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Anno's Counting Book Anno, Mitsumasa A 0.25
100th Day of School Medearis, Angela J 2.00
100th Day Worries Cuyer, Margery L 2.50
13th Floor, The: A Fleischman, Sid U 5.00
18th Emergency, The Byars, Betsy R 4.25
26 Fairmount Avenue dePaloa, Tomie N 3.00
40 Nights To Knowing the Sky Schaaf, Fred, Z 7.00
5 Novels Pinkwater, Daniel V 5.30
500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins Seuss, Dr. Q 4.00
52 Days by Camel: My Sahara Adventure Raskin, Lawrence T 4.75
89th Kitten, the Nilsson, Eleanor N 3.00
A Picture Book Of Benjamin Franklin Adler, David O 3.30
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus Adler, David P 3.70
A Picture Book of Frederick Douglas Adler, David M 2.75
A Picture Book of Jesse Owens Adler, David P 3.70
A.Lincoln and Me Borden,L. Scholatic M 2.75
Abby Hanel, Wolfram M 2.75
Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin To White House North, Sterling Z 7.00
Abe Lincoln's Hat Brenner, Martha M 2.75
Abel's Island Steig, William R 4.25
Abigail Adams: Girl of Colonial Days Wagoner, Jean Brown R 4.25
Abiyoyo Seeger, Pete  Schlastic O 3.30
About The B'nai Bagels Konigsburg, E. L. T 4.75
Abracadabra Kid, The Fleischman, Sid X 6.00
Abraham Lincoln Gross, Ruth Belov Q 4.00
Abraham Lincoln: President of a Divided Country Greene, Carol N 3.00
Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator Stevenson, Augusta R 4.25
Abraham's Battle: A Novel of Gettysburg Banks, Sara Harrell T 4.75
Absent Author, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Absolutely Normal Chaos Creech, Sharon V 5.30
Absolutely True Story, The: How I Visited Roberts, Willo Davis R 4.25
Abuelo and the Three Bears Evanoch, Janet P 3.70
Ace: The Very Important Pig King-Smith, Dick R 4.25
Across Five Aprils Hunt, Irene Z 7.00
Across the Lines Reeder, Carolyn W 5.70
Across the Stream Ginsburg, Mirra F 1.42
Adam Joshua, the ....series Smith, Janice Lee N 3.00
Addie's Bad Day Robins,Joan J 2.00
Addie's Dakota Winter Lawlor, Laurie T 4.75
Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Addy Saves the Day: A Summer Story American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Adios, Anna Giff Patricia / Dell N 3.00
Adventures at Snail School Stadler, John J 2.00
Adventures in Alaska Kramer, S. A. O 3.30
Adventures in the Amazon Rain Forest Goodman, Susan, E. R 4.25
Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein Hurwitz, Johanna O 3.30
Adventures of Captain Underpants, the Pelkey, Dav P 3.70
Adventures of George Washington, the Davidson, Margaret N 3.00
Adventures of Granny Gatman, the Meadows, Granny L 2.50
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Twain, Mark Z 7.00
Adventures of Ratman Weiss & Freidman M 2.75
Adventures of Spider, The Arkhurst, Joyce C. R 4.25
Adventures of Spider, the Arkhurst, Joyce, Scholastic R 4.25
Adventures of the Buried Treasure, the McArthur, Nancy L 2.50
Adventures of the Shark Lady McGovern, Ann Q 4.00
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Twain, Mark Z 7.00
African-Americans in the Old West Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
After the Dancing Days Rostkowski, Margaret I W 5.70
After the Goat Man Byars, Betsy R 4.25
After the Rain Mazer, Norma Fox Z 7.00
After the War Matas, Carol W 5.70
Afternoon of the Elves Lisle, Janet Taylor R 4.25
Afternoon on the Amazon Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Aftican-Americans in the Thirteen Colonies Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Against the Odds Layden, Joe P 3.70
Against the Rules Costello, Emily R 4.25
Agnes the Sheep Taylor, William R 4.25
Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves Proop, Peter & Connie R 4.25
Airplanes Petersen, David J 2.00
Airport Barton, Byron I 1.94
Airports Petersen, David L 2.50
Ajeemah and His Son Berry, James R 4.25
Aldo (books) Hurwitz, Johanna S 4.50
Aldo Ice Cream Hurwitz, Johanna O 3.30
Aldo Peanut Butter Hurwitz, Johanna O 3.30
Alexander and the ... Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith O 3.30
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith M 2.75
Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse Lionni, Leo M 2.75
Alexander Graham Bell Petrie, A. Roy V 5.30
Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life MacLeod, Elizabeth U 5.00
Alexander Who... Rich Last Sunday Viorst, Judith O 3.30
Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me?..)..Move Viorst, Judith L 2.50
Ali Baba Bernstein, Lost and Found Hurwitz, Johanna O 3.30
Alice the Brave Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds R 4.25
Alida's Song Paulsen, Gary Y 6.50
Alien in the Classroom Keene, Carolyn N 3.00
Aliens Ate My Homework Coville, Bruce Q 4.00
Aliens Don't Wear Braces Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Aliens for Breakfast Ezra, Jonathan M 2.75
Aliens For Dinner Spinner, Stephanie M 2.75
All About Cats and Kittens Neye, Emily N 3.00
All About Deer Arnosky, Jim Q 4.00
All About Owls Arnosky, Jim Q 4.00
All About Sam Lowry, Lois P 3.70
All About Seeds Berger, Melvin Q 4.00
All About Stacy Giff Patricia / Dell L 2.50
All About Things People Do Rice, Melanie and Chris K 2.25
All Along the River Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science J 2.00
All But Alice Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds U 5.00
All By Myself Mayer, Mercer E 1.28
All Fall Down Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
All Is Well Litchman, Kristin Embry R 4.25
All Star Fever Christopher, Matt M 2.75
All Tutus Should Be Pink Brownrigg, Sheri I 1.94
Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad Brill, Marlene Targ O 3.30
Alliens for Lunch Spinner, Stephanie M 2.75
Allie's Basketball Dream Barber, Barbara J 2.00
Alligator Alley Schultz, Irene M 2.75
Alligator Shoes Dorros, Arthur G 1.56
Alligators all Around Sendak, Maurice I 1.94
Allison's Puppy Bauer, Marion, Dane K 2.25
Allison's Wings Bauer, Marion, Dane K 2.25
All-of-a-Kind Family Taylor, Sydney Q 4.00
Alltogether, One at one Time Konigsburg, E. L. R 4.25
Almost Starring Skinnybones Park, Barbara O 3.30
Alone in His Teacher's House/Marvin Redp. Sachar, Louis N 3.00
Always My Dad Wyeth, Sharon N 3.00
Always Room for One More Leodhas, Sorche Nic Q 4.00
Amalia and the Grasshopper Tello,J. & Krupinski.L. J 2.00
Amanda joins the Circus Avi R 4.25
Amanda Pig and Her big Brother Oliver Van Leeuwen, Jean L 2.50
Amazing Birds of the Rain Forest Daniel, Claire M 2.75
Amazing Bone, The Steig, William N 3.00
Amazing But True Sports Stories Hollander, Phyllis & Zander Q 4.00
Amazing Grace Hoffman, Mary J 2.00
Amazing Impossible Erie Canal, the Harness, Cheryl R 4.25
Amazing Lizards Smith, Trevor U 5.00
Amazing Rescues Shea, George P 3.70
Amazing Snakes Parsons, Alexanda L 2.50
Amazing Spiders Parsons, Alexanda Q 4.00
Amber Brown (books) Danziger, Paula N 3.00
Amber Brown is not a Crayon Danziger, Paula N 3.00
Amber Cat,the McKay,Hilary P 3.70
Amber Spyglass, The Pullman, Phillip Z 7.00
Amelia Bedelia (other books in series Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Amelia Bedelia Surprise Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Amelia Earhart Parlin,John P 3.70
Amelia Earhart: Challenging the Skies Sloate, Susan S 4.50
Amelia Earhart: Courage in the Sky Kerby, Mona S 4.50
Amelia Earhart: Flying for Adventure Wade, Mary Dodson S 4.50
Amelia Earhart: Young Aviator Gormley, Beatrice R 4.25
America Street: A Multicultural Anthology of Stories Mazer, Anne R 4.25
American Eyes: New Asian-American Short Stories Carlson, Lori M. Z 7.00
American Revolution, The Bliven, Bruce Jr. T 4.75
American Revolution, The Carter, Alden R. V 5.30
America's Most Wanted Fifth-Graders Lawrence, Jan and Raskin, Linda R 4.25
Amigo Baylor, Byrd L 2.50
Amigo Baylor, Byrd O 3.30
Among the Hidden Haddix, Margaret Peterson Z 7.00
Among the Odds and the Evens Turner, Priscilla N 3.00
Among the Volcanoes Castaneda, Omar S. Y 6.50
Amos & Boris Steig, William P 3.70
Amos and the Alien Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos Binder, Secret Agent Paulsen, Gary O 3.30
Amos Fortune: Free Man Yates, Elizabeth V 5.30
Amos Gets Famous Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos Gets Married Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos Goes Bananas Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amos's Killer Concert Caper Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Amy Loves the Wind Hoban, Julia F 1.42
Amy's Goose Holmes, Efner O 3.30
Amy's True Prize Emerson, Charlotte/Little Women Journals Q 4.00
An Acceptable Time L`Engle, Madeleine X 6.00
An Ancient Heritage: The Arab-American Minority Ashabranner, Brent Z 7.00
An Early Winter Bauer, Marion Dane T 4.75
An Indian Winter Freedman, Russell U 5.00
An Island Far from Home Donahue, John W 5.70
An Island Like You: Stories of the Barrio Cofer, Judith Ortiz Z 7.00
Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone French, Fiona O 3.30
Anansi the Spider McDermott, Gerald L 2.50
Anastasia Again! Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia At This Address Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia At Your Service Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia Has the Answers Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia Krupnik Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia On Her Own Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia, Absolutely Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
Anastasia's Chosen Career Lowry, Lois Q 4.00
And I Mean It, Stanley Bonsall, Crosby J 2.00
And One For All Nelson, Theresa V 5.30
And Still the Turtle Watched MacGill-Callahan, Sheila Q 4.00
And Then What Happened Paul Revere? Fritz, Jean R 4.25
Andi's Wool Cox, Rhonda G 1.56
Andy and Tamika Adler, David N 3.00
Angel Child, Dragon Child Surat, Michele Maria M 2.75
Angel for Solomon Singer, An Rylant, Cynthia O 3.30
Angel Park Hoopstars: Nothing by Net Hugher, Dean O 3.30
Angel Park Hoopstars: Point Guard Hugher, Dean N 3.00
Angel Park Soccer Stars: Backup Goalie Hugher, Dean O 3.30
Angel Park Soccer Stars: Defense! Hugher, Dean O 3.30
Angel Park Soccer Stars: Psyched Hugher, Dean O 3.30
Angels Don't Know Karate Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Angel's Mother's Boyfriend Delton, Judy O 3.30
Angry Bull and other Cases, the Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Angus and the Cat Flack, Marjorie I 1.94
Animal Farm Orwell, George Z 7.00
Animal Shapes Wildsmith, Brain D 1.14
Animal Tracks Dorros, Arthur L 2.50
Animal Tricks Wildsmith, Brain H 1.70
Animal, the Vegetable, and John D. Jones, The Byars, Betsy R 4.25
Animals Born Alive and Well Heller, Ruth O 3.30
Animals Do the Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora S 4.50
Animorphs #4: The Message Applegate, Catherine T 4.75
Anna Is Still Here Vos, Ida V 5.30
Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm Stevens, Carla N 3.00
Annabel the Actress Starring in Gorilla My Dreams Conford, Ellen L 2.50
Anna's Garden Songs Steele, Mary Q. L 2.50
Anne Frank Epstein, Rachel S 4.50
Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary Van der Rol, R. & Verhoeven, R. X 6.00
Anne Frank: Life in Hiding Hurwitz, Johanna W 5.70
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Frank, Anne Y 6.50
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L.M. V 5.30
Annie and the Old One Miles, Miska L 2.50
Annie Bananie Mover to Barry Avenue Komaiko, Leah L 2.50
Annie John Kincaid, Jamaica Z 7.00
Annie Oakley Wilson, Ellen R 4.25
Annie's Pet Brenner, Barbara J 2.00
Ant Cities Dorros, Arthur O 3.30
Antarctica Cowcher, Helen N 3.00
Anthony Burns: Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave Y Hamilton, Virginia Y 6.50
Apple Bird Wildsmith, Brain C 1.00
Apple Pie Tree, the Hall, Zoe I 1.94
Apples Williams, Deborah C 1.00
Apples and Pumpkins Rockwell, Anne I 1.94
Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker, The DeFelice, Cynthia U 5.00
April Morning Fast, Howard X 6.00
Archaeologists Dig for Clues Duke, Kate P 3.70
Are All The Giants Dead? Norton, Mary V 5.30
Are You My Mommy? Diks, Carla F 1.42
Are You My Mother? Eastman, Philip D. I 1.94
Are you There Bear? Maris, Ron F 1.42
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Blume, Judy T 4.75
Arkadians, The Alexander, Lloyd W 5.70
Armies of Ants Retan, Walter M 2.75
Around the World in a Hundred Years: From Fritz, Jean V 5.30
Art Lesson, the dePaloa, Tomie M 2.75
Arthur (books) Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Arthur Accused Brown, Marc M 2.75
Arthur Babysits Brown, Marc K 2.25
Arthur Meets the President Brown, Marc L 2.50
Arthur, For the Very First Time MacLachlan, Patricia R 4.25
Arthur's Christmas Cookies Hoban, Lillian M 2.75
Arthur's Great Big Valentine Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Arthur's Honey Bear Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Arthur's Loose Tooth Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Arthur's Mystery Envelope Brown, Marc M 2.75
Arthur's Prize Reader Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Artic Son George, Jean Craighead L 2.50
Artic Tundra:  Land with No Trees Forman, Michael M 2.75
Ashanti to Zulu Musgrove, Margaret T 4.75
Ask Mr. Bear Flack/Macmillan J 2.00
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
At Her Majesty's Request: An African Princess in Myers, Walter Dean X 6.00
At the Park Hoenecke, Karen D 1.14
Attaboy, Sam Lowry, Lois P 3.70
Aunt Clara Brown: Official Pioneer Lowery, Linda P 3.70
Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery Cushman, Doug K 2.25
Aunt Eater's Mystery Christmas Cushman, Doug K 2.25
Aunt Eater's Mystery Vacation Cushman, Doug J 2.00
Aunt Flossie's Hats Howard, Elizabeth M 2.75
Authur's Pen Pal Hoban, Lillian K 2.25
Auto Mechanics Boraas, Tracey M 2.75
Autumn Saunders-Smith, Gail J 2.00
Autumn Street Lowry, Lois V 5.30
Avi Markham, Lois T 4.75
Avion My Uncle Flew, The Fisher, Cyrus Y 6.50
Awake and Dreaming Person, Kit S 4.50
Away Go the Boats Hillert, Margaret H 1.70
Awfully Short for the Fourth Grade Woodruff, Elvira Q 4.00
Babe Didrikson: Athlete of the Century Knudson, R.R. R 4.25
Babe Ruth: One of Baseball's Greatest Van Riper, Guernsey R 4.25
Babe the Gallant Pig King-Smith, Dick R 4.25
Babushka's Doll Polacco, Patricia P 3.70
Baby MacLachlan, Patricia T 4.75
Baby Animal Zoo Martin, Ann M. O 3.30
Baby Grand, the Moon in July, and Me, the Barnes, Joyce Annette P 3.70
Baby Island Brink, Carol P 3.70
Baby Sister for Frances Hoban, Russell K 2.25
Baby Sitters Club Mystery series Martin, Ann M. O 3.30
Baby Whale Rescue, the True Story of J.J. Arnold, C & Hewitt, R. P 3.70
Baby Zoo, the McMillan, Bruce P 3.70
Baby-Sitter Burglaries, The Keene, Carolyn Q 4.00
Baby-Snatcher Terris, Susan Z 7.00
Back Home Pinkey, Gloria Jean O 3.30
Back To The Day Lincoln Was Shot! Gormley, Beatrice S 4.50
Back To The Titanic! Gormley, Beatrice S 4.50
Back Yard Angel Delton, Judy O 3.30
Backward Bird Dog, The Wallace, Bill R 4.25
Backyard Insects Selsam Millicent N 3.00
Bad Beginning, The Snicket, Lemony V 5.30
Bad Dad List, the Kenna, Anna M 2.75
Bad Day for Ballet Keene, Carolyn N 3.00
Bad Girls Voigt, Cynthia U 5.00
Bad Luck Penny, the O'Connor Jane L 2.50
Bad Spell for the Witch Murphy, Jill P 3.70
Bad, Bad Bunnies Delton, Judy L 2.50
Bad, Badder, Baddest Voigt, Cynthia U 5.00
Badger in the Basement Daniels, Lucy Q 4.00
Bailey Goes Camping Henkes, Kevin H 1.70
Bald Bandit, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Ball Bounced, the Tafuri, Nancy/Greenwillow D 1.14
Ballad of the Civil War, A Stolz, Mary T 4.75
Balto and the Great Rescue Kemmel, Elizabeth C. P 3.70
Bambi Friend of the Forest Walt Disney P 3.70
Banished, The Levin, Betty W 5.70
Barefoot: Escape on the Underground Railroad Edwards, Pamela Duncan S 4.50
Bargain For Francis Hoban, Russell K 2.25
Barney's Horse Hoff, Syd I 1.94
Barrel in the Basement, The Wallace, Barbara Brooks R 4.25
Baseball Ballerina Cristaldi, Kathryn K 2.25
Baseball Birthday Party, the Prger, Annabelle J 2.00
Baseball Challenge and Other Cases, the Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Baseball Fever Hurwitz, Johanna O 3.30
Baseball Flyhawk Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Baseball Heroes, the Schultz, Irene M 2.75
Baseball in April Soto, Gary T 4.75
Baseball in April and Other Stories Soto, Gary U 5.00
Baseball Megastars Weber, Bruce O 3.30
Baseball Pals Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Baseball Saved Us Mochizuki, Ken O 3.30
Baseball's Best Gutelle, A. P 3.70
Baseball's Best:Five True Stories Gutelle, Andrew O 3.30
Baseball's Greatest Pitchers Kromer, S. A. P 3.70
Basket Counts,the Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Bat Bones and Spider Stew Poploff, Michelle K 2.25
Bathwater Gang Spinelli, Jerry M 2.75
Bats Gibbons, Gail O 3.30
Bats Holmes, Kevin J. O 3.30
Bats: The Amazing Upside-Downers Perry, Phyllis S 4.50
Battle for Iwo Jima, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Battle for the Castle Winthrop, Elizabeth P 3.70
Battle of Chancellorsville, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Battle of the Alamo, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Battle of the Little Bighorn, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Be Ready at Eight Parish, Peggy K 2.25
Beacon's of Light Gibbons, Gail M 2.75
Beacons of Light: Lighthouses Gibbons, Gail O 3.30
Beans on the Roof Byare, Betsy L 2.50
Bear at the Beach Carmichael, Clay K 2.25
Bear Called Paddington, A Bond, Michael T 4.75
Bear for Miguel, a Alphin, Elaine M K 2.25
Bear Goes to Town Browne, Anthony K 2.25
Bear Shadow Asch. Frank J 2.00
Bear that Heard Crying Kinsey-Warnock, N. & H. P 3.70
Bears Holmes, Kevin J. O 3.30
Bears Kalman, Bobbie C 1.00
Bear's Bargain Asch, Frank J 2.00
Bear's Bicycle McLeod, Emilie J 2.00
Bear's Christmas Berenstain, Stan & Jan M 2.75
Bear's Dream Slingsby, Janet L 2.50
Bear's House Sachs, Marilyn Q 4.00
Bears' House, The Sachs, Marilyn T 4.75
Bears in the Night Berenstain, Stan & Jan D 1.14
Bears on HemlockMountain, the Dalgliesh, Alice M 2.75
Bears on Wheels Berenstain, Stan & Jan D 1.14
Bear's Picnic Berenstain, Stan & Jan M 2.75
Bear's Toothache McPhail, David K 2.25
Bears, Bears, Everywhere Connelly, Luella D 1.14
Bearstone Hobbs, Will V 5.30
Beast and the Halloween Horror Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Beast In Mrs. Rooney,s Room Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Beatles, the Venezia, Mike N 3.00
Beatrix Potter Wallner, Alexandra O 3.30
Beauty Wallace, Bill V 5.30
Beavers Moore, Helen J 2.00
Beavers Beware Brenner, Barbara K 2.25
Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo Stone, Rosetta I 1.94
Bedtime for Francis Hoban, Russell K 2.25
Bedtime Mouse Stoddard, Sandol J 2.00
Beep, Beep Gregorich, Barbara F 1.42
Bees Holmes, Kevin J. O 3.30
Beethoven Lives Upstairs Nichol, Barbara S 4.50
Beetles, Lightly Toasted Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Q 4.00
Beezus and Ramona Cleary, Beverly O 3.30
Beezy Mc Donald, Megan J 2.00
Beezy at Bat Mc Donald, Megan J 2.00
Behind Rebel Lines Reit, Seymour T 4.75
Behind The Bedroom Wall Williams, Laura E. V 5.30
Behind the Couch Gerstein. Mordicai N 3.00
Being Danny's Dog Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds U 5.00
Bell, the Book, and the Spellbinder, The Strickland, Brad S 4.50
Belle Prater's Boy White, Ruth V 5.30
Ben and Me Lawson, Robert S 4.50
Ben Franklin of Old Phiadelphia Cousins, Margaret U 5.00
Benjamin Franklin Greene, Carol N 3.00
Benjamin Franklin Kent, Deborah U 5.00
Benjamin Franklin: Young Printer Stevenson, Augusta R 4.25
Ben's Trumpet Isadora, Rachel L 2.50
Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Coughing Catfish Berenstain, Stan & Jan M 2.75
Berenstain Bears & the Missing Honey Berenstain, Stan & Jan M 2.75
Berlioz the Bear Brett, Jan N 3.00
Bernstien Bear Scouts Ghost Versus Ghost Berenstain, Stan & Jan P 3.70
Bess's Log Cabin Quilt Love, D. Anne P 3.70
Best Bad Thing, The Uchida, Yoshiko U 5.00
Best Castle Ever Ziefert, Harriet D 1.14
Best Christmas Pageant Robinson, B. Q 4.00
Best Detective, the Keene, Carolyn N 3.00
Best Enemies Leverich, Kathleen P 3.70
Best Enemies Again Leverich, Kathleen P 3.70
Best Enemies Forever Leverich, Kathleen P 3.70
Best Friends Kellogg, Steven M 2.75
B-E-S-T Friends Giff Patricia / Dell L 2.50
Best Friends for Frances Hoban, Russell K 2.25
Best Friends Sleep Over Rogers, Jacqueline M 2.75
Best Little Monkey in the World Standiford, Natalie J 2.00
Best Loved doll, the Caudill, Rebecca L 2.50
Best Nest Eastman, Philip D. J 2.00
Best Older Sister, the Choi, Sook Nyul L 2.50
Best School Year Ever, the Robinson, B. P 3.70
Best Teacher in the World,the Chardiet, Bernice K 2.25
Best Way to Play, The Cosby, Bill K 2.25
Best Wishes Rylant, Cynthia O 3.30
Best Wishes for Eddie Nayer, Judy M 2.75
Best Worst Day, the Graves, Bonnie L 2.50
Beth's Snow Dancer Emerson, Charlotte Little Women Journals/ Q 4.00
Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown Lovelace, Maud Hart Q 4.00
Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill Lovelace, Maud Hart Q 4.00
Betsy and the Boys Haywood, Carloyn P 3.70
Betsy Ross Wallner, Alexander P 3.70
Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag Weil, Ann R 4.25
Betsy-Tacy: 60th Anniversary Edition Lovelace, Maud Hart Q 4.00
Better Brown Stories, The Ahlberg, Allan T 4.75
Better Than TV Miller, Sarah Swan J 2.00
Between Earth and Sky: Legends of Native Bruchac, Joseph Z 7.00
Between the Dragon and the Eagle Schneider, Mical W 5.70
Beware! Cartwright, Pauline N 3.00
Beyond Belief Steiger, Brad Z 7.00
Beyond Providence Schnur, Steven X 6.00
Beyond the Burning Lands Christopher, John U 5.00
Beyond the Mango Tree Zemser, Amy Bronwen V 5.30
Beyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc Brooks, Polly Schoyer Z 7.00
BFG, The Dahl ,Roald U 5.00
Bicycle Book the Gibbons, Gail P 3.70
Bicycle Man, the Say, Allen P 3.70
Big Al Yoshi, Andrew L 2.50
Big Balloon Race, the Coerr, Eleanor K 2.25
Big Bird's Copycat Day Lerner, Sharon F 1.42
Big Block of Chocolate, The Redhead, Janet I 1.94
Big Box of Memories Delton, Judy L 2.50
Big Boy Mollel, Tolowa, M. O 3.30
Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs McCloskey, Robert M 2.75
Big Dipper and You, The Krupp, E.C. Q 4.00
Big Dog, Little Dog Eastman, Philip D. I 1.94
Big Egg Cox, Molly E 1.28
Big Fat Enormous Lie Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman I 1.94
Big Fat Worm, The Van Laan, Nancy G 1.56
Big Fish, the Yukish, Joe M 2.75
Big Hungry Bear Wood, Audrey I 1.94
Big Lie, The: A True Story Leitner, Isabella T 4.75
Big Long Animal Song Artwell, Mike C 1.00
Big Mama and Grandpa Ghana Shelf Mederis, A. J 2.00
Big Max Platt, Kin J 2.00
Big Orange Spot, the Pinkwater, Daniel L 2.50
Big Race, the Patrick, Steve L 2.50
Big Race, the Pye, Trevoe N 3.00
Big Red Barn Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70
Big Sneeze Brown, Ruth K 2.25
Big Snow, The Hader, Berta Q 4.00
Big Storm, The Hiscock, Bruce Q 4.00
Big Wave, The Buck, Pearl S. Q 4.00
Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance Dadley, Debbie M 2.75
Biggest Animal Ever Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science K 2.25
Biggest Bear, The Ward, Lynd N 3.00
Biggest Fish Kennan, Sheila K 2.25
Biggest Klutz in Fifth Grade, The Wallace, Bill V 5.30
Biggest Pumpkin Ever Kroll, Steven M 2.75
Biggest Snowball Ever Rogan, John K 2.25
Biggest, Strongest, Fastest Crews, Donald K 2.25
Bighorn Sheep, The Mattern, Joanne R 4.25
Bigmama's Jenkins, Steve P 3.70
Bike Lesson Berenstain, Stan & Jan I 1.94
Bill Cosby: The Changing Black Image Rosenberg, Robert X 6.00
Bill of Rights, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Billy the Ghost and Me Greer, Gery and Ruddick, Bob L 2.50
Birchbark House, The Erdrich, Louise T 4.75
Birds At My Feeder Kalman, Bobbie R 4.25
Birds of Prey: A Look at Daytime Raptors Collard, Sneed B. III U 5.00
Birthday Steptoe, John N 3.00
Birthday Basket for Tia Mora, Pat L 2.50
Birthday Bike for Brimhall Delton, Judy K 2.25
Birthday for Frances Hoban, Russell K 2.25
Birthday in the Woods, A Salem, Llynn & Stewart,J F 1.42
Birthday Present for Mama Lorian, Nicole J 2.00
Birthday Room, The Henkes, Kevin V 5.30
Birthday Surprises: Ten Great Stories to Unwrap Hurwitz, Johanna R 4.25
Biscuit Capucilli, Alllyssa G 1.56
Biscuit Finds a Friend Capucilli, Alllyssa G 1.56
Black and White Macaulay, David O 3.30
Black Beauty (Step into Classics) Sewell, A. P 3.70
Black Boy Wright, Richard Z 7.00
Black Diamond: Story of the Negro Baseball Leagues Q McKissack, Patricia Q 4.00
Black Eagles, African Americans in Aviation Haskins, Jim X 6.00
Black Gold Henry, Marguerite R 4.25
Black Hearts in Battersea Aiken, Joan U 5.00
Black Heroes of the American Revolution Davis, Burke X 6.00
Black Pearl, The O'Dell, Scott W 5.70
Black Pioneers of Science and Invention Haber, Louis Y 6.50
Black Snowman, The Mendez, Phil P 3.70
Black Stallion, The Farley, Walter T 4.75
Black Star, Bright Dawn O'Dell, Scott V 5.30
Blackberries in the Dark Jukes, Mavis N 3.00
Blackberry Ink Merriam, Eve M 2.75
Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha J 2.00
Black-Eyed Susan Armstrong, Jennifer Q 4.00
Blackwater Swamp Wallace, Bill T 4.75
Bless Me, Ultima Anaya, Rudolfo Z 7.00
Blind Man and the Elephant, The Blackstein, K. K 2.25
Blind Outlaw, the Rounds, Glen P 3.70
Blind Pony, the Betancourt, Jeanne O 3.30
Block City Stevenson, Robert Lewis N 3.00
Bloomability Creech, Sharon V 5.30
Blossom and the Green Phantom, the Byars, Betsy O 3.30
Blossom Meets The Vulture Lady. the Byars, Betsy O 3.30
Blossom Promise, A Byars, Betsy O 3.30
Blubber Blume, Judy T 4.75
Blue Door, The Rinaldi, Ann X 6.00
Blue Heron Avi W 5.70
Blue Hill Meadown Rylant, Cynthia M 2.75
Blue Ice Salata, Estelle T 4.75
Blue Ribbon Blues Spinelli, Jerry M 2.75
Blue Sword, The McKinley, Robin Y 6.50
Blue Willow Gates, Doris V 5.30
Blueberries for Sal McCloskey, Robert M 2.75
Blue-Eyed Daisy, A Rylant, Cynthia W 5.70
Bobsledding and the Luge Brimmer, Larry O 3.30
Body Battles Cole, Joanna K 2.25
Boggart and the Monster, The Cooper, Susan U 5.00
Boggart, The Cooper, Susan U 5.00
Bonanza Girl Beatty, Patricia T 4.75
bone Dance Brooks, Martha X 6.00
Bony Legs Gelman, Rita P 3.70
Boodil My Dog Lindenbaum, Pija Q 4.00
Book about Planet & Stars Hudson Wade & Wesley, V. P 3.70
Book About Planets and Stars, A Reigot, Betty R 4.25
Book About your Skeleton Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Book fo Black Heroes from A to Z Hudson Wade & Wesley, V. P 3.70
Book of Foolish Machinery Reigot, Betty O 3.30
Book of Monsters: Tales to Give You the Creeps Coville, Bruce T 4.75
Book of Spine Tinglers: Tales To Make You Shiver Coville, Bruce T 4.75
Book of Three, The Alexander, Lloyd U 5.00
Bookworm Who Hatched, A Aardema, Verna O 3.30
Boomtowns of the West Kalman, Bobbie S 4.50
Boonsville Bombers Herzig, Alison N 3.00
Bootsie Barker Ballerina Bottner, Barbara K 2.25
Boris Bad Enough Kraus, Robert G 1.56
Born To Trot Henry, Marguerite R 4.25
Borning Room, The Fleischman, Paul Y 6.50
Borreguita and the Coyote...Mexico Aardema, Verna O 3.30
Borrowers, The Norton, Mary S 4.50
Bossy Gallito, the Gonzalez, Lucia M 2.75
Boston Coffee Party Rappaport, Doreen M 2.75
Boston Tea Party: Rebellion in the Colonies Knight/Adventures in Colonial America T 4.75
Boundless Grace Hoffman. Mary M 2.75
Bowman's Store: A Journey to Myself Bruchac, Joseph Z 7.00
Box Car Children, series Warner, Gertrude Chandler O 3.30
Boy Dahl ,Roald T 4.75
Boy Called Slow, A Bruchac, Joseph S 4.50
Boy in the Crawer, The Munsch, Robert L 2.50
Boy in the Doghouse Douglas, Ann N 3.00
Boy Named Boomerm A Esiason, Boomer K 2.25
Boy Who Ate Dog Biscuits, the Sachs, Betsy N 3.00
Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Littledale, Freya J 2.00
Boy Who Lost His Face, The Sachar, Louis R 4.25
Boy Who Owned the School, The Paulsen, Gary U 5.00
Boy Who Reversed Himself, The Sleator, William Y 6.50
Boy Who Turned into a TV set, the Manes, Stephen L 2.50
Boy Who Walked on Air Corbett, Scott M 2.75
Boys Against Girls Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds S 4.50
Boys Start the War and the Girls Get Even, The Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds S 4.50
Boys Will, A Haugaard, Erik Christian S 4.50
Bozo the Clone Greenburg, Dan N 3.00
Bracelet, The Uchida, Yoshiko R 4.25
Brad and Butter Play Ball! Hughes, Dean N 3.00
Brady Fritz, Jean V 5.30
Brain You And Your Body V 5.30
Brave Maddie Egg Standiford, Natalie M 2.75
Bravest Dog Ever, The Standiford, Natalie L 2.50
Bravo Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy L 2.50
Bread and Honey Asch, Frank J 2.00
Bread and Jam for Francis Hoban, Russell K 2.25
Bread, Bread, Bread Morris, Ann F 1.42
Breath of the Dragon Giles, Gail P 3.70
Bremen-Town Musicians-Grimm Plume, Isle K 2.25
Brendan the Navigator: A History Mystery About Fritz, Jean R 4.25
Brenda's Private Swing Chardiet, Bernice K 2.25
Brian's Song Blinn, William Z 7.00
Brian's Winter Paulsen, Gary R 4.25
Bridge to Terabithia Paterson, Katherine S 4.50
Bridges Robbins, K. N 3.00
Bridging the Gap Miller, Steve Q 4.00
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin Hudson, C. F 1.42
Bright Paddles Downi, Mary Alice P 3.70
Bright Shadow Avi T 4.75
Brighty of the Grand Canyon Henry, Marguerite R 4.25
Brigid  the Bad Leverich, Kathleen L 2.50
Brigid Beware Leverich, Kathleen L 2.50
Brigid Bewitched Leverich, Kathleen L 2.50
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Aardema, Verna M 2.75
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Aardema, Verna J 2.00
Broccoli Tapes, The Slepian, Jan S 4.50
Broken Blade, The Durbin, William T 4.75
Broken Bridge, The Pullman, Philip Z 7.00
Broken Window and Other Cases, the Simon, Seymour O 3.30
Bronze Bow, The Speare, Elizabeth George U 5.00
Brookfield Days Wilkes, Maria N 3.00
Brother To Shadows Norton, Andre Z 7.00
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Martin, Bill C 1.00
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley Henry, Marguerite O 3.30
Bubble Trouble Packard, Mary F 1.42
Buck Stops Here, The Provensen, Alice T 4.75
Buck, Buck the Chicken Ehrlich, Amy J 2.00
Bud, Not Buddy Curtis, Christopher Paul T 4.75
Buddie, the First Seeing Eye Dog Moore, Eva M 2.75
Buffalo Before Breadfast Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express Coerr, Eleanor K 2.25
Buffalo Gal Wallace, Bill U 5.00
Buffalo Hunt Freedman U 5.50
Buffalo Woman Goble, Paul N 3.00
Bug Off Dussling, Jennifer L 2.50
Bug, Bear and a Boy, A McPhail, David F 1.42
Bugs Parker, Nancy Winslow O 3.30
Bugs and other Insects Kalman, Bobbie N 3.00
Bugs, the Goats, and the Little Pink Pig Parker & Wright O 3.30
Building the Capital City Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press R 4.25
Bull Run Fleischman, Paul Y 6.50
Bully of Barkham Street Stolz, Mary R 4.25
Bully Trouble Cole, Joanna K 2.25
Bully Trouble Cole, Joanna K 2.25
Bumps in the Night Allard, Harry K 2.25
Bunnicula Howe, James Q 4.00
Bunnicula Strikes Again! Howe, James Q 4.00
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery Howe, James Q 4.00
Bunnies in the Bathroom Baglio, Ben M. Q 4.00
Bunny  Cakes Wells, Rosemary J 2.00
Bunny Hop, The Slater, Teddy I 1.94
Bunny Runs Away Chardiet, Bernice K 2.25
Bunny Trouble Wilhelm/Scholastic N 3.00
Bunny, Bunny Hall, Kirsten C 1.00
Buried Eye, the Schultz, Irene M 2.75
Burning Questions of Bingo Brown Byars, Betsy T 4.75
Buster Baxter, Cat Saver Brown, Marc M 2.75
Buster Dino Dilemma Brown, Marc M 2.75
Buster Makes the Grade Brown, Marc M 2.75
Buster's Dino Dilemma Brown, Marc M 2.75
Busy Beavers Dabcovich, Lydia H 1.70
Busy Buzzing Bumblebees Schwartz, Alvin I 1.94
Busy Guy, A Charnan, Simon K 2.25
Busy Year, A Lionni, Leo J 2.00
Busybody Nora Hurwitz, Johanna N 3.00
But I'll Be Back Again Rylant, Cynthia V 5.30
Butterflies Orgel, Doris K 2.25
Butterflies and Moths Kalman, Bobbie N 3.00
Butterfly Life, A Burke, Melissa Blackwell K 2.25
Button Sourp Neye, Emily J 2.00
Buttons for George Washington Roop, Peter and Connie M 2.75
Buzby Hoban, Julia J 2.00
Buzz Said the Bee Lewison, Wendy G 1.56
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Barton, Byron H 1.70
By the Great Horn Spoon! Fleischman, Sid V 5.30
By the Shores of Silver Lake Wilder, Laura Ingalls Q 4.00
Bye, Bye, Bali Kai Luger, Harriett U 5.00
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