B.F. SKINNER                 

In 1981 Frederic Raphael and Kenneth McLeish published The List of Books. "The intention of this book is to furnish an imaginary library of some three thousand volumes in which a reasonably literate person can hope to find both instruction and inspiration, art and amusement." The authors asked their collaborators to make lists in the categories in which they were expert. The lists were then circulated among additional readers for comments and the final selection was made by the authors. Technical books accessible only to specialists were excluded. The books were listed in 44 categories. The following list contains the authors' recommendations in psychology. The 28 titles range from 1621-1978.


Argyle, M.  Bodily Communication. 1975 
Aronson, Elliott  The Social Animal. 1976 
Baddeley, A. D.  The Psychology of Memory. 1976 
Berne, Eric  Games People Play. 1964 
Birren, J. E.  The Psychology of Ageing. 1964 
Brown, Roger  Social Psychology. 1965 
Burton, Robert  Anatomy of Melancholy. 1621 
Clarke, A.M. and A.D.B.  Early Experience: Myth and Evidence. 1976 
Donaldson, Margaret  Children's Minds. 1978 
Erikson, Erik  Childhood and Society. 1950 
Eysenk, H. J.  Psychology Is About People. 1972 
Groddeck, Georg  The Book of the It. 1923 
Hilgard, E.R., R. C. Atkinson  Introduction to Psychology. 1953 
Jung, Carl  Psychology and Religion: East and West. 1958
Kamin, L. J.  The Science and Politics of I.Q. 1974 
Lindsay, P. H., D. A. Norman  Human Information Processing. 1977 
Luria, A.  The Working Brain. 1973 
McLeish, John  Soviet Psychology. 1975 
Mandler, G.  Mind and Emotion. 1975 
Miller, G. A., R. Buckhout  Psychology: The Science of Mental Life. 1970 
Murphy, Gardner  Historical Introduction to Modern Psychology. 1972
Oatley, Keith  Perceptions and Representations. 1978 
Rutter, Michael  Maternal Deprivation Reassessed. 1972 
Skinner, B. F.  Beyond Freedom and Dignity. 1971 
Walker, S.  Learning and Reinforcement. 1975 
Warr, P., T. Wall  Work and Well-Being. 1975 
Watson, R. I.  The Great Psychologists: From Aristotle to Freud. 1971
Zimbardo, P. G., F. L. Ruch  Psychology and Life. 1975