JOHN KEATS

In 1981 Frederic Raphael and Kenneth McLeish published The List of Books. "The intention of this book is to furnish an imaginary library of some three thousand volumes in which a reasonably literate person can hope to find both instruction and inspiration, art and amusement." The authors asked their collaborators to make lists in the categories in which they were expert. The lists were then circulated among additional readers for comments and the final selection was made by the authors. Technical books accessible only to specialists were excluded. The books were listed in 44 categories. The following list contains the authors' recommendations in literary criticism.



Aristotle  Poetics. 4th Century B.C. 
Arnold, Matthew  On Translanting Homer. 1861 
Auden, W. H.  The Dyer's Hand. 1963 
Auerbach, Erich  Mimesis. 1953 
Barthes, Roland  Writing Degree Zero. 1953 
Beckett, Samuel  Proust. 1931 
Benjamin, Walter  Illuminations. 1970 
Bradley, A. C.  Shakespearian Tragedy. 1904 
Brooks, Cleanth  The Well-Wrought Urn. 1947 
Burke, Kenneth  A Grammar of Motives. 1945 
Carlyle, Thomas  English and Othet Critical Essays. 1915 
Crane, R. S.  The Languages of Criticism and the Structure of Poetry. 1953
Dryden, John  Of Dramatic Poesy and Other Critical Essays. c. 1668 
Eliot, T. S.  Selected Essays. 1917-32. 1932 
Empson, William  Seven Types of Ambiguity. 1930 
Fadiman, Clifton  Any Number Can Play. 1960 
Gardner, Helen  The Composition of the Four Quartets. 1978 
Hazlitt, William  The Spirit of the Age. 1825 
Highet, Gilbert  The Classical Tradition. 1949 
Horace                  The Art of Poetry. 1st Century B.C. 
James, Henry  Selected Literary Criticism. 1865-1914 
Jarrell, Randall  Poetry and the Age. 1953 
Johnson, Samuel  Johnson on Shakespeare. 1795 
Kazin, Alfred  On Native Grounds. 1942 
Keats, John  Letters of John Keats. 1816-20 
Knight, G. Wilson  The Wheel of Fire. 1930 
Lawrence, D. H.  Selected Literary Criticism. 1955 
Leavis, F. R.  Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry. 1936 
Macaulay, T. B.  Critical and Historical Essays. 1843 
Orwell, George  The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell, 1920-50.
Pope, Alexander  An Essay on Criticism. 1711 
Pound, Ezra  ABC of Reading. 1934 
Ruskin, John  Ruskin as Literary Critic. 1928 
Shelley, Percy Bysshe  The Defense of Poetry. 1821 
Steiner, George  After Babel. 1975 
Stendahl  Racine et Shakespeare. 1823 
Tolstoy, Leo  What is Art? 1898 
Trilling, Lionel  The Liberal Imagination. 1950 
Wilson, Edmund  Classics and Commercials. 1950