John H. Shook (1788GE-1838) of Indiana[E.1]/John Shook (1765MD-AFT1850IN)


The following information about this family is summarized from Robert Sherwood's Floodwillow website. There are substantial differences between relationships shown on this site and those reported in the Larry Shuck book.

Spouse 1: Arrana PORTER
  1. John N. SHOOK (1788-1838)
  2. Charles SHOOK
  3. David Porter SHOOK
  4. Hezekiah SHOOK
  5. Peter SHOOK
  6. Frances SHOOK
Spouse 2: Dorcas BALL
  1. Harriett SHOOK
  2. Jabez SHOOK
  3. Lorenzo Dow SHOOK
  4. Lydia SHOOK
  5. Sarah SHOOK
  6. Amon SHOOK
  7. Rezin SHOOK
  8. Margaret SHOOK
Spouse 3: Elizabeth (unknown)

John Shook born about 1765 lived in Montgomery County, Maryland until about 1808 when he migrated west to Ripley County, Indiana. He seems to have no connection to the Shooks of Stark County, Ohio who appear to have come from Virginia. No known connection to the Shooks of Pennsylvania.

Larry Shuck shows [E.1/pg. 124]:

John N. Shook b. 23 Aug 1788 Germany, d. 3 Nov 1838 bur Ver. IN md Dorcas Ball ? md 2) ______Black. Children: 1 Charles H. Shook m 18 Mar 1837 Henrietta Francis ? 2)Weealthy Ball 2 Frances Shook 3 Hezekiah Shook 4 David P Shook md Julia Morris 5 Peter Shook d 1875 ?md Marg. Ludwick lived Ohio 6 John L. Shook 1815 IND- md Caroline P Skeen m 4 SEP 1836 ? 2)Sarah Porter 7 Harriet Shook md Joseph Ludwick 8 Jabez Shook md Rebe. Ludwick 9 Lorenzo Dow Shook 24 JUN 1808-1886 m 31 AUG 1831 Mariah Ludwick 10 Lydia A Shook m 8 JAN 1831 William Davis 11 Sarah Shook m 4 PAY 1831 James Duncan 12 Amon Shook m 18 MAR 1837 Catherine Yost 13 Rezin Shook c1810-1885 m 2 MAY 1837 Eliza Roberts m 2) Sarah C Graham 14 Marga. Shook m 7 MAY 1838 Lawson Wager

The Larry Shuck book (page 124/E.1) list also includes the family of John L. Shook (1815IN-) as son of John N. Shook (1788-1838). He marr. 1) 4 SEP 1836 Caroline P. Skeen; ?2) Sarah Harper. Children:

  1. David W. Shook (1840IN-)
  2. Jeremiah D. Shook (1843IN-)
  3. Sarah E. Shook (c1846IN-)
  4. Cynthia A. Shook (c1849IN-)
  5. Scott Shook (1853IN-)
  6. Monroe L. Shook (1854IN-)
  7. Emma Shook (1859IN-)

The Larry Shuck book (page 124/E.1) list also gives the family of Hezekiah Shook (1811-1882).

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