The Dave Whitney Orchestra

Scott Philbrick, trumpet and guitar also extends a helping hand.  He is well known for his work with the Heritage Jazz Band, Back Bay Ramblers, The Great Connecticut Jazz Festival All-Star Band and many more.  Besides adding his talents to the trumpet section, Scott adds a great rhythm guitar when Roy isn't available.


Sil D'Urbano alto sax and clarinet: Well respected lead alto in the New England area, Sil works with the Artie Shaw Orchestra, Everett Longstreth and does much Broadway work.  We're happy to have Sil with us as his schedule permits.

John Clark lead alto sax & clarinet, is one of the younger members of the band and one of the busiest.  Leader of his own Wolverine Jazz Band, with two CDs, he also works with many local New England bands such as the Happy Feet Orchestra, Commonwealth Jazz Band, Paramount Jazz Band, Seven Heaven 7, and many others.  He also has substituted for Billy Novick with the New Black Eagle Jazz Band. John is a fine soloist on clarinet, alto and baritone sax, and he's a dedicated historian (like Dave Whitney.)


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