The Dave Whitney Orchestra

Sophia Stevens

Dave & Sophia Dave & Sophia
Sophia is one of the finest vocalists in the New England area, with a great affinity for the Big Band vocal repertoire.  Some of her band credits include the Al Vega Trio, Ben Anthony Trio, Joe Baldwin Quintet and Walt Elmore Band.

Her Big Band work covers the Dick Donovan, Baron Hugo and Bo Winiker Orchestras.  Sophia also sang with Chris Powers' Orchestra for several years and is familiar with our arrangements. (Dave was also with the band at this time.) Sophia also was with the band when Chris fronted the "Gene Krupa Orchestra."

Some of her favorite vocalists include Helen Forrest, Rosemary Clooney and Eydie Gorme.  She has many of the qualities of these fine performers, as well as her own style and flair.

We are very happy to have Sophia singing with us and look forward to presenting her to our fans and lovers of Big Band music.

Ben Goldstein, clarinet   Kathleen Howland    Dave LeBleu string bass

Ben Goldstein, Alto & tenor sax & clarinet, is a new addition to the band.  Well known for his work with Dick Donovan, Al Muise and Bo Winiker bands, Ben is a very fine soloist and busy teacher in the North Shore area.

Kathleen Howland, baritone sax and clarinet.  Kathleen has been with us for a couple of years now and lends a very solid baritone to our sax section.  She is also taking some clarinet solos and helping out with vocals.  Kathleen works as a music therapist and teacher.

Dave LeBleu, bass is a charter member of the band.  Dave and Dave Whitney both played and recorded with the Chris Powers Band.  A Berklee graduate, Dave has developed into one of the finest bass players in New England.  He also has is own commercial band, "One Step Ahead".

Jay Keyser     saxes

Jay Keyser, trombone, (left) is Professor Emeritus at M.I.T. and plays with the New Liberty Jazz Band and the Ardvark Jazz Orchestra.  He contributes fine jazz solos to the band, and his extraordinary wit (in several languages) is legendary.

 George Darrah
Honorary member George Darrah., a very fine and promising young drummer 
(16 years old) from Beverly, sits in at the gigs and helps out at rehearsals.  
George is going to be a very fine musician and one of the keepers of the Big Band flame.


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