Descendants of Andrew Shuck of Kentucky

           From Descendents of Andrew Shuck of Kentucky
                       by Martha Miller

The earliest ancestor we have record of is Andrew SHUCK, a native of
Germany, who emigrated to America.  Andrew may be the son of Peter Henry
SHOOK, who arrived 27 Sep 1740 on the ship Lydia as Peter Hentrick SMOCK
was on the same ship and the SHUCKs and SMOCKs were together in KY and
possibly PA.  He was born c1733 and was in New Jersey by 1759.  The
family moved to Pack Horse Ford, Frederick Co., VA. (now Shepherdstown,
Berkeley Co., WVA) in 1760.  They lived there until after the Revolutionary
War (1775-1783).  The deed index for Frederick Co. Va does not show any
Shuck, Schock, Schock, etc., owning land there in that time period.

Andrew and his family joined the "Low Dutch Company" in the Kentucky
section of Virginia between 1874 and 1786.  The Low Dutch Company was
a group of farmers with strong Protestant religious convictions.  They
came mostly from PA but there was a branch of the Low Dutch who had
moved to VA from Hunterstown, Adams Co., PA before the move to KY.
The plan of this Company was to encourage and promote a settlement of the
Low Dutch Reformed Church Society.  They intended to associate together,
to build a church, to secure a Dutch Reformed Minister, and to instruct
their children in the Dutch language and they had a constitution of sorts.

The Company bought thousands of acres of land in Jefferson Co., VA (now
Shelby Co. and Henry Co., KY).  This tract of land was sold to the Company
by Squire BOONE, younger brother of the famous Daniel BOONE.  They made
this purchase as a group.  Due to the hardships of clearing the wilderness
and the constant Indian attacks in which 25 members were killed, many
families bought farms and settled permanently in the safer confines of
Mercer Co.  Most of the Dutch tract was divided into thirty four 200 acre
lots and distributed among the original Company members by means of a
drawing held in 1786.  Andrew's lot was appraised at 70 Pounds 11 Shillings
11 Pence.  Andrew died between March and May of 1803 in Shelby Co., KY,
naming in his Will his wife Margaret, born in Germany, and his 10 children.

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