Aerial Photos and Maps

Two sources on the internet that provide free maps, including aerial photos, are:

Topozone is easier to use when looking up specific place-names. It can zoom in on the topo map. However, while Topozone's topo maps are free, they require a paid subscription to access aerial photos which are probably the same as TerraServer.

Terraserver can search on a street, city and state but is best if you have coordinates. That's usually a problem for small, rural cemeteries that don't have a street address. Unfortunately, the USGS and similar lists show probably about 1/3 of the rural cemeteries, so obtaining coordinates may be difficult. Also, with Terraserver: 1) Coordinate boxes are reversed, 2) it is necessary to enter minus sign in front of Longitude, 3) enter coordinates to three decimal places and 4) no N or W.

   Example: Greenwood Cemetery at Clarksville, Missouri

      Latitude:   39.356_N
      Longitude:  90.910_W

      Enter as:

         Longitude      Latitude
          -90.910        39.356

Aerial photos probably come from government, poss. USGS.

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