Tatting is what I really enjoy doing these days. Here are some of the items I have tatted. The items at the top of the page are my own designs. I tatted the items at the bottom from patterns by other designers. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture. Enjoy.

Last updated on 11/3/02

My Designs

I designed these daffodils for a decorated hat contest.
I made this in 2001 to give to my mother for Mother's Day. I attached it to a sweatshirt that I gave her. Click here for pattern. I designed this angel using a mixture of hairpin lace and tatting.
I designed this purse using a technique called "mignonette stitch". I made the black lining and attached it to the purse clasp. I designed this ribbon in remembrance of those who lost their life in the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001.
I designed this doily for the Tatting Online pattern book edited by Georgia Seitz This snowflake is also my own design. I named it Ice Crystal because of the beads. Click here for pattern.
I adapted this snowflake based on a pattern in an issue of Old Time Crochet. The flowers in this ruler are from a pattern in The Big Book of Tatting. The green leaves are my own design.

Other Designers

These are some of my most decorated shuttles. Clockwise from left: Zebrawood, Pierced (The Shuttle Shop), Flowered (Georgia Seitz). Shuttles were used to do most of the tatting on this page. Some items were needle tatted.
This is called Starlight Doily. The pattern is in Tatting book No. 207 published by The Spool Cotton Company in 1944. I made this for an ornament swap I participated in during the 2002 holiday season.
This heart was designed by Susan Fuller. It is called Heart's Desire. I added beads to the pattern as I tatted it. This heart (designed by Helen Bailey) was tatted in memory of Kaethe Kliot (Lacis). She passed away in August 2002.
I tatted this for the August Tat-Along Project. I used size 12 Turkish cotton thread. The pattern for these earrings can be found in Needle Tatting with Style, Book 1.
Three bookmarks made in April 2002 to donate to the Literary Guild. The designers are (left to right) Betsy Evans, Mae Taylor, Unknown. Butterfly in Tat Five book by Rosemarie Peel.
I made these two doilies to donate to the Lace Museum for their fundraiser in 2001. I made this bookmark in 2001 to donate to a Literary Guild. I'm looking for the name of the person who designed it.
These butterflies can be found in the Summer 1999 issue of Old Time Crochet. This is the same butterfly as on the left, but made with a different color and weight of thread.
This leaf was made from a pattern found in an old issue of The Workbasket magazine. This candle is needle tatted. I didn't own a tatting needle at the time, so I used a large tapestry needle. This was my first attempt at needle tatting.
The pattern for this collar can be found in the Tatsy shuttle tatting book. This large butterfly was designed by Lenore English.
This doily has both tatting and crochet. The pattern is in A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin. I made these snowflakes from patterns in various tatting books I have.