Will of Andrew Shuck of Kentucky

                    WILL OF ANDREW SHUCK
                   SHELBY COUNTY, KENTUCKY

    In the name of God, Amen, I, Andrew Shuck, county of Shelby, State of Kentucky, being
in a low state of health, but of a sound mind, do make and declare this my last will and testament,
as follows, to wit:

    My body I wish to have a Christian burial, my soul I commit it to God who gave it.  My
funeral expenses and all other lawful debts I direct first to be paid.  I give and bequesth to my
son, Cornelius Shuck, 80 acres of land of the north corner of the tract of land I live on provided
there be that number of acres on the north side of my fence that way.  If there be not that number
of acres of timber land that way to be left only.

    I give and bequeath to my son John Shuck, all that portion of my plantation not otherwise
disposed of with all its appurtenances and I do direct and require my sons Cornelius Shuck and
John Shuck to be answerable for all expenses and incumbrances of whatever kind there may be
relating to the land to them given each.  In proportion to the quantity of the acreage he may hold.

    I do further direct that my beloved wife Margaret Shuck, have choice of the two rooms of
the lower floor of my dwelling house to live in during her life or widowhood and that all of my
personal estate not otherwise hereby disposed of be put into the hands of my executors to be sold
and the money arising from such sale be subject too her use which her necessities or conveniences
may require it.  Should my personal estate be insufficient to maintain her in a suitable manner I
will and direct that the profits of one-fourth (or so much thereof as may be necessary) of the
plantation belonging to my son, John Shuck, be subject to be used for her maintenance.  Such of
the personal estate as my wife Margaret may see cause to retain in her hands before sale is made
she shall have liberty to do and should the said Margaret again enter into a married state such of
my personal estate (if any) she shall have the one-third part of.

    I give and bequeath to my son Andrew Shuck one horse creature worth $18.00 if there be
none of that value the balance in other property of that amount.
    I direct that there be paid to my son William Shuck the sum of $700 money due him for
money lent.
    Such of my personal estate as may remain at the decease of my wife or expiration of her
widowhood or not otherwise hereby disposed of, I direct to be equally divided among my
children I have named towit: Hannah Batess [note: this should be Batiste]; Helena Banta;
Margaret Sharp; John Shuck; Mathias Shuck; William Shuck; Sarah Banta; Andrew Shuck;
cornelius Shuck and Mary Polland.  Lastly, I do appoint and ordain my treaty friends Albert
Voris and Peter Banta, executors to this my last Will & Testament authorizing them to make
conveyances and to do all such other acts as may be necessary and agreeable to law, in the
premises in testimony herof I hereunto set my hand and fix my seal this 20 th day of March 1803.
Witnesses: John Voris and David Demaree.                  Andrew Shuck (his mark)
Codicil of same date bequeathing his farming utensils to his son John Shuck.

Will proved in May of 1803; witnesses were David Demaree, John Voris on motion of Albert
Voris and Peter Banta; Esq.

People mentioned above were PROBABLY as follows:

   Albert Voris: (1753KY- ), h/o Anna Banta, s/o unkn
   Peter Banta (Esq.): (1755NJ- ), h/o Elizabeth Cosijn, s/o Henry Banta/Antjen Demarest

   John Voris: (1758NJ-1845), h/o Rachael Montfort, s/o unkn.
               Joined Shakers in 1810.
   David Demaree: (do not have)

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