Frederick Shuck (1780-1815) of Alexandria Virginia

Frederick Shuck (1780-1815) of Alexandria Virginia

William and Mary Quarterly, Series 2, Volume 18, 1938, pages 252-254:

[page 252]
Shuck.-- Frederick Shuck, born Alexandria, Virginia, 1780, died February 20, 1815, married Elizabeth Bogan, born Alexandria, Virginia, March 15, 1795, died October 24, 1868. Issue: John Thomas Shuck, born Washington, D.C., September 4, 1814, died at Leon, Kansas, April 28, 1903; Jehu Lewis Shuck, born Alexandria, Virginia, in 1812, died at Barnwell, South Carolina, August, 1863, married Henrietta Hall, daughter of Addison Hall, and went to China as missionaries. Mrs. Shuck was the first white woman missionary to that country, She died at Hong Kong in 1844. Mrs. Shuck published a book of her experiences. Of Frederick Shuck there is no record. Dr. John Thomas Shuck was married in 1840 to Elvira Barbara Madison Hill, who was born at Lynchburg, Virginia, January 30, 1815, daughter of William Davis Hill of Amherst County, Virginia, and Nancy Williams, whose parents were William Williams and Barbara Steele. She claimed relationship to President Madison and Pocahontas. Dr. John Thomas Shuck and his
[page 253]
wife established a home at Harpers Ferry, Va., moved to Parksville, Missouri in 1855, after about three years moved to Olathe, Kansas and in 1883, moved to Leon, Kansas. Mrs. Shuck died at Cartersville, Missouri on May 26, 1905. Issue: Lavinia A. Shuck, born January 31, 1841 at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, was married to Mr. King, of Pryor Creek, Oklahoma. John Thomas Shuck, born February 26, 1844 at Harper's Ferry, Virginia; Luther Malanthon Shuck, born May 21, 1851; Marie Elvira Shuck, born May 6, 1852, married F. H. T. Brown of Cartersville, Mo., died April 24, 1928.
John Thomas Shuck, Jr., born at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, February 26, 1844, died from accidental gun shot near Perryville, Arkansas, February 28, 1902. He was a plainsman, miner, school teacher and rancher. He was married at Olathe, Kansas, September 29, 1870 to Sarah Blanche Washington, born near Lovettsville, Virginia, May 8, 1849. She was the daughter of Samuel Edward Wasnington and Sarah Jane Everhart. Samuel Edward Washington was born near Lovettsville, Virginia, and died at Leeds, Missouri (near Kansas City) February 7, 1905, and was buried in Washington Cemetery, Kansas City. He was the son of John Augustine Washington (by his first wife, Amelia Saunders) a native of Fairfax County, Virginia, a communicant of Pohick Church, and a prominent Mason; his second wife was Elizabeth Ann George of Lovettsville, Virginia. John Augustine Washington died near Lovettsville, Virginia, in 1863 at the age of 65. The parents of Edward were Edward Washington (will probated at Fairfax Court House, September 18, 1792, and his wife, Anne, who was a daughter of Edward De Barre of France. Issue: Elvira Hill Shuck, born near Leon, Kansas, August 28, 1871; Luther Edward Shuck, of Los Angeles, born near Leon, Kansas, April 1, 1875; Lillie P. Shuck, born near Leon, Kansas, August 8, 1873, died November 14, 1874; Walter P. Shuck, born February 15, 1877, died at Olathe, Kansas, May 26, 1878. Elvira Hill Shuck married at Denver, Colorado in 1904 to Charles D. Harkrader. Their daughter, June Blanche Harkrader, born in Denver, July 5, 1895, was married to Howard Meade of Los Angeles, California, and they are the parents of one son, Robert. Luther Edward Shuck married in St. Louis, Missouri, December 1, 1912, to Annette Lillian Flory who was born at Moberly, Missouri, August 3, 1892, the daughter of Allan V. and Parrie Lee Armstrong Flory. They had two sons, Luther Edward Shuck, Jr., was born in St. Louis, Missouri, April 18, 1916, was a student of Stanford University in the class of 1937, now at Harvard University; and John Flory Shuck who was born October 8th, 1918, and is now a student at The University of Southern California, class of '40.
Notes about members of the above family: Allan V. Flory, who died in a railway accident, November 9, 1905, was the son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Cuppy) Flory of Logansport, Indiana. Parrie Lee Armstrong, who died at St. Louis, Missouri, April 19, 1919, was the daughter of James Armstrong and Isabelle Houston of DeWitt and Brunswick, Missouri. Elizabeth Bogan Shuck, after the death of her husband, married Samuel S. Handley of Washington, D.C. She died October 24, 1868 and Mr. Handley died April 27, 1872. Percy Hall Shuck, 1430 Main St., Columbia, South Carolina, is a grandson of Jehu Lewis Shuck. Luther M. Shuck married Betty Hayden, teacher, and moved to Stockton, California. He died in 1917 at the family home, 6327 California St., San Francisco. Jessie Washington Alder, of
[page 254]
Washington, D.C., is a granddaughter of John Augustine Washington, by his second wife, Elizabeth Ann George. Betty Hayden Shuck died at San Francisco, April, 1934. Rose L. Chenoweth, sister of Sarah Blanche Washington Shuck, died at Leon, Kansas, March 16, 1937. Lilly Washington Wilson, the other sister of Blanche Washington, died in Washington, D.C., May, 1936, and is buried at Petersburg, Virginia. Her daughter, Blanche McKinzie, lives at Brook Terrace, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Jehu Lewis Shuck (1812-1863)

Jehu Lewis Shuck (1812-1863) was a Baptist preacher and missionary to China from the First Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia. He married first to Henrietta Hall (1817-1844) who, accompanying him to China in 1835, was the first American woman missionary to that country. A biography of his life has been written: I Give Myself: The Story of J. Lewis Shuck and His Mission to the Chinese; Hall, Thelma Wolfe; 1983; Richmond, VA; 199p. Copies are located in at least 22 libraries nationwide and may be available through inter-library loan.

Henrietta Hall Shuck wrote a book about her experiences: A Memoir of Mrs. Henrietta Shuck, the First American Female Missionary to China; Boston: Gould, Kendall & Lincoln; 1850; 251p. A second book by her published in 1860: Scenes in China; or, Sketches of the Country, Religion, and Customs, of the Chinese; Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society; 1860; 252p. (Both are located in numerous libraries nationwide and may be available through inter-library loan.) A school in Hong Kong was named for her and they have a website at The Henrietta School with a history which mentions her and husband with a picture at Henrietta Secondary School History.

From Shuck; Shock; Shook ...:

The Larry G. Shuck book has the following information:

[page 55]  Jehu Lewis SHUCK b Alexandria Co Va 4 Sep 1812 d Barnwell
Courthouse SC 20 Aug 1863 md. three
times, 1) Henritta [sic] HALL b 28 Oct 1817
in Kilmarnock Va d 27 Nov 1844 in
China, 2) md. 29 Oct 1848 Elizabeth
SEXTON d/o S M SEXTON d 1851 in China,
3) md. 19 Jan 1854 Anna L TROTTI d/o
General G J TROTTI.

[page 56]
Jehu L. went to Lewisburg WVa (Greenbrier
Co) when he was about 6 yrs with
his mother and brother.  Why there, has
not been established but there could have
been a close kinship between this Shuck
lineage and Mose SHUCK.  Names of children
of Jacob's brother George and Mose are
very much alike.  Jehu was baptized at
age 10.  He attended the Lewisburg Academy
and was licensed to preach by the
age 20.  The church presently is called
the Shuck Baptist Church in his honor and
is being continually used.   He later
studied at the Virginia Baptist Seminary
in Richmond and apparently while there
decided to become a missionary.  It was
there he met Henritta [sic] HALL and they
married 8 Sep 1835.
   Jehu and Henritta [sic] left for China 22
Sep 1835 aboard the Louvre, 14 days after
they got married and Henrietta not yet 19
yrs old.  There is material published on
these two about their stay in China until
Henrietta's death there and this will not
be repeated by reference an article by T
the daughter of a minister Addison HALL.
Her mother died when she was 14.  In 1832
the family had moved to Richmond and
there she entered the female seminary
conducted by Rev H KEELING.  She was
enrolled in the Virginia Baptist Seminary
when she met Jehu.  Her father Addison b 3
Sep 1797 d 2 Apr 1871 md. her mother 2
Jan 1817 Susan EDMONDS of Lancaster Co
Va.  Addison's parents were John HALL, a
merchant, and Clarissa POLLARD d/o
Captain Thomas POLLARD of the Rev. War.
For more background on the Rev. Addison
HALL see "FACES ON THE WALL" by Woodward
B HACKLEY.  Addison was married three
times: 2) 18 Jul 1832 Catherine C
CRITTENDEN of Middlesex Co 3) 20 Dec 1854
Lucy A NOYES, having a total of 15 children,
all receiving an excellent education.
  Jehu spent two separated 4 years tours
in China.
Issue of Jehu Lewis SHUCK and Henrietta
HALL;  Lewis Hall SHUCK b in
  Singapore, educated at Wake Forest and

the University of Virginia with a PhD and
was a baptist minister.  Held pastorates
in Virginia and South Carolina, succeeded
his father as pastor of Steel Creek and
Blackville churches, buried next to his
father at Barnwell Courthouse.  Lewis was
married twice; 1) 3 Jul 1856 md. Mary A
PARRISH, 2) 19 Nov 1863 Gassie J TROTTI
d/o General Casper TROTTI.  This is the
sister to Annie L TROTTI that married
Jehu L. Lewis' father.
  Issue of these were not researched but
from published obituary notices in the
Richmond Religious Herald the following
is noted;
  -Gasper Tritti SHUCK s/o Rev. Lewis H
and Gassie T SHUCK 31 May 1866
  -Mollie Tobey d/o Dr L H SHUCK 1 Jul
  -Gassie T SHUCK wife of Dr L H SHUCK
25 Feb 1909
   These are the published dates, not the
event date. Ryland Keeling SHUCK. Oscar Devan SHUCK. Henrietta Layton SHUCK (a
  school teacher) One child died early.

   Jehu Lewis SHUCK next married Elizabeth
G SEXTON a teacher in the Judson
Female Institute at Marion Alabama in
1864.  She died five years later in 1851
in China.  She was the daughter of S M
SEXTON.  On 19 Jan 1854 Jehu married Annie
TROTTI of South Carolina, daughter of
General C J TROTTI.  They had one child
that died 25 Jun 1863,  Jehu died soon
after on 20 Aug 1863 at his home near
Barnwell Courthouse.

The Baptist Circular

From August, 1858 through April of 1859, J. Lewis Shuck published a newspaper in the northern California area (Sacramento, San Francisco) called "The Baptist Circular." It was replaced by another paper, "The Evangel" to which he contributed each time it published fortnightly.

The following information was provided by a reasearcher who is interested in Gold Rush Baptist ministers. He would be especially in seeing any copies of this newspaper. His message follows:


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                       Re: Louis and Henrietta Shuck
Posted by: Janet Finley Davis                       Date: April 25, 2000 at
In Reply to: Re: Louis and Henrietta Shuck by
Vicky Dusen-Westra                                             110  of 116

Since I posted that message I discovered my husband's grandmother,
Henrietta Shuck, was the daughter of Jehu Lewis Shuck and his second wife.
So you and my husband are some kind of half-cousins, I guess.
Since you've been in touch with Tom Pike (I thought from his email that his
first name was Pike and last name Thomas, but I probably got it wrong) you
probably already have this I copied from an email from him:

Rev Shuck had a fascinating biography. You'll find a short bio in the
Dictionary of American Biography, but the best is a small (198pp)
soft-cover book done in 1983 by Thelma Wolfe Hall (2332 Scarsborough Dr,
Richmond VA 23235).
[ed. note: This is "I Give Myself: The Story of J. Lewis Shuck and His
Mission to the Chinese"; Hall, Thelma Wolfe; 1983; Richmond, VA; 199p.
Copies located in at least 22 libraries nationwide.]
You should DEFINITELY get one if Mrs Hall is still alive and
kickin' (although she did not know at the time of our line from John Sexton
Shuck),Shuck was married three times. The first was the famous Henrietta
Hall (dau of Rev Addison Hall of Lancaster Co VA), a wealthy planter/minister.
They made a splendid faith-filled couple and were off to China almost
immediiately after their marriage. The time there (lots of letters home survivie,
plus Henrietta's diary) was very difficuly, esp. re language and money.
Henrietta lasted nine years and died 1844 (and is buried)in Hong Kong. I
saw her grave when I was in the service in the mid-Sixties.
Lewis came home on a tour, bringing his kids for school and a tour and
married in 1846 Eliza G Sexton, who met Shuck while he was ytouring and
giving talks on mission. She (from Philadelphia) was teaching at Judson
female Institute, Marion AL. Her father Silas Sexton had been a merchant in
Philadelphia and evidently received the call to ministry in the mid-1840's
and thereafter lived in Vicksburg MS as Baptist minister (he died in the
midst of the siege of Vicksburg in 1863). She too went off almost
immediately with him to China, this time to Shanghai. More troubles, less
documentation. She bore two children and died in 1851 childbirth with her
second, Eliza Sexton Shuck who d at age two in Wilmington NC with an aunt
(she probably had miscarriages in between). She is buried in Shanghai.
First child was John Sexton Shuck (b 1847).
Shuck returned to States in 1852 and once again married, this time from SC:
Annie Trotti (from a prominent landowner family of Barnwell Co; her father
was called "Count"). Family lore says she refused to go to China, and so
they went to Gold-Rush California at Sacramento and opened a Chineses
Mission until the Civil War, when he returned to Barnmwell to minister at
Barnwell Baptist Church. There is a monument to him there, right on the
Town Square) until his death in 1863.
The impulse to ministry continued in his son Lewis Hall Shuck whom was
pastor at Charleston's famous First Baptist Church for many years.
Lots more where this came from!Here is a short tree:
Descendants of Jehu Lewis Shuck
[ed. note: indented following]
1 Jehu Lewis Shuck b: September 3, 1812 Alexandria Va. src: tombstone,
Barnwell Cem; bio sketch d: August 20, 1863 Barnwell Co SC src: tombstone,
Barnwell Cem. Father: Frederock Shuck Mother: Elizabeth Bogan

+Henrietta Hall b: October 28, 1817 Kilmarnoc, Lancaster Co., Va d:
November 27, 1844 Hong Kong China m: September 8, 1835 Richmond, Henrico
Co, VA Father: Addison Hall Mother: Susan Edmonds
   2 Lewis Hall Shuck b: August 3, 1836 Singapore, British Malay
   States d: July 8, 1911 Cheraw, SC src: bur. Barnwell Baptist ChCeme.
   +Mary A. Parish d: Abt. 1863 m: Abt. 1854
      3 Mary Parish (Mollie) Shuck b: 1856 d: 1874
      3 Lewis Garland Shuck b: July 9, 1858 d: March 14, 1934
      +Addie Burk b: Aft. 1858 m: Abt. 1887
         4 Lewis Hall Shuck b: 1889 d: 1923
         4 Annie Gilmer Shuck b: January 23, 1891
         +Clifford Newell Jones m: July 9, 1912
          Father: James EdwardJones Mother: Elizabeth Norton
            5 Clifford Newell Jones b: November 10,1913
            +Louise Vilensky
               6 Louise Clifford Jones b: July 27, 1940
               6 Emily Annis Jones b: April 9,1947
            5 Addie Elizabeth Jones b: June 18, 1923
            +Thomas Richard Bryant b: Bef. 1923
               6 Thomas Richard Bryant b: January 22, 1945
               6 Peggy Annis Bryant b: July 28, 1948
            5 Lewis Edward Jones b: January 7, 1928
               +Betty Mann
               6 Lewis Edward Jones b: August 4, 1953
               6 David Mann Jones b: September 20, 1954
               6 Jeffrey Lee Jones b: January 31, 1958
         4 William Burk Shuck b: 1895 d: 1896
         4 Mollie Parish Shuck b: December 11, 1900
         +Robert Wynn Wommack b: September 4, 1898
           m: June 15, 1922 Conyers GA Father: Daniel
         Spencer Wommack Mother: Eugenia Jackson Mize
            5 Jean Wommack b: November 25, 1929
            +James Edward Cox b: Bef. 1925 m:
            July 18, 1945
               6 James Edward Cox b: Aft. 1946
               6 Dorothy Jean Cox b: Aft. 1946
               6 Susan Cox b: Aft. 1946
   *2nd Wife of [1] Lewis Hall Shuck:
   +Gasparella (Gassie) I. Trotti b: 1838 d: 1908 bur Barnwell
     Cem m: 1864 Barnwell Co SC Father: Gaspar J. Trotti
     Mother: Caroline Y. Adams
      3 Gaspar Trotti Shuck b: 1868 d: May 17, 1869
      3 Percy Hall Shuck b: October 3, 1869 d: June 10, 1921
        Columbia SC
   2 Ryland Malcolm Shuck b: October 29, 1838 Macao
   2 Henrietta Layton Shuck b: April 2, 1841 Macao d: bur Barnwell
     Bapt. Ceme.
   2 Oscar Devan Shuck b: April 1843
   2 Henrie Fuller Shuck b: November 27, 1844 US d: November 9, 1845
     at sea

*2nd Wife of [2] Jehu Lewis Shuck:
   +Eliza G. (Lizzie) Sexton b: December 11, 1824 Philadelphia, Pa. src:
   "Religious Herald" 29 Oct 1846 (cf HD Jackson ppr in Ala Bap Hist Soc
     d: November 21, 1851 Shanghai CHINA src: JL Shuck ltr:"Home&Foreign Jrnl"
     May 1852 (cf HD Jackson ppr- Samford U Arch) m: October 14, 1846 Marion AL
     (min Milo P Jewett, Pres Judson Female Inst) src: Ala Baptist 23 Oct 1846
     Father: Silas Wood Sexton Mother: Harriet Clark
   2 John Sexton Shuck b: August 20, 1847 Shanghai, China src: see
     letters of J.Lewis Shuck d: November 5, 1905 Aiken, SC (bur
     Bamberg Cemetery SC) src: one record says 1907
     +Catherine (Kitty) Ingram b: March 25, 1851 Barnwell Co SC d:
     March 5, 1932 Bamberg, SC (bur Bamberg Cem) m:
     Abt. 1868 Barnwell Co SC Father: James Johnson Ingram
     Mother: Mary Elizabeth Johnson

However, it's possible that you don't have it so that's why I posted it.
That's about all I have so far, I think.

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