John (Jean) Baptiste (est1750-est1820/1830) h/o Hannah Shuck (1756-1832)


Hannah Shuck, b. 28 Nov 1756; died 17 Sep 1832 at Danville, Lincoln (now Boyle) County, Kentucky; buried Wilson Station Cemetery near Junction City, Lincoln (now Boyle) County, Kentucky; married 7 Apr 1790 at Lincoln Co., KY to John (Jean) Baptiste.

This subject has been shown in the known records as John/Jean Baptiste/Baptist or Batiste/Batist. I think that it is likely that, given possible French naming customs, "Baptiste/Batiste" was originally more like a middle name and that an original French "surname" was dropped. This "surname" may have been a family name, place name, etc. Have seen many individuals named "Jean Baptiste Something-or-other". Everybody is named Jean (John) and it is the middle name that distinguishes them (similar to German naming practice where all sons had a first name of Johann and it was the middle name that distinguished them).

I think it more likely that the correct original spelling of the name of our subject should be "Baptiste", rather than the "Batist", etc. which is shown in some records. This seems to be confirmed by general popularity in spelling by other individuals, as well as names of descendants subsequently found who spell "Baptiste". Also, if one wishes to pursue his ancestors, I think a French Canadian origin may be more likely. (But see notes, below.)

An interesting historical and parallel example is found in the naming of the son of Sacagawea, the Shoshoni Indian who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition in search of the Northwest Passage. She was a wife of the French Canadian Touissant Charbonneau. Their son, who was born Feb. 11, 1805 at Fort Mandan was named "Jean Baptiste" whose full name was Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, but appears to be usually referred to in the records and literature as just "Jean Baptiste" or "Baptiste", apparently dropping the actual surname of "Charbonneau". I suspect the naming situation is similar with husband of Hannah Shuck. This is also why I am guessing that he may have been of French Canadian origin. (An interesting historical bio. see Jean Baptiste Charbonneau ).

According to the following brief reference, Jean/John Batiste/Baptiste appeared in some records as "Jean Batiste St. Onge". From Kentucky Marriage Records, page 325 which gives his marriage record:

 4- 7--Batiste, John, Hannah dau.
       of Andres Shuch. [This man
       is probably the same as Jean
       Batiste St. Onge, who ap-
       pears occasionally on the
       county records].

However, I have not seen any of those "county records" which give St. Onge as a surname.

If the above is correct, "St. Onge" may have been a "dit" name. In French, "dit" means "say" and in this context means "called." It is like a nickname or alias in the English and is distinct from an original family surname. For example, in another family branch, individuals have been found in early St. Louis County, Missouri, an historically French settlement, identified as Jean Baptiste Piant (Payant) dit. St. Onge (1805-1806), John Baptiste Piant (Payant) dit. St. Onge (1820-aft1880) and similar. This family was from Quebec. The source of the "dit" name could be an adoptive family name, a place where they were from, a place where they lived, a characteristic of the land where they lived (river/stream), etc.

Some good links on "dit" names:

We do not have any further information about John Baptiste, particularly any records that might indicate birth or death dates. He was last seen in the 1820 census at Lincoln Co., Kentucky and presumably died 1820/1830.

Misc. Notes TBR


Surname has been spelled Batiste, Baptiste, Baliste or Batise (will of Andrew Shuck)

I think the spelling "Baptist(e)" is most likely to be original, presumably, because I have seen others with that spelling. However, spelling of subject's name seems to have been consistent as: "John Batiste". I have found no exceptions except Andrew Shuck's will.

Also appeared to stay put in Lincoln Co. KY. Nothing on him after 1820.

Kentucky Marriages Early to 1800; Liahona Research.

AF online indicates his birth place may have been New Jersey. Would have been Estimated 1750. That seems a remote possibility, but still plausible; Mathias Shuck, brother of Hannah Shuck Baptiste, in his pension application claimed he was born in New Jewsey (1759).

A LOT of 'Batiste' in Louisiana.

Last seen 1820 census Lincoln Co. KY. Shown in Lincoln Co. KY census records 1790 (tax list), 1800 (tax list), 1820 (census). Wife Hannah apparently died 1832 at age 76 per tombstone record found - so they apparently didn't go to Indiana. Only other 'Batiste' in KY was in 1870 Kenton County for a John Batiste page 016. Poss. theory: Jean must have died between 1820 and 1830 and Hannah was living with family (of a married daughter?) in 1830.

Could Elizabeth been dau. by marriage prior to 1790?

Possibility of family linkage: A Jean Baptiste GAREAU ST. ONGE AFN: 14CT-MTB b/c 5 May 1717 Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec,Canada s/o Jean Baptiste GAREAU.

AWT file h4860a indicates he and Hannah Shuck were parents of Elizabeth Batiste. It appears he was the father, but unlikely that Hannah Shuck was the mother. See notes for Elizabeth.

An unknown family history "recently" published (ca. 2000) places Jean Baptiste in Lyon, France before coming to help fight in the American Revolution. I have no further information. (If he fought in the Revolution, there may be some patriot record. Further, that might indicate a birth year as early as 1750/60 (if he were 15-25) or before, which places him in the same age group (estimated) as Hannah Shuck.)

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