In his Good Books: A Book Lover's Companion (1982) Steven Gilbar asks "What do I mean by good? Not morally good, and not academically good, and not simply popular, although the book I recommend may have one or all of those qualities. 'Rewarding and pleasurable' - those terms I think characterize the books I am recommending." The titles he lists under Health and Medicine are grouped in the following sub-categories: Health and Medicine (In General), Infectious Diseases and Epidemics, Encounters with Illness, Cancer, Cardiovascular Problems, Exceptional Children, Blindness, Alcoholism, Drug Use, Mental Disintegration, Psychoanalysis, Death, and Suicide.



                Boyd, Doug                           Rolling Thunder: A Personal Exploration into the
                                                                   Secret Healing Powers of an American Indian
                                                                   Medicine Man. 1974
                Correy, Lee                           Space Doctor. 1981
                Crichton, Michael                 The Andromeda Strain. 1969
                Dubos, Rene                          Mirage of Health: Utopias, Progress, and Biological
                                                                   Change. 1959
                Duffy, John                            The Healers: The Rise of the Medical Establishment.
                Fisher, M. F. K.                    A Cordiall Water: A Garland of Odd and Old Recipes
                                                                   Assuage the Ills of Man and Beast. 1961
                Flexner, James Thomas         Doctors on Horseback: Pioneers of American Medicine.
                Glasser, Ronald                    The Body Is the Hero. 1976
                Goodfield, June                    An Imagined World: A Story of Scientific Discovery.
                Le Baron, Charles                Gentle Vengeance. 1981
                Miller, Jonathan                    The Body in Question. 1979
                Moliere                                The Imaginary Invalid. 1673
                Nolen, William A.                 The Making of a Surgeon. 1971
                Nourse, Alan                        The Bladerunner. 1974
                Roueche, Berton                   Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical
                                                                    Detection. 1954
                Selzer, Richard                     Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery. 1976
                Shainberg, Lawrence            Brain Surgeon: An Intimate View of His World. 1979
                Time-Life Editors                  Life Library of Health. 1980-
                Toynbee, Polly                      Patients. 1977
                Young, James H.                   The Medical Messiahs. 1967


                Camus, Albert                       The Plague. 1948
                De Kruif, Paul                       Microbe Hunters. 1926
                Giono, Jean                           Horseman on the Roof. 1954
                McNeill, William H.              Plagues and People. 1976
                Powell, John H.                    Bring Out Your Dead: The Great Plague of Yellow
                                                                   Fever in Philadelphia in 1793. 1950
                Shurkin, Joel N.                    The Invisible Fire. 1979
                Stewart, George R.               Earth Abides. 1949
                Swift, Jonathan                     A Journal of the Plague Year. 1722
                Vallery-Radot, Pasteur         Louis Pasteur: A Great Life in Brief. 1958
                Zinsser, Hans                        Rats, Lice and History. 1935


                Cousins, Norman                   Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient:
                                                                    Reflections on Healing and Regeneration. 1979
                Ellis, A. E.                             The Rack. 1959
                Massie, Robert, Suzaanne      Journey. 1975
                Mee, Charles L., Jr.               Seizure. 1979
                White, Robin                          Be Not Afraid. 1972


                Alsop, Stewart                       Stay of Execution: A sort of Memoir. 1974
                Cook, Stephani                       Second Life. 1981
                Israel, Lucien                          Conquering Cancer. 1978
                Lee, Laurel                             Walking Through Fire. 1977
                Lund, Doris                            Eric. 1974
                Rollin, Betty                            First You Cry. 1976
                Ryan, Cornelius                      A Private Battle. 1978
                Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr          The Cancer Ward. 1968
                Sontag, Susan                         Illness as Metaphor. 1979
                Wolitzer, Hilma                       Ending. 1974


                The American Heart Assoc.   Heartbook: A Guide to Prevention and Treatment of
                                                                     Cardiovascular Disease. 1980
                Halberstam, Michael,             A Coronary Event. 1976
                     Stephan Lesher
                Hodgins, Eric                         Episode: Report on an Accident Inside My Skull. 1969
                Lear, Martha Weinman           Heartsounds. 1980
                MacKenzie, Rachel                Risk. 1971


                Axline, Virginia                      Dibs: In Search of Self. 1970
                Featherstone, Helen               A Difference in the Family: Life With a Disabled
                                                                     Child. 1980
                Greenfield, Josh                     A Child Called Noah. 1972
                Hill, Archie                            Closed World of Love. 1977
                Killilea, Marie                        Karen. 1952


                Bjarnhof, Karl                        The Stars Grow Pale. 1958
                Butler, Beverly                       Light a Single Candle. 1962
                Chevigny, Hector                   My Eyes Have a Cold Nose. 1946
                Green, Henry                         Blindness. 1926
                Keller, Helen                         The Story of My Life. 1903
                Kendrick, Baynard H. Odor of Violets. 1941
                Mehta, Ved                           Face to Face. 1957
                Potok, Andrew                      Ordinary Daylight: Portrait of an Artist Going Blind.
                Russell, Robert                      To Catch an Angel: Adventures in a World I Cannot
                                                                      See. 1962
                Yates, Elizabeth                     The Lighted Heart. 1960


                Fitzgibbon, Constantine           Drink. 1979
                Goodwin, Donald W.             Alcoholism: The Facts. 1981
                Jackson, Charles                     The Lost Weekend. 1944
                Lowry, Malcolm                     Under the Volcano. 1947
                O'Hara, John                          Appointment in Samarra. 1934
                Rebeta-Burditt, Joyce             The Cracker Factory. 1977
                Straus, Robert                         Escape from Custody. 1974
                Weiner, Jack B.                       Drinking. 1976
                Yates, Richard                         Disturbing the Peace. 1975
                Zola, Emile                              The Dram-Shop (L'Assommoir). 1877

        DRUG USE

                Abel, Ernest L.                       Marihuana: The First Twelve Thousand Years. 1981
                Burroughs, William                  Junkie. 1953
                De Quincey, Thomas              Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. 1822
                Harris, David                          The Last Scam. 1981
                Huxley, Aldous                       The Doors of Perception. 1954
                Lamb, F. Bruce                      Wizard of the Amazon: The Story of Manuel
                                                                      Cordova-Rios. 1974


                Atwood, Margaret                  Surfacing. 1972
                Beers, Clifford                        A Mind that Found Itself. 1908
                Dostoevski, Fedor                  The Double. 1846
                Gibson, Margaret                   The Butterfly Ward. 1980
                Gilman, Charlotte Perkins       The Yellow Wallpaper. 1892
                Gogol, Nikolai                        Diary of a Madman. 1835
                Green, Hannah                        I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. 1972
                Howland, Bette                       W-3. 1974
                Jackson, Shirley                      The Bird's Nest. 1954
                Kafka, Franz                           The Metamorphosis. 1915
                Kesey, Ken                             One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 1962
                Keyes, Daniel                         The Minds of Billy Milligan. 1981
                Lessing, Doris                         Briefing for a Descent into Hell. 1971
                Neufeld, John                          Lisa, Bright and Dark. 1969
                Plath, Sylvia                            The Bell Jar. 1971
                Poe, Edgar Allan                     The Tell-Tale Heart. 1843
                Sigal, Clancy                           Zone of the Interior. 1976
                Stevenson, Robert Louis         The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 1886
                Ward, Mary Jane                    The Snake Pit. 1946
                Wechsler, James et al              In a Darkness. 1972


                Balchin, Nigel                         Mine Own Executioner. 1945
                Clark, Ronald W.                   Freud: The Man and the Cause. 1980
                Flugel, John                            The Psychology of Clothes. 1930
                Freud, Anna                           Psychoanalysis for Parents and Teachers. 1935
                Freud, Sigmund                      Psychopathology of Everyday Life. 1914
                Fuller, Peter                           Art and Psychoanalysis. 1981
                H. D.                                      Tribute to Freud: With Unpublished Letters by Freud
                                                                    to the Author. 1951
                Jung, C. G.                             Memories, Dreams, Reflections. 1963
                Kaplan, Louise                       Oneness and Separateness: From Infant to Individual.
                Le Guin, Ursula K.                 The Lathe of Heaven. 1971
                Malcolm, Janet                       Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession. 1981
                Rycroft, Charles                     The Innocence of Dreams. 1979
                Sechehaye, Marguerite           Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Girl. 1970
                Svevo, Italo                           The Confession of Zeno. 1923
                Thomas, D. M.                       The White Hotel. 1981


                Agee, James                            A Death in the Family. 1957
                Becker, Ernest                        The Denial of Death. 1973
                Buck, Pearl                             A Bridge for Passing. 1962
                Caine, Lynn                             Widow. 1974
                Cook, Bruce, Diane                 Death Row. 1980
                Craven, Margaret                    I Heard the Owl Call My Name. 1973
                Cristofer, Michael                  The Shadow Box. 1978
                Gunther, John                          Death Be Not Proud. 1949
                Kapleau, Philip, ed.                The Wheel of Death: A Collection of Writing from
                                                                     Zen Buddhism and Other Sources on Death,
                                                                     Rebirth, Dying. 1971
                Kluge, Eike-Henner W.          The Ethics of Death. 1975
                Krementz, Jill                         How it Feels When a Parent Dies. 1981
                Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth          On Death and Dying. 1969
                Leca, Ange-Pierre                  The Egyptian Way of Death: Mummies and the Cult
                                                                      of the Immortal. 1981
                Lerner, Gerda                         A Death of One's Own: Fragments from My Life.
                Moody, Raymond A., Jr.        Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon -
                                                                       Survival of Bodily Death. 1976
                Panger, Danier                        The dance of the Wild Mouse. 1979
                Smith, Alexander                    Dreamthorp. 1863
                Tolstoy, Leo                            The Death of Ivan Ilyich. 1886
                White, Helen Dean                  With Wings as Eagles. 1953
                Zorza, Victor, Rosemary         A Way to Die. 1981


                Alvarez, A.                               The Savage God: A Study of Suicide. 1972
                Barth, John                               The Floating Opera. 1967
                Handke, Peter                          A Sorrow Beyond Dreams: A Life Story. 1975
                Mannes, Marya                        Last Rights. 1974
                Sexton, Anne                            Live or Die. 1966
                Sulzberger, C. L.                      How I Committed Suicide. 1982