by Martha Miller

                       -- CHILDREN --

                        MATHIAS SHUCK

MATHIAS (MATHEW) SHUCK.  The following is from an affidavit
dated Dec. 3, 1832, Henry Co. Ky., filed with his Revolutionary
War pension papers:

  Aged 73 years.  Born in New Jersey in 1759, but can't
  remember the month.  Moved to Virginia in 1760.  He was
  residing in Berkeley Co. Va. when he entered the service.
  He was drafted for six months in the Virginia militia
  as a private under Capt. Jacob Linder.  On Oct. 16, 1781
  he joined the army at Little York.  He was at the taking
  of Cornwallis.  After the surrender he guarded British
  prisoners, serving until April 1782.  He removed to
  Kentucky after the Revolutionary War.  He made his mark
  on the affidavit (could not sign his name).  There is
  unfortunately no family record in the pension file.

Mathias Shuck signed the 1783 Low Dutch petition to the
Continential Congress as an "intend friend" meaning he
intended to remove to Kentucky.  His signature "Mattis
Shoc" appears immediately below his father's signature.

The following record of Mathias Shuck's children is from
Squire R.H. Shuck's 1903 memorandum on the Shuck family:

  JAMES SHUCK |  one married Frazier
  PETER SHUCK |  one married Poland
  POLLY SHUCK |  one married Shuck
  PEGGY SHUCK |  grandchildren are numerous
  SALLY SHUCK |  all the older Shucks are dead

                     WILLIAM SHUCK

WILLIAM SHUCK was born Feb. 25, 1765 (prob. in Berkeley Co.
Va., now W. Va.), son of Andrew and Margaret Shuck.  He came
to Kentucky about 1784.  He was a chain carrier for the
survey of the Low Dutch Tract Feb. 16, 1786.  He was a signer
of the Article of Agreement formally organizing the Low Dutch
Company on Mar. 14, 1786.  On both the survey and the agreement
he signed his name "Shock".  He shared Lot No. 29 in the Low
Dutch Tract originally with Big John Voras.  The entire lot
was deeded to William Shuck by the last Company trustees on
Sept. 17, 1839.  The Company Book of Accounts spelled his
name variously as Shock, Shough and Shuck.

William Shuck married Mary (Maria) Banta on Aug. 4, 1792 in
Mercer Co.  She was baptized Feb. 6, 1772 at Conewago [PA], a
daughter of Henry and Maria Stryker Banta.  Her father died
in 1777 and her mother was killed in 1778 by a falling tree.
Maria and her brothers and sisters were raised in her grand-
father's family.  They no doubt all accompanied the grand-
father, Henry Banta, down the Ohio to Kentucky in 1780.
Maria's oldest brother, Henry, married William Shuck's
sister, Sally.

William Shuck farmed and died in Henry Co. Ky.  He was known
as "Uncle Billy Shuck" while his wife, Mary Banta Shuck was
known as "Aunt Polly Shuck."

                    ANDREW SHUCK

ANDREW SHUCK, son of Andrew and Margaret Shuck, died Oct. 27,
1830 in Fulton Co. Ky. at about 55 years of age.  The family
record shows he was married on Mar. 10, 1796 to Mary (Polly)
Ann Young who was born in Virginia Feb. 28, 1773 and died about
1850 in Fulton Co. Ky.  The Lincoln Co. Ky. marriage record
is dated May 7, 1796.  They were residents of Henry Co. for
most of their lives.  It seems from their family record that
they used the spelling "Shough" until about 1800.  They were
the parents of nine children, only eight of which are now

(See Henry Co. Deed Book 15, pg. 34 for deed dated July 2, 1832
from Bergen & Vannuys to the widow & heirs of Andres Shuck for
Lot No. 27 in the Low Dutch Tract.)

                     CORNELIUS SHUCK

CORNELIUS SHUCK was probably one of the younger children of
Andrew and Margaret Shuck.  Through his father's will dated
Mar. 20, 1803, he inherited 80 acres off the north corner of
his father's land provided there was that much land on the
north side of the fence.  There was apparently not near 80
acres as Cornelius Shuck received only 18 3/4 acres off the
north corner of his father's Lot No. 3 in the final dissolution
of the Low Dutch Company (deed dated July 22, 1833).  By
deed dated Feb. 12, 1822, Cornelius had purchased 9l 3/4 acres
to the north for $458.25 from the heirs of Abraham Banta,
it being part of Lot No. 7 originally drawn by Banta, the
first trustee of the Low Dutch Company.  The southeast
boundary of this land is present-day Highway 241 from
South Pleasureville until it turns due south.  The lands
were in Shelby Co.

A memorandum of John O. Demaree's indicates that Cornelius
Shuck was married to Rebecca Farrell.

The following record of Cornelius Shuck's children is from
Squire R.H. Shuck's 1903 memorandum on the Shuck family:

  POLINA SHUCK   |   All are dead.
  ELIJAH SHUCK   |   They leave a host of grandchildren.
  LEVI SHUCK     |

                     JOHN SHUCK

JOHN SHUCK, born in 1779, was one of the youngest children of
Andrew and Margaret Shuck.  Through his father's will dated
Mar. 20, 1803, he inherited most of Lot No. 3 in the Low Dutch
Tract.  He also purchased an adjoining 50 acres to the south
out of Lot No. 2 for which he paid $500.  The western boundary
line of his Lot No. 3 land is present-day Highway 241 where
it runs north and south between Cropper and South Pleasureville.
In the dissolution of the Low Dutch Company, by deed dated
July 22, 1833, he received title to lO3 3/4 acres of Lot No. 3
and the 50 acres of Lot No. 2.  By another deed the same day
he received title to an additional tract -- "...the sd John
Shuck is entitled to sixty six acres of land which was
allotted to him in hew of what his lot No 3 lacked in
quality." The road southeast out of Defoe to the Defoe
Cemetery follows the northeast line of this tract.  The tract
lay southwest along the road and its northwest end included
part of present-day Defoe.

John Shuck died Jan. 3, 1858 at 78 years of age.  He was
married to Priscilla (Prucilla) Young, a native of Mercer
County.  She died Dec. 6, 1852 at 72 years of age.  They
are both buried at Pleasureville.  They raised seven
children: four girls and three boys.

                    -- GRANDCHILDREN --

                      ANDREW-3 SHUCK
                  [William-2, Andrew-1]

ANDREW SHUCK (May 6, 1793 - Feb. 17, 1866) married first
Constantine (Christina, Tina or Tiney) Banta, his mother's
cousin.  Their Henry Co. marriage bond is dated Sept. 26,
1814.  She died July 7, 1833 in her 40th year.  She was
the youngest child of Abraham and Margrieta Monfort Banta,
born the same year her father died.  Her father was the
first trustee of the Low Dutch Company.  Andrew and Tina
Shuck settled in Switzerland Co. md.  Andrew married
second Elizabeth ----- (Sept. 8, 1799 - June 18, 1859).
Andrew, his wives and the following children are buried
in the Pleasant Cemetery in Switzerland Co.

                       ANDREW-3 SHUCK
                    [Andrew-2, Andrew-1]

ANDREW SHUCK, born June 12, 1801 in Henry Co., died Oct.
23, 1889 in Fulton Co. at age 88y 4m l1d.  On Aug. 28,
1828 he married Cynthia (Cinthy, Cinthia or Sintha) Clark,
born Apr. 1, 1805, died Aug. 17, 1877 at age 72y 4m 16d.
She was the daughter of John B. and Mary Clark.  At age
28 Andrew Shuck went to Fulton Co. where he bought 160
acres of woodland.  From this he cleared a fine farm on
which he resided until his death.  He was known as "Uncle
Andy Shuck." He was never a church member, but was of
the old-school Presbyterian belief.  The Shucks were
parents of eleven children, but had grandchildren only

                       EDWARD Y.-3 SHUCK
                     [Andrew-2, Andrew-1]

Born April 25, 180?, marr. --- 17, 1826 Francis Ann White.
He lived at Hickman/Fulton Co. KY then moved to Dent Co. Missouri
where he was a Justice of the Peace,
married second Rhoda (Rody) Shelton and had children there.
The family then moved to Shannon Co. MO where he died between 1870 and
1880.  --- Have more on this later.

                       ANDREW-3 SHUCK
                   [John-2, Andrew-1]

ANDREW SHUCK.  The following may pertain to him:
Will of Andrew Shuck, Henry Co. Ky.  Wife, Minerva Shuck,
bequeathed lands both occupied by the family and rented.
To daughter, Mary, five slaves.  Other daughters were
Sophronia and Martha Ann.  Two sons, Richard and Winkfield
Shuck, were to receive land on Bantas Fork in Henry Co.
Mentioned brother, John.  Named brother, Richard, as
executor.  Dated June 7, 1863, proved August Court 1863.

                     JOHN Y.-3 SHUCK
                  [John-2, Andrew-1]

JOHN Y. SHUCK, a native of Shelby County, died in 1845 at
the age of 32.  He married Martha F. Lyle, daughter of
David and Nancy Barbee Lyle of Shelby Co.  She died in
1868 at the age of 49.  They had two children.

                  RICHARD H.-3 SHUCK
                 [John-2, Andrew-1]

RICHARD H. SHUCK, born April 2, 1817 (1819?) in Shelby Co.
He inherited and resided on his father and grandfather's
Low Dutch Tract property.  He was educated in the common
schools and served eight years as justice of the peace.
He married first, on Jan. 14, 1846, Maria S. DePauw (Oct.
11, 1824 - Dec. 13, 1868) of Lincoln Co.  They had eight
children.  He married second Martha (Mattie) Williams
(Nov. 21, 1830 - Apr. 3, 1900) of Henry Co.  Squire Shuck
died Feb. 20, 1909 at age 89y 10m 20d.  He is buried with
his father and mother, both his wives and six of his
children in the Shuck family plot in the Pleasureville

                  -- GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN --

                  WILLIAM (BILLY) A.-4 SHUCK
               [John Y.-3, John-2, Andrew-1]

WILLIAM (BILLY) A. SHUCK, born April 10, 1839 in
Shelby Co.  He received a good English education
and grew to manhood in Shelby Co.  In 1861 he entered
the Buckner Guards as a private.  After service of
oLle year he was breveted second lieutenant in the
Eighth Kentucky Cavalry (CSA) and in 1862 was promoted
a captain under John Morgan.  He was captu:ed with his
commander in Morgan's famous raid through Ohio.  He
remained a prisoner at Johnson's Island until the
end of the war.
  Capt. William Shuck married first, on March 1, 1870,
Lida Kennedy, daugher of B.J. Kennedy of Oxford, Miss.
She died Nov. 15, 1870.  He married second, on May
12, 1876, Bertha Alexander, daughter of William L. and
Mary Richman Alexander of Fulton Co. Ky.  Captain
Shuck owned a 100 acre farm in Fulton Co.

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