The Dave Whitney Orchestra

Dave Whitney's Louis Armstrong-influenced trumpet and vocals lead the soloists who include Sil D'Urbano, alto sax, John Clark & Ben Goldstein reeds, Jay Keyser, trombone, Steve Dale, piano, and Reid Jorgensen, drums.  



Jay Keyser, Scott Hills,  Mel Deveau,  Joe Musumeci


REEDS: John Clark,
Sil D'Urbano
Ben Goldstein,
Kathleen Howland

Mel Deveau, trumpet, is a long time favorite on the North Shore music scene.   He was in the house band at Sweeney's Gay 90's in Rowley. Also a capable pianist, he often pinch-hits at rehearsals.  He can be heard on Mike Hashem's new CD, All American Banjo.



Eric Baldwin


Gray Sargent dropped
in for a rehearsal.

Steve Dale, piano, is another charter member.  Steve is not only an outstanding soloist, but a fine arranger who has contributed many charts and transcriptions to the band.  Also known for his work with Paul Rooney, Mid Life Crisis Jazz Band and Craig Ball Orchestras, Steve teaches at Berklee College of Music.

Reid Jorgensen
, drums, is a respected percussionist in the area known for his work with Fred Reynolds, Ron Gill, his own Spectrum Trio, and many broadway and musicial productions.  Reid is also a busy teacher.  His drive and taste are a major asset to the band.

Roy D'Innocenzo, guitar, has been with Dave Whitney since his first combo in 1971, and is always a welcome addition.  Roy arranged the theme song for the band. 

Joe Musumeci, trumpet, a busy free-lancer with many big bands and combos, Joe plays most of the lead parts in the Dave Whitney Orchestra.  Joe also played with Dave in the Chris Powers Orchestra.  He recently retired as a music teacher in the Tewksbury schools. 

Scott Hills, excellent lead trombone, has been with the band since its inception in 1989.  He was also with Chris Powers. He also works in management at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire.


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