collodion, Tintypes, Old Photographs

  • NewsLetters, E-Zines, etc.

  • Biblical Genealogy (Roots-L Digest V00 #451)

  • "The Price They Paid" Rebuttal

  • Official US State websites: http://www.state.xx.us/ Where 'xx' is the US postal code for the state; IL for Illinois, CA for California, etc.

  • Mega-Sites

  • Census images online

  • Census images on CD-ROM

  • Mayflower

  • War Service and Casualties
  • TEMP - PAF4 Setting up Notes

  • Supposed California Birth/Death Indices

  • 10,000-year calendar

  • Free spell checker

  • Silicon Valley PAF Users Group (SVPAFUG) Home Page

  • Missouri Government Web Site

    Has link to Missouri Revised Statutes, searchable on keyword.

  • Utah Valley PAF Users Group Home Page

    Has extensive list of PAF utilities.

  • "Surname Web"

    Surname-based resources and links. (Dennis Partridge) A lot of it is cross-reference links to other well-known sources. It includes PAF tutorials and his version of a PAF user manual.

  • "Access Genealogy"

    Internet genealogy links (Dennis Partridge). Seems to be oriented to beginner.

  • Computer Associates Free Anti-Virus Software

  • Madison/Jefferson County (Indiana) Public Library

    Note: Jefferson County is next to Switzerland County.

  • Genealogy Library.Com - 1850 Census images

  • Rootsweb - "Digital Library National Search" FTP Archives

  • "Where to Write for Vital Records"

    U.S. Dept. HHS guide posted on FamilySearch

  • Resurrecting pioneer cemeteries.

    Resurrecting pioneer cemeteries in Fayette Co., Indiana. (I think this article has been removed.)

  • CGN Cemetery Do's & Dont's

  • Rootsweb Tombstones-L Mail List - Links to Tombstones & Cemeteries

  • New England Books online FREE

    Includes History of Palmer in text. Some books require TIFF viewer.

  • Archives of Sogn og Fjordane

  • Carroll County Kentucky Marriage Index 1838-1938

    Carroll County formed in 1838 from Gallatin, Trimble and Henry Counties. This free index may disappear after 12 Jan 2000 and only be available at Ancestry.com

  • South Union Kentucky Shaker Village Museum

    Also, link to Shaker Tavern, original Shaker travellers' inn, now a B&B.

  • University of Kentucky

  • Western Kentucky University

  • "Rookie's Guide to Genealogy Research"

  • Britannica Internet Guide

    The Web's Best Sites chosen by Britannica's editors

  • Resources of Scholarly Societies - History

  • Best University related Genealogy and Family History Internet Sites

  • Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry Publications for sale

    Extensive bibliography of Missouri records, especially census and marriage.

  • Dear Myrtle:

  • Manasota PAF Users group

  • America's First Families

    People in America in the 1600's. Online database.

  • Genealogy Frauds, Schemes and Scams

  • Nicknames and naming traditions

    Given names and corresponding nicknames.

  • Dutch Baptismal Names

    Given names and corresponding English translations.

  • War of the Rebellion

    "War of the Rebellion Journal of Contents (1880-1901)". Compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. Over 60 volumes online.

  • Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

    Searchable online.

  • "Dowry and Property Rights"

    More of an economic treatise.

  • Digitizing microfilms
  • Rootsweb mailing lists: ROOTS-L

    From ROOTS-L V04/#36:

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