Biography: R. H. Shuck (1817or1819-1908)

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887,
Shelby Co.

R. H. SHUCK was born April 2, 1819, in Shelby County, Ky., son of John S.
and Priscilla (Young) Shuck.  His mother was a native of Mercer County,
Ky., and her father a well-to-do farmer.  Our subject's grandfather,
Andrew Schuck, was a native of Germany, immigrated to Pennsylvania and
then to Mercer County, Ky.  He was one of the members of what was called
the Low Dutch Company, which company purchased a large tract of land,
12,000 acres, in Shelby and Henry Counties, from Squire Boone, a brother of
Daniel Boone, the great pioneer of Kentucky.  This tract of land was
divided into 200 acre lots, and he drew Lot No. 3, in Shelby County; it
was valued by him at 70 lls. and 11d.  He moved to it in the year 1784.
R. H. Shuck was educated in the common schools.  He has been married twice:
first, January 14, 1846, to Maria Depauw, of Lincoln County, who bore him
eight children, four of whom are living: Peter, Charles, Fannie and Richard.
After her death he married Mattie Williams, of Henry County.  Mr. Shuck
owns 157 acres of land in Shelby County, and a house and lot in
Pleasureville, Henry County.  His tract of land comprises a part of the
original tract owned by his grandfather, which descended to his father,
John Shuck, and then to our subject, and has been occupied by the same
family since 1784.  Mr. Shuck has been a justice of the peace of Shelby
County for eight years and has made a zealous officer.  He is a member
of the Masonic Lodge.  Politically he is a Democrat.

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