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Long Winter, The Ingalls Wilder, Laura Q 4.00
Robin Hood Ingle, Annie P 3.70
Window, The Ingold, Jeanette V 5.30
Torn Thread Isaacs, Anne W 5.70
Ben's Trumpet Isadora, Rachel L 2.50
Max Isadora, Rachel J 2.00
Over the Green Hills Isadora, Rachel M 2.75
Young Mozart Isadora, Rachel O 3.30
Moki Jackson Penney, Grace Q 4.00
Witches of Worm, The Jackson, Shirley V 5.30
Sleepers, Wake Jacobs, Paul Samuel T 4.75
Mariel of Redwall Jacques, Brian Z 7.00
MarIfox: A Novel of Redwall Jacques, Brian Z 7.00
Mattimeo: A Tale from Redwall Jacques, Brian Z 7.00
Mattimeo: A Tale from Redwall Jacques, Brian Z 7.00
mo's-flowcr Jacques, Brian Y 6.50
Outcast of Redwall, The Jacques, Brian Y 6.50
Salamandastron Jacques, Brian Y 6.50
Susanna of the Alamo Jakes, John T 4.75
Smoky the Cow Horse James, Will S 4.50
Bigmama's Jenkins, Steve P 3.70
Funny Man, A Jenson, Patricia E 1.28
Perfect the Pig Jeschke, Susan L 2.50
Two Silly Trolls Jewell Nancy J 2.00
Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls Jewell, Nancy I 1.94
Red Scarf Girl: Memoir of the Cultural Revolution Jiang, Ji Li Z 7.00
Gone from Home Johnson, Angela W 5.70
Toning The Sweep Johnson, Angela Y 6.50
Harold and the Purple Crayon Johnson, Crockett K 2.25
Harold's Circus Johnson, Crockett M 2.75
Picture for Harold's Room, A Johnson, Crockett H 1.70
What Kind of Babysitter is This? Johnson, Dolores L 2.50
Ellie Brader Hates Mr. G. Johnson, Janet R 4.25
Keelboat Annie Johnson, Janet N 3.00
Pig Who Ran A Red Light Johnson, Paul Brett M 2.75
I Want To Be a Clown Johnson, Sharon C 1.00
Tell Me a Story, Mama Johnson. Angela L 2.50
They Lead the Way: 14 American Women Johnston, Johanna O 3.30
Keeping Days, The Johnston, Norma Z 7.00
Remember the Ladies: The First Women's Rights Johnston, Norma U 5.00
Yonder Johnston, Tony M 2.75
Quilt Story, the Johnston, Tony & DePaola, Tomie L 2.50
Now We Can Go Jonas, Ann C 1.00
Round Trip Jonas, Ann L 2.50
Two Bear Cubs Jonas, Ann H 1.70
Night Flyers, The Jones, Elizabeth McDavid W 5.70
Great Black Heroes Jones, Lynda P 3.70
Godzilla Ate my Homework Jones, Marcia O 3.30
Georgie and the Robbers Jones, Marcia T O 3.30
Matthew and Tilly Jones, Rebecca L 2.50
How a House Is Built Joosse, Barbara O 3.30
Mama, Do You Love Me? Joosse, Barbara H 1.70
Wild Willie and King Kyle Detectives Joosse, Barbara N 3.00
Day with Wilber Robinson, A Joyce, William N 3.00
George Shrinks Joyce, William H 1.70
Blackberries in the Dark Jukes, Mavis N 3.00
No One is Going to Nashville Jukes, Mavis O 3.30
Phantom Tollbooth, The Juster, Norton W 5.70
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