Biography: J. T. and Pholenia Nevada Grace (Flint) Pettigrew

From: Dent County, Missouri 1815-1980 Vol. II; Dent County Historical Society; Salem, MO; page 231.

Note: Pholenia Nevada Grace "Ada" (Flint) Pettigrew was daughter of Mariah Caroline "Aunt Duck" Shuck who married L.C. Flint.

J. T. and Pholenia
Nevada Grace (Flint)

  Mrs. Ada Pettigrew was born in Salem, Missouri May 10
1867.  Reared in Salem.  She was converted and joined the
Christian Church in Salem in 1885.  After marriage to John
Thomas Pettigrew July 8, 1889.  Lived near Salem on a farm
where she was taken as a bride.
  To this marriage five daughters wer born.  Georgia, Dollie,
Hattie, Ola and Lorraine who died in infancy.  John Thomas
died April 20, 1903.  Buried in New Hope Cemetery.  Mrs. Pet-
tigrew was left alone to raise her four daughters.  The oldest
then thirteen years old and the youngest six.
  Mrs. Pettigrew's mother, Aunt Mariah Flint, was a great
comfort to her.  She had many friends in her struggle to raise
her children.  Among the neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Dodds.  Uncle Henry and Uncle Willis Stephens.  The McGee
families.  And the Logan Fox family.  Mrs. Fox (Margaret) was
sister to J.T. Pettigrew.  Mrs. I.P. (Pete) Kensler, who
befriended and in later years never a night passed when Mrs.
Pettigrew was alone but what she called to know if Ada was
all right.  Mrs. Kensler had known her for fifty-two years and
was with her at the last.
  Mrs. Pettigrew died August 16, 1933.  Buried in New Hope
Cemetery.  Ada's only sister was Mrs. F.M. (Hattie Flint) Jad-
win, who taught school in Dent County for several years and
for many years lived in the Jadwin community.  Was known to
all as Aunt Hattie.  Mrs. Jadwin died Jan. 1936.  Buried in Cage
  Of J.T. and Ada Pettigrew's daughters the last survivor is
Mrs. Arch (Dollie) McNeill.  Dollie taught school in Dent and
Shannon counties for eighteen years.  Married Arch McNeill (a
native of Dent Co.)  They lived in East St. Louis, Illinois where
Arch was employed at National Stock Yards until his death in
1947.  Arch is buried in New Hope cemetery.
  Dollie now resides on a part of John T.'s original farm.  Hattie
Pettigrew married L.L. Davis.  They had five children.  Volante
DeVere, Dorothy, Arlene, Jackie Cleo, Lewis Lee and Lorraine
who died in infancy.  L.L. and Hattie Davis are buried in New
Hope Cemetery.  Ola Pettigrew married J.F. (Freddie) Dul-
worth.  They raised three daughters.  Gladys Dormilee,
Dorleska May and Joann Louise.  J.F. and Ola Dulworth are
buried in New Hope cemetery.  Georgia married Martin H. Sol-
omon.  They raised a family of six.  Albert Lee, George Win-
fred, Allen C., Grace D., Bennie B. and Lorene.
  The old farm of J.T. is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dil-
lard.  Mrs. Dillard is the daughter of Georgia (Pettigrew) Solo-
mon.  The oldest of John T.'s five daughters by Ada (Flint) Pet-
tigrew.  This the old Pettigrew farm is home base for "The Dil-
lards" an internationally known group of musicians, made up
of Mr. and Mrs. Dillards offspring.

Copyist's note: Yes... there is a famous, internationally-known musical group known as "The Dillards" which has been playing Bluegrass since the 1950's, including appearances on the Andy Griffith Show (Mayberry) under the pseudonym "The Darlings". The group includes brothers Douglas Dillard and Rodney Dillard. As of 1999, they are still touring, including internationally and making records. For more information about them, see: The Dillards

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