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The Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson Family

Levi Shuck was born 21 September 1817 at Shelby County, Kentucky and died 4 October 1894 at Hurricane Township, Lincoln County, Missouri. He was son of Cornelius Shuck and grandson of Andrew Shuck (ca 1733-1803) of Kentucky (Shelby/Henry County, Kentucky). He migrated to Pike County, Missouri about 1839 as he is listed there in the 1840 census with his wife and two sons under age 5 (James and Cornelius)*. (One would expect that migration to such a distant frontier location would have taken place in spring or very early summer.)

Eliza Kitson was born 15 October 1819 in Kentucky (probably Shelby or Henry County) and died 28 January 1878 at Lincoln County, Missouri. She was daughter of James Kitson (est 1791-?) and Elizabeth "Eliza" Shuck (1793-1873). Levi and Eliza were married 20 March 1838 at Henry County, Kentucky.

In 1973, Ida Dawson Richards Shuck (Mrs. Arthur L.) prepared The Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson Family history. The family data has been incorporated into the Larry G. Shuck book and the Andrew Shuck Descendants files. The following section contains the text of the introduction as it was originally written with a brief addendum.

Levi Shuck's obituary has been found. The source is uncited but likely the Troy Free Press, issue published 12 October 1894.

Levi Shuck Obituary

The following photo of has been claimed to be Eliza Kitson Shuck (1819-1878):

Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson were buried at the Smith Cemetery in Lincoln County, Missouri. As of 2001, the cemetery was in poor and abandoned condition, but their tombstone was found and photographed along with that of their daughter-in-law Ellen Agnes Smith Shuck. These photos are online at the Lincoln County, Missouri USGenWeb site at: Smith Cemetery I More information on this website at: site at: Lincoln County Cemeteries: Smith Cemetery I

Tombstone of Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson

Levi Shuck
Born September 21, 1817
On the reverse of stone is his wife
Eliza Shuck
Born December 15, 1819
Died January 28, 1879
[Photo by Louise Adams 2001]

Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson had a family Bible and copies of the birth, marriage and death pages have been obtained; see: Family Bible of Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson

Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson had ten children, six of whom married and had children. One child died in infancy: John Marion (1860-1861); one died as a child: Nancy Margarett (1854-1859); and two died as teenagers: Andrew (1851-1870) and Martha Susan (1857-1873).

Five children raised families in Lincoln County, Missouri: Cornelius Shuck (1840-1928), William Shuck (1842-1931), Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shuck (1847-1928) (married William M. Brown, Richard Stewart and William Reneau), Mary Jane Shuck (1849-1922) (married Daniel R. Watts), and Sarah Isabelle "Belle" Shuck (1863-1934) (married George Washington Smith).

A photograph was taken ca. 1925 of the four surviving children:

Front row: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shuck (Brown,Stewart) Reneau (1847-1928), Cornelius "Neal" Shuck (1840-1928), William "Bill" Shuck (1842-1931)
Back, standing: Sarah Isabelle "Belle" Shuck Smith (1863-1934)

Obituaries for the five children and spouses at Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson children obituaries

  • Obituaries of various Shuck's, spouses and descendants. Includes descendants of the Levi Shuck and Eliza Kitson Family.

    The first child of Levi and Eliza, son James B. Shuck (1839-1903) apparently moved around quite a bit. Ida Shuck did not have information about him or descendants, other than the notation: "They went to Kokomo, Indiana". James B. Shuck was born 1839 in Shelby Co., Kentucky; in 1850 was living with parents Levi and Eliza at Lincoln Co. (age 12); married 1859 at Shelby Co. to Edna A. "Edny" Moore; in 1860 Shelby Co. KY US Census (pg. 081) James (age given as 22) living with Edna in HH of her parents Jonathan Moore and Elizabeth; lived in Missouri (Lincoln Co.?) from about 1865-1872; apparently migrated to Tipton Co. Indiana about 1875 (where other descendants of Andrew Shuck were living); and by 1878-1880 was back living in Shelby Co. Kentucky where he was listed in the 1880 census. Sometime after 1880, he went to Howard County, Indiana and lived at Russiaville, Kokomo and Alexandria. Kokomo is in Howard County, which adjoins Tipton County. There were other Shuck cousins in that area.

    (Note that this James B. Shuck is DIFFERENT from James Benton Shuck (1823-1918) who was born at Shelby Co., KY and died at Tipton Co., Indiana.)

    The obituaries of James and Edna have been found: James died at Alexandria 2 March 1903: Edna died at Kokomo March 30, 1897 at age 55. Their son Edwin L. died 21 Feb 1897 at Kokomo. See James B. Shuck (1839-1903) and family

    Levi and Eliza's children Andrew, Nancy Margaret, Martha Susan and John Marion died as children or young adults, without descendants.

    Photos of gravestones of some descendants and allied families who are buried in Lincoln County are online at the Lincoln County, Missouri USGenWeb site at: Oakridge Cemetery

    The Elijah Shuck and Lucinda Palmer Family

    Levi's brother Elijah married 24 MAY 1842 at Lincoln Co. MO to Lucinda Palmer. Elijah and his family were listed in the 1850 census at Henry Co. KY, but returned to Lincoln Co. MO as they were listed in the 1860 census at Lincoln Co. Four children; nothing further on daughters Nancy (1849-) or Jane (1851-)


    Tombstone Photos

    Photos of tombstones of descendants of Levi Shuck have been placed online at the Lincoln Co., Missouri USGenWeb page:

    Lincoln County, Missouri

    Dent and Shannon Counties, Missouri

    The Shuck's of Dent and Shannon Counties from 1858 and after are descended from Edward Young Shuck (1803-1870/80) who was born in Henry County, Kentucky, went to Hickman/Fulton County, Kentucky by 1830, to Dent County by 1860 (probably by 1858) and Shannon County by 1870. He died between 1870 and 1880 probably at Shannon County. He was son of Andrew Shuck, Jr. and Mary Ann "Polly" Young, grandson of Andrew Shuck (ca 1733-1803) of Kentucky (More to be added...)


    Other Shuck in Missouri

    The Shuck's who were at Ralls Co. MO in the 1800's and after, were descendants of John Shuck (Shock/Schock/Shook) (1723was1730-1804), Immigrant 1749 (line 5.0).

    Some Shuck's were present in various other Missouri counties from 1850 to 1900 and after, but I do not currently have information connecting them to any of the known lines.


    * James was born 1 Jan 1839 and Cornelius was born 5 June of 1840. Censuses give James as born in Kentucky, Cornelius in Missouri. The next child, William, was born 24 Sept. 1842, and censuses show him as born in Kentucky. Censuses show the next child born in Missouri in 1847. The 1860 census of the household of Levi shows:
    1860 United States Federal Census
    Shuck, Levi
    State: Missouri        Year: 1860
    County: Lincoln County         Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
    Township: Hurricane Township   Page: 489
    Ancestry.Com Image 63
    1483 1363 Levi Shuck     42 M Farmer 4000  1050 KY
            Eliza            41 F                   KY
            Cornelius        20 M Farmer            MO
            William          18 M Farmer            KY
            Elizabeth        16 F Farmer            MO
            Mary J.          12 F                   MO
            Martha S.        11 F                   MO
            Andrew           10 M                   MO
            John           1/12 M                   MO
    So it looks like the family went to Missouri 1839/1840 (probably spring 1840), went back to Kentucky for a while about 1842, and then returned to Missouri.

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