BEN BRADLEE

The June 2000 issue of Brill's Content includes a brief list of essential books on the media. "Smart and engaging volumes about the media are nothing new," the editors write. "Nearly 30 years ago, for example, the 1972 campaign led not only to Bernstein and Woodward's All the President's Men but also to perhaps the most enjoyable nonfiction work ever published about the press - Timothy Crouse's rollicking account of the reporters who covered that race, The Boys on the Bus. Over the years, many of these great media-themed books have become classics. We looked back on these works and chose 16 we think you should check out." The editors provide a one or two sentence comment on each title.


Bernstein, Carl, Bob Woodward  All the President's Men. 1974 
Boorstin, Daniel J.  The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in 1962. 
Bradlee, Ben  A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures. 1995 
Braudy, Leo  The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History. 1986 
Crouse, Timothy  The Boys on the Bus. 1972 
Frankel, Max  The Times of My Life: And My Life With the Times. 1999 
Graham, Katharine  Personal History. 1997 
Herman, Edward S., Noam Chomsky  Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. 1988
Kurtz, Howard  Spin Cycle: Inside the Clinton Propaganda Machine. 1998 
McGinniss, Joe  The Selling of the President. 1969 
McLuhan, Marshall  Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. 1964 
Postman, Neil  Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business. 1985 
Sanford, Bruce W.  Don't Shoot the Messenger: How Our Growing Hatred of the Media Threatens Free Speech for All of Us. 1999
Talese, Gay  The Kingdom and the Power. 1971 
Thompson, Hunter S.  Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72. 1973 
Tifft, Susan E., Alex S. Jones  The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times. 1999