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Misc. Shuck Records - Georgia

Irwin County:




This is a list of 6928 marriage licenses on file in the Probate Court of Irwin County,
Georgia including the years from the beginning of Irwin County until 1959. (It also has a
few marriages that were mixed in and were filed in the wrong place being later dates).
The earliest certificate on file is 1832. This list is alphabatized by the groom's name. If
you want a full copy emailed to you, indexed on either the groom or the bride, we can
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Also, if you send a donation, you will be given additional information on up to two
surnames if we have anything on them in the tens of thousands of records we have on
file. One is a listing of people with that surname that also have an application attached
to the certificate of license and the other is a listing marked for the following items. I
can assure you that this is not a money making project but we will take all proceeds
and work to perform other genealogy services. Actually, you will be helping to fund
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free. You will appreciate the time required on this project as you look through the
names listed below.

                        Legend of Additional Information

Letter of Consent (for minors who were under legal age, consent from parents)
Colored (this is how it is listed in the old records)
Free Colored (only before 1861)
License revoked
Date at bottom of certificate missing-used date at top or not executed
Application only (no marriage license)



 Groom's        Groom's            Bride's         Bride's            Marriage
 Lastname       Firstname          Lastname        Firstname          Date


 DAVIS           CHARLES JACKSON    SHUCK           HENRIETTA L.       01/01/1902
 JONES           S. W.              SHUCK           KATIE              06/24/1897