The Low Dutch Company Article of Agreement

ARTICLE OF AGREEMENT made and Concluded on and Between Abraham Banta of Lincollen County and State of Virginia of the first part and We who Names and within writing Father Hennery Banta Samuel Banta Uncle Peter Banta Daniel Banta Peters Banta Peter Banta Cornelius Bogert Andrew Shock {Cornelius Banta} Abraham Brewer Albert Vorhes John Comangore big John Vorhes Hennery Banta ble John Vorhes Simon VanArsdelen Jacob Smock Barney Smock {Hennery Shivelle} Francis Coorssart Luke VanArsdelen Luke Vorhes Uncle Albert Banta Daniel Vorhes Samuel Dumere Aran Monfort John Manfort Albert Banta Jacob Banta William Shock Soviah Vorhes John Banta Cornelius Cozine Frances Manfort Daniel al Banta of the other part Witnesseth that whereas the said Abraham Banta has purched a Certain trat or quantity of land of Squier Boon of the County of Jeffersin in the State of Virginia aforesaid Containing five Thousand Six hundred and Ten acres of Land Situated in the County Jeffersen aforesaid lying on the waters of Six miles Beginning on the Deviding ridge between the waters of Six mile Creek and Clear Creek ... Excepting and reserving 335 acres out of the above mentioned Tract at the price of £16,,13,,4 per hundred acres amounting in the whole sum of £935 payable in Eight yearly payments the first payment is 250 pounds and the rest in seven payments Each payment £97,,17 with an intent and Desine to inCourage and premote a Settlement of the Low Dutch Reformed Church Socisity now it is Covinanted and agreed by and Between the said Abraham Banta and those person Names above mentioned and there seals afixted by these presents that Each of them shall be intitled to any quantity or Numbers of acres of Land of the above mentioned 5610 acres as they and sd. Banta may agree for allowance Being made for Quality of said Lands Subject to and under the following Restrictions Viz 1 That we our heirs Executors administrators or Assigns will pay or Cause to be paid to the said Abraham Banta his heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns yearly and Every year such a sum or sums as shall bear in purporsion to the Quantity and Quallity of Land Each of us Shall hold to the whole Quntity of Land or sum giving till the whole sum be paid 2d That we will subscribe to and support the Low Dutch Reformed Church Sosicity by giving a Call and Invitation to a Regular Instituted Low Dutch minister to assosiate in said Church as much as in us lie and that we will indeavouer to have our children Taught and instructed in the Low Dutch Tongue so that they may Read the word of God and understand the Gospel when Preached unto them 3d That we will Each of us in purportion to the Quantity of Land we hold with said Abraham banta pay towards purching of said Banta at the price above said 200 acres of Land for a personage or plantation for the minister to be called or invited as above said 4ly That the said Abraham Banta his heirs or Assigns shall not sell or Dispose of any Part of Percil of the above mentioned Tract of Land neither will we whose names are above mentioned our heirs or Assigns sell or Dispose of all or any Part of sd Land we shall hold with said Abraham Banta to any Person or Persons whatsoever unless they will fully Comply with the second above mentioned Article 5ly That is any Time hereafter their shall or may be any Claims or Disputes Related to the Title of said Land or any Part thereof, we Each of us our heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns will be at a purporsionable Cost and Expence in Defending the Title thereto in purporsion to the Quantity of Land we may hold thereof and That if the title of the whole or any part thereof shall be made Void we will Bear an Eaqual Loss as above there to, as well to the improvement as to the Land, be it in the power of the said Abraham Banta to purchace from the Legal oner Each of us above mentioned shall pay or Cause to be paid to the price for which it may be bought in purportion to that part of Quantity Each of us holds of the mentioned Tract; 6ly NOW Be it known that the above mentioned Abraham Banta has purched a Certain Tract or Quantity of Land ajoining of the above mentioned Tract with the same Desine and for the purpose as above mentioned, from Richard Beard who Lived in pennsylvania State the Quantity of 2000 acres at Thirty pounds per hundred to be paid in four anul payments ... Now be it known that We the above mentioned will and Shall aid and Assist the above mentioned Abraham Banta his heirs Executors Administrators in Defending both the first and second mentioned tract aforesaid all as one; now for the True performance of all and both Tracts mentioned the second agreeable with first mentioned Tract We the above mentioned our selves our heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns Doth bind ourselves Jointly severally by these presents the one to the other in the penal sum of Three Thousand pounds In Witness whereunto we have set our hands and seals This fourteenth Day of march in the year one Thousand seven hundred & Eighty Six

Signed Sealed in
  the presents us

Darra tharp

Beniemen  X  Stout

{Henry Shively}
frances Cosart
Lukes Van arsdel
Luk Vories
un Albert Banta
Daniel Vorhis
Samuel Demaree
Aron Monfoort
John Monfoort
Albert Banta
Jacob Banta
William Shock
Sophia Vorus
John Banta
Cornelius Cozine
Francis Monfort
Daniel Al Banta
Abraham Banta
fa Hendreck Banta
un Peter Banta
Daniel Banta
Samuel Banta
Petrus Banta
Peter Banta
Cornelous Banta
Andrew Shock
{Cornelius Bogart}
{Abraham brewer}
Albert Voorhies
John Commingor
big John Voorhes
Henry Banta
Bu John Vorus
Jacob Smock
Simon Vanasdal
{Barny Smock}

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