The David Letterman Expressway

(or, the David Letterman Bypass!)


In 2002, Dave made a big deal on the big show about having I-465 named after him. If Paul can have Paul Shaffer Drive in Thunder Bay, then Dave should get I-465 in Indianapolis named after him. First, it was the David Letterman Expressway, but one of Dave's staff members came up with David Letterman Bypass, which alludes to Dave's prior heart bypass surgery.

(See the Wahoo gazette for all the details!)

Many folks thought the idea was great, and started to support the naming of the "loop" around Indianapolis. DuraBuilders and others posted billboards in support of the new name. Radio stations started calling it the "DLX" (David Letterman eXpressway) during their morning traffic reports. I personally, as well as many others, filed comments with their appropriate legislators in favor of this move. Then, all of the sudden, nothing else was said. I have been told that Dave's own lawyers recommended against the idea when a legislator started drafting the bill to make the name official. I guess it's because of some potential copyright problems or something. But anyway, the Letterman Expressway (known as "The Dave" for short) will still live on in fans' hearts. We know that Dave is Indiana's ambassador to the world. So, this site is dedicated to Dave and the future naming of I-465 in his honor. Below you can see what the world would look like if this became law. And regardless of the official name, some of just will keep on calling it "the Dave."