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Each Peach Pear Plum Ahlberg, Allan G 1.56
Eagle Song Bruchac, Joseph S 4.50
Earth Fradin, Dennis L 2.50
Earth to Matthew Danziger, Paula U 5.00
Earthborn Card, Orson Scott Z 7.00
Earthfall Card, Orson Scott Z 7.00
Earthquake Terror Kehret, Peg X 6.00
Earthquake!: A Story of Old San Francisco Kudlinski, Kathleen V. S 4.50
Earthquake!: San Francisco, 1906 Wilson, Kate R 4.25
Earthquakes Simon, Seymour T 4.75
East of The Sun, East of The Moon Mayer, Mercer P 3.70
Easter Bunny that Ate My Sister, The Marney, Dean Q 4.00
Easter Island: Giant Stone Statues Tell of a Rich Arnold Caroline W 5.70
Eat Up, Gemma Hayes, Sarah S 4.50
Eat Your Peas, Louise Snow, Pegeen I 1.94
Echohawk Durrant, Lynda X 6.00
Eclipses: Nature's Blackouts Aronson, Billy T 4.75
Ed and Me McPhail, David L 2.50
Eddie and The Fire Engine Haywood, Carloyn P 3.70
Eenie, Meamie, Murphy, NO! McKenna, Colleen S 4.50
Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole Yolen, Jane M 2.75
Effie Allinson, Beverly K 2.25
Egg Logan, Dick K 2.25
Egg To Chick Selsam Millicent J 2.00
Egypt Game, The Snyder, Zilpha Keatley U 5.00
Egypt: The Culture Kalman, Bobbie U 5.00
Egypt: The Land Kalman, Bobbie U 5.00
Egypt: The People Kalman, Bobbie U 5.00
Egyptian Cinderella, The Climo, Shirley K 2.25
Egyptian Town Steedman, Scott U 5.00
EL Bronx Remembered Mohr, Nicholasa Z 7.00
El Chino Say, Allen P 3.70
Elaine and the Flying Frog Chang, Heidi M 2.75
Elbert's Bad Word Wood, Audrey M 2.75
Eleanor Cooney, Barbara S 4.50
Eleanor Roosevelt, A Life of Discovery Freedman, Russell W 5.70
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World Faber, Doris R 4.25
Eleanor Rossevelt: Fighter for Social Justice Weil,Ann/ Aladdin O 3.30
Elephant and Envelope Gregorich, Barbara K 2.25
Eliza trhe Hypnotizer Granger, Michele M 2.75
Ella Enchanted Carson Levine, Gail U 5.00
Ellen Tebbits Cleary, Beverly P 3.70
Ellie Borntrager, Mary Christner Z 7.00
Ellie Brader Hates Mr. G. Johnson, Janet R 4.25
Elmer and the Dragon Gannett, Ruth M 2.75
Elves and the Shoemaker Littledale, Freda M 2.75
Elves Don't Wear Hardhats Gannett, Ruth M 2.75
Elvis the Turnip and me Greenburg, Dan M 2.75
Emancipation Proclamation, The Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Emily and Alice Champion, Joyce L 2.50
Emily Arrow Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Emily Arrow Promises to Do Better THis Year Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Emily at School Williams, Suxanne L 2.50
Emily Eyefinger Ball, Duncan N 3.00
Emily's Runaway Imagination Cleary, Beverly P 3.70
Emma Kesselman, Wendy L 2.50
Emperor's New Clothes, The Anderson, Hans M 2.75
Empty Envelope, the Roy, Ron Q 4.00
Enchanted Horse, The Nabb, Magdalen R 4.25
Encyclopedia Brown (books) Sobel, David /Bantam N 3.00
Encylopedia Brown Takes the Cake Sobel, David /Bantam P 3.70
Endangered Desert Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Endangered Forest Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Endangered Grassland Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Endangered Island Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Endangered Mountain Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Endangered Ocean Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Endangered Savannah Animals Taylor, Dave R 4.25
Enormous Crocodile, The Dahl ,Roald P 3.70
Enormous Potato, the McKissack, Patricia O 3.30
Enormous Turnip Slier, Debby H 1.70
Enormous Watermelon, The Parkes, Brenda H 1.70
Escape From Slavery: Five Journeys to Freedom Rappaport, Doreen Q 4.00
ESP TV Rodgers, Mary R 4.25
Eureka! It's an Airplane Bendick, Jeanne S 4.50
Eva Dickinson, Eva Z 7.00
Even That Moose Won't Listen to Me Alexander, Martha N 3.00
Everglades George, Jean Craighead T 4.75
Every Living Thing Rylant, Cynthia R 4.25
Everybody Cooks Rice Dooley, N. M 2.75
Everyone Else's Parents Said Yes Danziger, Paula U 5.00
Everywhere Brooks,Bruce R 4.25
Experiment with Movement Murphy, Bryan N 3.00
Experiment with Water Murphy, Bryan N 3.00
Experiments with Electricity Challand, Helen P 3.70
Experiments with Heat Walter, Oleksy S 4.50
Experiments with Light Ray, Broekel L 2.50
Experiments with Magnets Challand, Helen S 4.50
Explorers: Women in Profile Hacker, Carolotta T 4.75
Exploring an Ocean Tide Pool Bendick, Jeanne W 5.70
Exploring the Titanic Ballard, Robert D. Q 4.00
Extraordinary American Indians Avery, Susan & Skinner, Linda W 5.70
Extraordinary Black Americans: From Colonial to Altman, Susan W 5.70
Extraordinary Egg, the Lionni, Leo M 2.75
Extraordinary Jewish Americans Brooks, Philip W 5.70
Extraordinary People with Disabilities Kent, D. & Quinlan, K. A. W 5.70
Extraordinary Women in Politics Gutatta, Charles W 5.70
Extraordinary Women Journalists Price-Groff, Claire W 5.70
Extraordinary Women of Medicine Stille, Darlene R. W 5.70
Extraordinary Women of the American West Alter, Judy W 5.70
Extraordinary Women Scientists Stille, Darlene R, W 5.70
Extraordinary Young People Brill, Marlene Targ W 5.70
Eye, the Ear, and the Arm, The Farmer, Nancy W 5.70
Eyes of the Amaryllis, The Babbitt, Natalie V 5.30
Fables Lobel, Arnold K 2.25
Face to Face Bauer, Marion Dane W 5.70
Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail Kudlinski, Kathleen V. S 4.50
Factory Through the Ages Steele, Philip U 5.00
Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt, The MacLachlan, Patricia U 5.00
Facts and Fun About the Presidents Sullivan, George S 4.50
Falcon's Feathers, the Roy, Ron N 3.00
Families are Different Pellegrini, Nana K 2.25
Families of the Deep Blue Sea Mallory, Kenneth P 3.70
Family Dinner Cutler, Jane Q 4.00
Family Tree Ayres, Katherine S 4.50
Family Under the Bridge Carlson, Natalie T 4.75
Fancy Feet Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Fantastic Mr. Fox Dahl ,Roald P 3.70
Fantastic Mr. Fox Dahl ,Roald Q 4.00
Farewell to Manzanar Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki 8 Z 7.00
Farm Alphabet Book Miller, Jane J 2.00
Farm Through the Ages Steele, Philip U 5.00
Farmer Boy Wilder, Laura Ingalls Q 4.00
Farmer Boy Birthday Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00
Farmer Boy Days Wilder, Laura Ingalls M 2.75
Farmer Duck Waddell, Martin L 2.50
Farmer in the Soup, the Littledale, Freva K 2.25
Farmer Joe's Hot Day Richards, Zimmerman J 2.00
Farthest Shore, The Le Guin, Ursula Z 7.00
Fast Draw Freddie Hamsa, Bobbie D 1.14
Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff Myers, Walter Dean Y 6.50
Fastest Friend in the West, The Grove, Vicki U 5.00
Fat Cat Sat on the Mat Karlin, Nurit G 1.56
Father Bear Comes Home Minarik, Else J 2.00
Father Water, Mother Woods Paulsen, Gary V 5.30
Favorite Greek Myths Konigsburg, E. L. V 5.30
Favorite Greek Myths Osborne, Mary Pope M 2.75
Feathers for Lunch Ehlert, Lois G 1.56
Feed Me Hooks, William J 2.00
Feeling Things Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science K 2.25
Felicia The Critic Conford, Ellen P 3.70
Felicity Learns a Lesson American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Felicity Saves the Day American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Felicity's Surprise American Girls Collection, The Q 4.00
Felita Mohr, Nicholasa S 4.50
Ferret In The Bedroom, Lizards In The Fridge Wallace, Bill T 4.75
Fifteen Cleary, Beverly X 6.00
Fifth Grade: Here Comes Trouble McKenna, Colleen S 4.50
Fig Pudding Fletcher, Ralph R 4.25
Fig Pudding McKenna, Colleen S 4.50
Fighting Ground, The Avi V 5.30
Fighting Tackle Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Figure in the Shadows, The Bellairs, John S 4.50
Figure Skating Bright, Robert O 3.30
Fiji flood,the Schultz, Irene M 2.75
Fill It Up Gibbons, Gail P 3.70
Final Freedom, The Wallace, Bill V 5.30
Find A Stranger, Say Goodbye Lowry, Lois X 6.00
Finding Buck McHenry Slote, Alfred S 4.50
Finding Providence: The Story of Rogers Williams Avi P 3.70
Finding the Titanic Ballard, Robert D. Q 4.00
Fire at The Triangle Factory Littlefield, Holly P 3.70
Fire Cat, the Averill, Esther J 2.00
Fire in the Hills Myers, Anna Y 6.50
Fire in the Sky Ransom, Candice F. R 4.25
Fire in the Wind Levin, Betty U 5.00
Fire Station Sanders, Smith J 2.00
Fire! Fire! Medearis, Angela O 3.30
Fire! Fire! Said Mrs.McGuire Martin, Bill E 1.28
Fire! The Beginnings of the Labor Movement Goldin, Barbara Diamond R 4.25
Fireflies in the Night Hawes, Judy M 2.75
Fireflies! Brinckloe, Julie L 2.50
Firefly Named Torchy, A Waber, Bernard L 2.50
First Apple Russell, Ching Yueng N 3.00
First Flight Stamper, Judith Bauer K 2.25
First Four Years, The Wilder, Laura Ingalls R 4.25
First Grade Takes a Test Cohen, Mirian J 2.00
First Ladies Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
First Ladies of the White House Skarmeas, Nancy U 5.00
First Ladies: Women Who Called the White Gormley, Beatrice U 5.00
First On The Moon Helmer, Barbara Y 6.50
Fish Do the Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora S 4.50
Fish Face Giff Patricia / Dell M 2.75
Fish that Hide Swartz, Stanley L 2.50
Fisherman and His Wife Zemach, Margot Q 4.00
Fishing Yukish, Joe D 1.14
Five Brave Explorers Hudson, Wade P 3.70
Five Chinese Brothers Bishop, Claire P 3.70
Five Dog Night, The Christelow, Eileen P 3.70
Five Funny Frights Bauer, Judith K 2.25
Five Little Monkeys...Jumping on the Bed Christelow, Eileen E 1.28
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Sidney, Margaret Y 6.50
Five Silly Fishermen Edwards, Roberta E 1.28
Five True Dog Stories Davidson, Margaret M 2.75
Five True Horse Stories Davidson, Margaret M 2.75
Fix It McPhail, David I 1.94
Flaming Arrows Steele, William T 4.75
Flash, Crash, Rumble Branley, F. K 2.25
Flat Stanley Brown, Jeff M 2.75
Flea Story, A Lionni, Leo L 2.50
Fledgling, The Langton, Jane U 5.00
Flight Burleigh, Robert P 3.70
Flight of the Union White, Telka L 2.50
Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh Burleigh, Robert R 4.25
Fllying Dragon Room, the Wood, Audrey N 3.00
Florence Kelley Saller, Carol P 3.70
Flossie and the Fox Tangborn, Wendell V. O 3.30
Flower Girls: series Leverich, Kathleen L 2.50
Flower of Sheba, the Orgel, Doris L 2.50
Flowers Hoenecke, Karen A 0.25
Flowers For Algernon Keyes, Daniel Z 7.00
Flunking of Joshua T. Bates,the Shreve, Susan N 3.00
Fly Away Home Bunting, Eve P 3.70
Fly Trap Anastasio, Dina L 2.50
Flying Crews, Donald E 1.28
Flying Ace: The Story of Amelia Earhardt Bull, Angela P 3.70
Flying Flea, Callie, and Me, The Wallace, Carol & Bill S 4.50
Flying Free: America's First Black Aviators Hart, Philip S. T 4.75
Flying Solo Fletcher, Ralph R 4.25
Flying With the Eagle, Racing the Great Bear: Bruchac, Joseph U 5.00
Follow That Fish Grebu, Devis/Bank Street K 2.25
Follow the Drinking Gourd Winter, Jeanette M 2.75
Food & Feasts Between the Two World Wars Steele, Philip T 4.75
Food & Feasts In Ancient Egypt Balkwill, Richard T 4.75
Food & Feasts In Ancient Greece Steele, Philip T 4.75
Food & Feasts In Ancient Rome Steele, Philip T 4.75
Food & Feasts In the Middle Ages Dawson, Imogen T 4.75
Food & Feasts In Tudor Times Balkwill, Richard T 4.75
Food & Feasts With the Aztecs Dawson, Imogen T 4.75
Food & Feasts With the Vikings Marshall, James T 4.75
Foolish Goose Simon, Shirley F 1.42
Foolish Miss Crow Firmin K 2.25
Foot Book, The Seuss, Dr. E 1.28
Football Friends Marzollo, Jean L 2.50
Football Fugitive Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Footprints in the Snow Benjamin, Cynthia D 1.14
For The Life of Laetitia Hodge, Merle Y 6.50
Forest Mammals Kalman, Bobbie R 4.25
Forever Amber Brown Danziger, Paula N 3.00
Forever Friends Boyd, Candy Dawson X 6.00
Forged By Fire Draper, Sharon M. Z 7.00
Forgotten Door, The Key, Alexander T 4.75
Forgotten Hiding Place, The Cox, Clinton X 6.00
Fort Sumter Cornerstones of Freedom/Children's Press T 4.75
Fortunately Charlip, Remy I 1.94
Fortune Branches Out, A Mahy, Margaret R 4.25
Fossils Tell of Long Ago Aliki M 2.75
Foster's War Reeder, Carolyn V 5.30
Foul Play on the Sidelines Costello, Emily R 4.25
Four Gallant Sisters Kimmel, Eric Q 4.00
Four on the Shore Marshall, Edward K 2.25
Fourth Grade Celebrity Giff Patricia / Dell Q 4.00
Fourth Grade is a Jinx McKenna, Colleen P 3.70
Fourth Grade Wizards, The DeClements, Barthe Q 4.00
Fourth Graders Don't Believe in Witches Fields, Terri P 3.70
Fox all Week Marshall, Edward J 2.00
Fox and His Friends Marshall, James J 2.00
Fox and the Crow: Aesop's Fables Resnick Jane P. & Lindy J 2.00
Fox at School Marshall, Edward J 2.00
Fox be Nimble Marshall, James J 2.00
Fox in Love Marshall, Edward J 2.00
Fox in the Frost Baglio, Ben M. Q 4.00
Fox on the Box, the Gregorich, Barbara C 1.00
Fox on the Job Marshall, James K 2.25
Fox Steals Home, the Christopher, Matt M 2.75
Fox Steals Home, the Marshall, James J 2.00
Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night, The Spier, Peter M 2.75
Fraidy Cats Krensky, Stephen J 2.00
Frances Hodgson Burnett: Beyond the Secret Garden Carpenter, A. S. & Shirley, Jean U 5.00
Francisco Goya Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Frank the Fish Gets his Wish Appleton-smith, Laura J 2.00
Frankenstien Doesn't.. Dadey, Debbie M 2.75
Franklin and the Tooth Fairy Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic K 2.25
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Freedman, Russell V 5.30
Franklin Goes to School Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic K 2.25
Franklin is Bossy Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic J 2.00
Franklin Plays the Game Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic J 2.00
Franklin Rides a Bike Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic K 2.25
Franklin 's Bad Day Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic J 2.00
Franklin's New Friend Bourgeois & Clark/Scholastic K 2.25
Freaky Friday Rodgers, Mary R 4.25
Freckle Juice Blume, Judy M 2.75
Frederick Lionni, Leo P 3.70
Frederick Douglas:THe Last DAy of Stavery Davidson, Margaret M 2.75
Frederick Douglass: Fights For Freedom Davidson, Margaret T 4.75
Frederick Douglass: Fights For Freedom Miller, William R 4.25
Free Fall Basalaj, Kathy Q 4.00
Freedom Crossing Clark, Margaret R 4.25
Freedom Songs Moore, Yvette T 4.75
Freshwater Pond, A Small. Worlds T 4.75
Frida Kahlo Venezia, Mike R 4.25
Friends Heine, Helme K 2.25
Friends, The Guy, Rosa Z 7.00
Friends, The Yumoto, Kazumi T 4.75
Friendship and the Gold Cadillac, The Taylor, Mildred S 4.50
Friendship Pact, The Pfeffer, Susan Beth Q 4.00
Friendship, The Taylor, Mildred S 4.50
Frightful's Mountain George, Jean Craighead U 5.00
Frindle Clements, Andrew R 4.25
Frog and the Fly Wood, Leslie D 1.14
Frog and Toad Lobel, Arnold K 2.25
Frog and Toad All Year Lobel, Arnold K 2.25
Frog and Toad Are Friends Lobel, Arnold K 2.25
Frog and Toad Together Lobel, Arnold K 2.25
Frog Prince, Continued Sscieszka, Jon P 3.70
Frog Prince, The Tarcov, Edith K 2.25
Frog went A-Courtin' Langstaff, John I 1.94
Frog Who Would Be King Walker, Kate M 2.75
Froggy Bakes a Cake Londan Jonathan / Scholastic J 2.00
Froggy gets Dressed Londan Jonathan / Scholastic J 2.00
Froggy Goes to School Londan Jonathan / Scholastic I 1.94
Froggy Learns to Swim Londan Jonathan / Scholastic J 2.00
Froggy's First Kiss Londan Jonathan / Scholastic K 2.25
From Path to Highway Gibbons, Gail P 3.70
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler S Konigsburg, E.L. S 4.50
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil T...... Konigsburg, E.L. R 4.25
From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun Woodson, Jacqueline Z 7.00
Frost in the Night, A: A Girlhood on the Eve of the Baer, Edith X 6.00
Frozen Man Getz, David T 4.75
Fudge-a-Mania Blume, Judy Q 4.00
Full House Stephanie Herman, Gail Q 4.00
Full of Hot Air Paulsen, Gary L 2.50
Funny Bananas: The Mystery in the Musuem McHargue, Geirgess N 3.00
Funny Bones Ahlberg, Allan J 2.00
Funny Little Woman, The Mosel, Arlene P 3.70
Funny Man, A Jenson, Patricia E 1.28
Fur, Feathers, and Flippers: How Animals Live Lauber, Patricia T 4.75
Future-Telling Lady and Other Stories, The Berry, James S 4.50
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