This award honors Mildred L. Batchelder, a former executive director of the Association for Library Service to Children, a believer in the importance of good books for children in translation from all parts of the world. The award is given to an American publisher for a children's book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country, and subsequently translated into English and published in the United States. ALSC gives the award to encourage American publishers to seek out superior children's books abroad and to promote communication among the peoples of the world.


2003 Cornelia Funk German Oliver Tatsch The Thief Lord. Chicken House
2002 Karin Gundisch German James Skofield How I Became an American. Cricket Books/Carus Publishing
2001 Daniella Carmi Hebrew Yael Lotan Samir and Yonatan. Scholastic Press
2000 Anton Quintana Dutch John Nieuwenhuizen The Baboon King. Walker
1999 Schoschana Rabinovici German James Skofield Thanks to My Mother. Dial
1998 Josef Holub German Elizabeth D. Crawford The Robber and Me. Henry Holt
1997 Kazumi Yumoto Japanese Cathy Hirano The Friends. Farrar, Straus & Giroux
1996 Uri Orlev Hebrew Hillel Halkin The Lady with the Hat. Houghton Mifflin
1995 Bjarne Reuter Danish Anthea Bell The Boys from St. Petri. Dutton
1994 Pilar Molina Llorente Spanish Robin Longshaw The Apprentice. Farrar, Straus & Giroux
1993 No Award
1992 Uri Orlev Hebrew Hillel Halkin The Man from the Other Side. Houghton Mifflin
1991 Rafik Schami German Rika Lesser A Hand Full of Stars. Dutton
1990 Bjarne Reuter Danish Anthea Bell Buster's World. Dutton
1989 Peter Hartling German Elizabeth D. Crawford Crutches. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard
1988 Ulf Nilsson Swedish Lone Thygesen Clecher If You Don't Have Me. McElderry Books
1987 Rudolph Frank German Patricia Crampton No Hero for the Kaiser. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard
1986 Christophe Gallaz & Robert Innocenti Italian Martha Coventry & Richard Craglia Rose Blanche. Creative Education
1985 Uri Orlev Hebrew Hillel Halkin The Island on Bird Street. Houghton Mifflin
1984 Astrid Lindgren Swedish Patricia Crampton Ronia, the Robber's Daughter. Viking Press
1983 Toshi Maruki Japanese Kurita-Bando Literary Agency Hiroshima No Pika. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard
1982 Harry Kullman Swedish George Blecher & Lone Thygesen The Battle Horse. Bradbury Press
1981 Els Pelgrom  Dutch Maryka & Raphael Rudnik The Winter When Time Was Frozen. Morrow
1980 Aliki Zei Greek Edward Fenton The Sound of the Dragon's Feet. Dutton
1979 Jorg Steiner German Ann Conrad Lammers Rabbit Island. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
1979 Christine Nostlinger German Anthea Bell Konrad. Franklin Watts
1978 No Award
1977 Cecil Bodker Danish Gunnar Poulsen The Leopard. Atheneum
1976 Ruth Hurlimann German Anthea Bell The Cat and Mouse Who Shared a House. Henry Z. Walck
1975 A. Linevskii Russian Maria Polushkin An Old Tale Carved Out of Stone. Crown
1974 Aliki Zei Greek Edward Fenton Petros' War. Dutton
1973 S.R. Van Iterson Dutch Alexander & Alison Gode Pulga. Morrow
1972 Hans Peter Richter German  Edite Kroll Friedrich. Holt, Rinehart & Winston
1971 Hans Baumann German Stella Humphries In the Land of Ur, the Discovery of Ancient Mesopotamia. Pantheon 
1970 Aliki Zei Greek Edward Fenton Wildcat Under Glass. Holt, Rinehart & Winston
1969 Babbis Friis-Baastad Norwegian Lise Somme McKinnon Don't Take Teddy. Charles Scribner's Sons
1968 Erich Kastner German James Kirkup The Little Man/ Knopf