Electronics World

If it's "OLD" we repair it!!!
(That does not include human bodies)
Antique radios(home and auto),reel to reel,
phonographs,8 tracks tape(even the tapes).
Free estimates.Just include $$$$ for the return shipping.
Electronics World 10634 Shore Dr Boca Raton,Fl 33428
DO NOT need the speaker if it is a permanent magnet (PM) type.You can tell
if it is a PM by bringing a piece of iron or steel near the back of the speaker while
it is unplugged from the wall outlet. A PM speaker will attract the iron.
Most old home radios used electromagnet speakers.These speakers have a heavy coil of
wire wrapped around the back of the speaker and usually plugged into the radio
with four or five wires.PM speakers usually have only two wires.
You must send us electromagnetic speakers!
When shipping speakers tape a piece of cardboard over the front for protection.
If your speaker appears to be rotten around the outside and loose or torn we can
recone them.
We have been servicing since 1955.The first ten years in Ashland Mass under the
name of "Middlesex Tee Vee".Then,while teaching at Maynard High School, we did
the repairs for the Radio Shack in Shoppers World in Framingham.Another ten years
under Electronics World on route 9 in Framingham.Moved to Boca Raton,Fl and have been here since 1977.
Should you have any questions please email me at nfl6@comcast.net
I will reply within 24 hrs.