The James Tate Black Memorial Prizes for Fiction and Biography were founded in memory of a partner in the publishing house of A. & C. Black Ltd. These annual awards, first made in 1919, are two of the oldest and most prestigious book awards in Britain. The awards are administered by the Department of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Eligible works are those written in English, originating with a British publisher, and first published in the 12-month period prior to the submission date (30 September). The nationality of the writer is irrelevant. The prize winners for Biography follow; the winners of the fiction prize are also listed at this site. The Award for 2002 was Announced on September 5, 2003.


2002 Jenny Uglow The Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made the Future
2001 Robert Skidelsky John Maynard Keynes: Fighting for Britain, 1927-1946
2000 Martin Amis Experience: A Memoir
1999 Kathryn Hughes George Eliot: The Last Victorian
1998 Peter Ackroyd The Life of Thomas More 
1997 R. F. Foster W. B. Yeats: A Life, Volume 1 - The Apprentice Mage 1865-1914
1996 Diarmaid MacCulloch Thomas Cranmer: A Life
1995 Gitta Sereny Albert Speer: His Battle with the Truth
1994 Doris Lessing Under My Skin
1993 Richard Holmes Dr. Johnson and Mr. Savage
1992 Charles Nicoll The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe
1991 Adrian Desmond & James Moore Darwin
1990 Claire Tomalin The Invisible Woman: The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens
1989 Ian Gibson Federico Garcia Lorca: A Life
1988 Brian McGuinness  Wittgenstein, A Life: Young Ludwig (1889-1921)
1987 Ruth Dudley Edwards Victor Gollancz: A Biography
1986 D. Felicitas Corrigan Helen Waddell
1985 David Nokes Jonathan Swift: A Hypocrite Reversed
1984 Lyndall Gordon Virginia Woolf: A Writer's Life
1983 Alan Walker Franz Liszt: The Virtuoso Years
1982 Richard Ellman James Joyce
1981 Victoria Glendinning Edith Sitwell: Unicorn Among Lions
1980 Robert B. Martin Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart
1979 Brian Finney Christopher Isherwood: A Critical Biography
1978 Robert Gittings The Older Hardy
1977 George Painter Chateaubriand, Vol. 1: The Longed-For Tempests
1976 Ronald Hingley A New Life of Chekhov
1975 Karl Miller Cockburn's Millenium
1974 John Wain Samuel Johnson
1973 Robert Lane Fox Alexander The Great
1972 Quentin Bell Virginia Woolf
1971 Julia Namier Lewis Namier
1970 Jasper Ridley Lord Palmerston
1969 Antonia Fraser Mary, Queen of Scots
1968 Gordon S. Haight George Eliot
1967 Winifred Gerin Charlotte Bronte, The Evolution of Genius
1966 Geoffrey Keynes The Life of William Harvey Such
1965 Mary Moorman William Wordsworth, The Later Years, 1803-1850
1964 Elizabeth Longford Victoria R.I.
1963 Georgina Battiscome John Keble: A Study in Limitations
1962 Meriol Trevor Newman: The Pillar and the Cloud & Newman: Light in Winter
1961 M. K. Ashby Joseph Ashby of Tysoe
1960 Adam Fox The Life of Dean Inge
1959 Christopher Hassall Edward Marsh
1958 Joyce Hemlow The History of Fanny Burney
1957 Maurice Cranston Life of John Locke
1956 St. John Greer Ervine George Bernard Shaw
1955 R.W. Ketton-Cremer Thomas Gray
1954 Keith Feiling Warren Hastings
1953 Carola Oman Sir John Moore
1952 G.M. Young Stanley Baldwin
1951 Noel G. Annan Leslie Stephen
1950 Mrs. Cecil Woodham-Smith Florence Nightingale
1949 John Connell W.E. Henley
1948 Percy A. Scholes The Great Dr. Burney
1947 Rev. C. C. E. Raven English Naturalists from Neckham to Ray
1946 R. Aldington Wellington
1945 D. S. MacColl Philip Wilson Steer
1944 C.V. Wedgwood William the Silent
1943 G. G. Coulton Fourscore Years
1942 Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede Henry Ponsonby: Queen Victoria's Private Secretary
1941 John Gore King George V
1940 F.M. Prescott Spanish Tudor
1939 David C. Douglas English Scholars
1938 Sir Edmund Chambers Samuel Taylor Coleridge
1937 Lord Eustace Percy John Knox
1936 Edward Sackville West A Flame in Sunlight: The Life and Work of Thomas de Quincey
1935 R.W.Chambers Thomas More
1934 J. E. Neale Queen Elizabeth
1933 Violet Clifton The Book of Talbot
1932 Stephen Gwynn The Life of Mary Kingsley
1931 J. Y. R. Greig David Hume
1930 Francis Yeats Brown Lives of a Bengal Lancer
1929 Lord David Cecil The Stricken Deer: Or the Life of Cowper
1928 John Buchan Montrose
1927 H. A. L. Fisher James Bryce, Viscount Bryse of Dechmont, O.M.
1926 Rev. Dr. H.B. Workman John Wyclif: A Study of the English Medieval Church
1925 Geoffrey Scott The Portrait of Zelide
1924 William Wilson The House of Airlie
1923 Sir Ronald Ross Memoirs, Etc.
1922 Percy Lubbock Earlham
1921 Lytton Strachey Queen Victoria
1920 G.M. Trevelyan Lord Grey of the Reform Bill
1919 H. Festing Jones Samuel Butler, Author of Erewhon (1835-1902) - A Memoir